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Chapter 309: Alive

Hong! Long! Long!

Jiuyou Tower suddenly collapsed!

Hopelessness was written all over the crowd’s faces.

Jiuyou Tower had been in Tian Lu Academy for many years, and it was the source of their pride. Nobody would’ve expected that it would be ruined in such a manner!

The most important thing was that there was a terrifying fiend inside it!

Sun Zhongyan looked at Ye Zhiting worriedly. “Uncle-Master, the Locking Heaven Formation is already destroyed, and Jiuyou Tower has completely collapsed. What should we do next?”

Ye Zhiting knitted his brows and stared at the debris. “Something’s not right…”

Sun Zhongyan was dazed. “What’s not right?”

“Since the restrictions have all been destroyed, the fiend should’ve rushed out. Why is there no commotion until now…”

Hearing this, Sun Zhongyan also immediately realized something. “You’re saying…”

Ye Zhiting shook his head and walked forward.

“Uncle-Master!” Sun Zhongyan immediately stopped him. “It’s dangerous!”

Ye Zhiting waved the bloodstained fan in his hands and chuckled. “I’m the director no matter what. Now that such a major thing has happened, why can’t I go take a look personally?”

Perhaps it was a wrong feeling, but he felt that the ferocious fiend’s aura had disappeared. He didn’t notice when this feeling occurred, but at this point, he really didn’t detect any danger coming from the debris.

Sun Zhongyan hurriedly said, “I’ll follow you!”

The two of them went forward.

Emperor Jiawen defeatedly looked at the scene as if all the strength in his body had been sucked away.

Previously, it was extremely dangerous when the black fire wrapped around Jiuyou Tower. Now, Jiuyou Tower had completely collapsed and became debris.

I’m afraid Rong Xiu…

The Empress held his arm and softly comforted, “Your Majesty… My condolences…”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Emperor Jiawen was agitated by the word ‘condolences,’ and he pushed her harshly.

As the Empress was careless for a moment, her body fell to the ground uncontrollably.

“I want to see his body, dead or alive! Now that everything isn’t confirmed yet, who allowed you to curse him to death?” hollered Emperor Jiawen as his face flushed red, and his veins popped.

The surroundings immediately fell into silence.

Countless pairs of eyes landed on the Empress.

As if there were many daggers in her back, the Empress felt humiliated. As the Empress, she was high and mighty. Since when had she ever been so humiliated?

Even though His Majesty didn’t dote on her much, he always respected her and had never made a move on her, not even reprimanding her much.

But now, in front of so many people… Her face was completely gone!

“Her Majesty!” Eunuch Min immediately came forward from the side. “Her Majesty, are you okay?”

As he spoke, he didn’t forget to scold the people at the side. “Are you blind? Why are you in a daze?”

The palace maids—who were shocked—only recovered their senses then and hurriedly went forward to haphazardly help the Empress up.

The Empress’s crown was a little crooked, and her exquisite palace attire was stained with dust, causing her to look very unkempt.

The palace maids glanced at her before rapidly lowering their heads, not saying anything.

The Empress took a deep breath in, pushed them all away, and forced a smile. “I’m fine. His Majesty was just too concerned about Prince Li and in a hurry…”

“Go! Help me find him! Even if you need to dig five feet under, you must get him out!” Emperor Jiawen shouted at his subordinates. He seemed to be oblivious to what was happening on this end as his eyes and heart were filled with Rong Xiu only.

The Empress choked on her words, and her face felt like it was on fire. This was akin to slapping her across the face harshly.

The surrounding gazes were like sharp knives that sliced right through her.

She really wanted to leave immediately, but she clearly could not.

She took a deep breath in, suppressed her feelings, rearranged her crown, and bowed toward Emperor Jiawen. “Your Majesty, please forgive me. I spoke nonsense. Actually, I’m also very worried about Prince Li—”

Emperor Jiawen shot her a cold look as if he could see through everything.

The Empress’s heart skipped a beat, and she swallowed her remaining words. Then, she guiltily looked away.

Emperor Jiawen laughed in his heart. The Empress looks magnanimous, but in reality, she isn’t like that at all. She didn’t like that person at the start, so she definitely won’t like her son now. If something really happened to Rong Xiu, she would probably be happier than everyone else!

In the past, he just turned a blind eye to her actions. But now, he was too lazy to deal with her.

On the other side, Chu Ning had already brought his men and rushed over at the first instance.

He headed straight for a certain direction with hurried steps and a tense expression.

The compass showed that Yue’er was here, so she should still be fine… Chu Ning walked to a corner and wanted to move the rock away. But he quickly realized that the problem was much more serious than he thought.

The metal in Jiuyou Tower was quite special. The rock was only half a person’s height, but it weighed a ton.

Chu Ning was a stage-five warrior and could be considered one of the top warriors in the entire Country Yao Chen. But even if it were him, it wasn’t easy to clear all the rocks here.

When the imperial guards saw Chu Ning doing so, they hurriedly went over. “Lord, did you discover something?”

Chu Ning shook his head and didn’t say anything, but he didn’t stop moving.

The crowd exchanged looks among themselves. Previously, they also heard Tian Lu Academy’s people saying that Lord Chu Ning’s only daughter—Chu Liuyue—was stuck inside.

I’m afraid she’s…

“Go over there and move the rocks away,” commanded Chu Ning.

The subordinates went their separate ways.

Chu Ning kept digging, and his hands were quickly cut and bloodied. However, he didn’t seem to be affected by it as he continued to clear the rocks stubbornly.

When the crowd saw this, they had strange expressions.

“What’s wrong with Lord Chu Ning…? Even though His Majesty told us to look for people, he is too stubborn, right? Does he really want to flip over all the debris?”

“Shh! Don’t you know that Chu Liuyue was also inside?”

“Ah… I see! Then, isn’t she also…”

“It’s a pity. Lord Chu Ning has led a tough life these few years. Now that he finally made a name for himself, this happened…”

Chu Ning turned a deaf ear to the crowd’s comments. He then discovered a few more people around him.

He looked up and realized that it was a few young and familiar faces. “…Hongyu?”

They were Mu Hongyu and Gu Mingfeng.

Mu Hongyu’s eyes were red, but she looked determined. “Uncle, let us help you!”

Chu Ning felt his heart warm up and nodded. “Help here.”

The few of them immediately sprung into action.

Upon seeing this, Zuo Rong and the rest couldn’t watch on.

“Lord Chu Ning… I know that you’re very worried, and none of us wanted this to happen. However…”


A crisp sound was suddenly heard coming from the debris. Then, a bunch of rocks was suddenly pushed over by a green fire.

A green sparrow quickly flew out, and two figures appeared before the crowd.

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