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Chapter 344: Arrival

This was a young man’s voice; it was low and nonchalant, but it chilled one’s bones.

Mu Qinghe forcefully endured the excruciating pain in his heart as he clenched his teeth and said, “Master, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do it as soon as possible.”

“You don’t have much time left.” The seawater in the copper mirror seemed to ripple as the strong bloody smell suffocated people.

“Everyone else thinks you went to find the Dijing Yuan meridian, but this reason can’t be used for long. If you can’t settle this matter as soon as possible, then… you don’t have to come back in the future, understand?”

Due to the pain, Mu Qinghe’s lips turned even paler. “…I understand.”

The bloody water gradually disappeared and was replaced by a white light. The next moment, the copper mirror returned to normal.

Then, Mu Qinghe realized that the pain in his body had lessened. He closed his eyes, put away the copper mirror, and leaned against the chair defeatedly.

Hong Yao—who was standing by the window—flew over and landed on his shoulders.

Mu Qinghe opened his eyes to look at it.

Hong Yao leaned in closer and nuzzled his face.

Mu Qinghe kept silent for a long time before whispering, “Don’t worry. It won’t be long…”

Chu Liuyue returned to the academy and told Ye Zhiting about her plans to go to Tai Yan Academy.

Even though Ye Zhiting was very reluctant, he knew that this was an extremely good chance, and it would be a pity for her to give it up. Hence, he finally decided to send Chu Liuyue to Tai Yan Academy personally.

If it weren’t because he had to deal with Jiuyou Tower’s matters in the academy, he even wanted to directly go over and accompany Chu Liuyue before bringing her back.

Ye Zhiting finally relaxed a little when Chu Liuyue repeatedly expressed that she would only be staying there for ten days and would quickly return.

The mentor-disciple duo briefly tidied up, and they went over together.

Tai Yan Academy, Country Xing Luo

After the Qing Jiao Competition ended, Cheng Han and the elders already brought the students back.

As they didn’t achieve good results, the entire academy’s atmosphere was silent and suppressed.

Other than that, since Heng Jingchuo had used Red Blood Gu during the Qing Jiao Competition, the other two academies had also sent elders to Tai Yan Academy to investigate the matter.

Everyone that interacted with Heng Jingchuo had to be investigated one by one.

Such a thing had never happened in Tai Yan Academy before, so they naturally felt humiliated and fearful.

Who knew how many other people Heng Jingchuo had poisoned when he was alive? Even if it wasn’t Red Blood Gu, it could be other poisons.

Anyway, the entire academy was in a mess, and Cheng Han was overwrought. He had even left Situ Xingchen to take care of the medicinal mountain that he meticulously took care of.

The so-called medicinal mountain was one of the many hills behind Tai Yan Academy. It was known as the medicinal mountain due to the many precious herbs planted on it.

But even though this medicinal mountain was within Tai Yan Academy, Cheng Han used it alone. Hence, even the academy’s elders didn’t have the right to go near the mountain, let alone the students.

Situ Xingchen stayed at the medicinal mountain for two days and realized that she was missing something, so she wanted to head back to get it.

She walked down the hill, and the moment she reached the bottom, she saw a few familiar figures nearby.

They were a few young students. Even though they were all wearing the academy’s uniform, Situ Xingchen could still recognize them at first glance since she was on good terms with them. It was also because they interacted more.

Situ Xingchen was about to go up and greet them when she heard her own name.

“Why haven’t I seen Xingchen these two days?” asked one of the youngsters.

Situ Xingchen’s lips quivered, but she heard another girl laugh before she could say anything.

“How does she have the cheek to come out now?”

Situ Xingchen’s body froze as if cold water was splashed on her. Almost instinctively, she moved back two steps and hid herself behind a tree.

“Xiaoyun, you’re being too mean by saying that. Xingchen didn’t do anything wrong, so why would you say that about her?” That youngster seemed to be a little angry.

“Hah, I’m mean? Everyone now knows that she took first place in the Qing Jiao Competition using the pill that Chu Liuyue produced. Luckily I didn’t go this time. If not, I would’ve been humiliated to death. I really don’t know how she has the cheek to return to the academy.” Another girl sneered, and her face was filled with mockery.

“That’s right! I heard them say that Chu Liuyue didn’t even touch her at that point. She failed to produce her pill because she wasn’t capable enough, but she pushed all the responsibility to Chu Liuyue in the end. However, Chu Liuyue really managed to produce the pill and help her take first place! If it were me, I definitely wouldn’t have the guts to accept it.”

That youngster was so angry that his face turned red. “B-but Xingchen herself is very talented and capable. You’re talking about her here, but which one of you can compare to her?”

“Of course, we can’t compare to her, so we always listen to her. However, she humiliated the entire school this time around. Can’t we be upset with her? Zhang Ling, we know you like her, but think about it. Has she ever looked at you properly?”

The youngster was stumped.

“Situ Xingchen has very high standards. So many young, handsome, and talented men chased after her, but she didn’t like any of them.”

“Now, her reputation is ruined. I wonder if there will still be so many people who like her.”

Situ Xingchen was so angry that her entire body shivered, and her nails dug deep into her palms. Didn’t I suffer enough grievances during this period?! I can’t believe these people would talk about me like this! I’m afraid countless people in Tai Yan Academy—and even the entire Country Xing Luo—think the same way.

Just as she was wondering about how to deal with them, she heard one of the young girls say, “Oh, yes. Did you hear that Chu Liuyue came to our academy today?”

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