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Chapter 338: Taking Pulse

Hong Yao then became happy.

Chu Liuyue stepped out of the barrier and left.

Hong Yao watched her as her figure disappeared. Until it confirmed that she had already left, it suddenly let out a cry of happiness. I finally have presents again!

Hong Yao elatedly returned to the yard and watched Mu Qinghe tidy up the shattered teacups.

It was currently in a good mood, so it didn’t want to continue fighting with Mu Qinghe. However, Hong Yao still couldn’t help it and went over to fly around Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghe looked up and glanced at it coldly. “It looks like she really knows how to cheer you up.”

Hong Yao raised its head in delight.

Mu Qinghe said in a low voice, “Next time, I won’t give you face and help her anymore. Take care of yourself. Also… I know you think that she’s similar to her, and that’s why you’re so close to her. However, I’ll warn you for the last time: It’s hard to guess the hearts of the people in this world. If she knows this, she will definitely think of ways to make use of you. Don’t regret it by then.”

No matter what, he was Hong Yao’s master. How could he not guess what Hong Yao was thinking?

There was only one reason why Hong Yao would be so close to Chu Liuyue from the very first time it met her. He could tolerate it once, but that didn’t mean that he would allow the situation to continue.

Hong Yao looked at him quietly. Hah, stupid humans. I wonder who will be the one that truly regrets it in the end.

Even though ten days wasn’t a lot of time, Chu Liuyue was already very surprised.

The happier thing was that Mu Hongyu told Chu Liuyue that her mother had arrived at the Imperial City the next day.

The time spent was much shorter than expected.

The news of Prince Ping Jiang’s wife arriving at the Imperial City quickly spread, and Emperor Jiawen specifically sent people to welcome her. But considering the health of Prince Ping Jiang’s wife, he didn’t hold a welcoming banquet for her.

Mu Hongyu and Chu Liuyue went to Prince Ping Jiang’s residence in the Imperial City.

“I didn’t even know that your father had a designated place to stay in the Imperial City.” Chu Liuyue was shocked when she followed Mu Hongyu into the prince residence that was severely guarded.

Mu Hongyu chuckled. “My father will come back to the Imperial City and stay for two months every three years, so His Majesty arranged a mansion for my father. I came here once when I was young.”

“I didn’t hear you mention this before. Why didn’t you stay here instead of the school campus after entering the academy?”

Mu Hongyu pulled a face. “Who wants to stay here? There are so many people and rules here. It’s not convenient at all! It’s best to stay in school.”

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment and agreed. Not only was the school accessible and convenient, but it was also safe.

With Mu Hongyu’s personality, it was a little unimaginable for her to stay here alone.

The two of them walked in. When they arrived at the yard, an elder in white was already standing there waiting for them.

Once Mu Hongyu saw the elder, she immediately rushed up excitedly. “Grandpa Wu Shan, you’re here too?!”

A smile broke out on Wu Shan’s face, and he laughed. “Little Princess, I really missed you so much during the countless months that I haven’t seen you. Quick, tell me, did you bawl in these few months?”

Mu Hongyu couldn’t help but pout. “Grandpa Wu Shan, we haven’t seen each other in so long. Why did you ask this the moment we meet? I’m already 16; I don’t bawl anymore!”

Wu Shan looked shocked. “Hm? Little Princess, you’ve already broken through and became a stage-four warrior?”

Mu Hongyu wrinkled her nose proudly. “That’s right!”

“Little Princess, you’ve really grown up, and you’re becoming increasingly outstanding! If your parents know about this, they will definitely be over the moon,” said Wu Shan emotionally.

Mu Hongyu hurriedly said, “Oh, right. How’s my mother?”

The smile on Wu Shan’s face froze, and worry filled his eyes. “Um… Little Princess, you should see her for yourself.”

Mu Hongyu’s heart sank. Is Mother’s condition worse than what I thought? That’s true. After all, she has been rushing day and night. Perhaps her condition deteriorated!

“I’ll go take a look!” said Mu Hongyu as she pulled Chu Liuyue into the house.

Wu Shan suddenly stopped the two of them, and his gaze scanned Chu Liuyue. “This is…”

“Oh, look at me! I forgot to introduce her! Grandpa Wu Shan, this is Chu Liuyue. It’s all because of her that we managed to get Lieutenant Mu’s help.”

Once Wu Shan heard her name, he was shocked as he hurriedly took a step back and bowed. “Oh, so it’s Ms. Chu! Sorry for not recognizing you.”

Even though they had just reached the Imperial City, the name ‘Chu Liuyue’ was well-known to everyone.

“I really don’t know how to repay you for this kind deed,” said Wu Shan in gratitude.

“Senior Wu Shan, you’re too polite. Hongyu and I are friends; this is what I ought to do.” Chu Liuyue glanced at the anxious Mu Hongyu and smiled. “If you don’t mind, may I follow Hongyu and take a look at Princess Consort?”

“Sure! Of course, you can! Quickly, head in!”

Prince Ping Jiang’s wife was very ill, but outsiders didn’t know about this yet.

Wu Shan and the rest were very alert the entire way. They definitely would’ve rejected it if it were someone else, but Chu Liuyue was acceptable.

After all, without her help, how would the Tianling Dynasty’s envoy agree to help get a heavenly doctor to treat the Princess Consort’s illness?

Chu Liuyue and Mu Hongyu walked into the room together.

Wu Shan stood outside and guarded sternly.

The moment they walked into the room, Chu Liuyue saw a lady lying on the bed.

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled. This must be Mu Hongyu’s mother.

Her eyes were closed, her face was pale, and her cheeks were sunken as a deadly aura surrounded her eyes, making her look very frail.

Tears immediately welled up in Mu Hongyu’s eyes as she pounced on the bed. “Mother!”

When the Princess Consort heard the voice, her eyes seemed to turn before she slowly opened them.

Her eyes were very dark, and she was lethargic as if she had exhausted all her strength.

She looked at Mu Hongyu and reached out with much difficulty to touch Mu Hongyu’s face, revealing a weak smile. She said hoarsely, “Yu’er…”

Tears spilled out of Mu Hongyu’s eyes. She immediately lowered her head to wipe them away as if she didn’t want her mother to see her like this.

But her tears wouldn’t stop while holding her mother’s bony hands. “Mother… Mother… W-what happened to you?”

It hadn’t even been a year since Mu Hongyu left her home to come to Tian Lu Academy to study. In the past, even though her mother was ill, she didn’t look like this.

The Princess Consort slowly helped Mu Hongyu wipe her tears, but she quickly lost her strength.

On the other end of the bed, another elder in green clothes stroked his beard. “Little Princess, don’t be anxious. When the people from the Tianling Dynasty come, they will have a way.”

Mu Hongyu knew that this was her only hope, so she could only nod and swallow back her tears.

A clear female voice sounded. “May I know if I can take the Princess Consort’s pulse?”

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