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Chapter 266: Her Identity!

The entire square fell into dead silence once she said this.

Most people did not even know what Red Blood Gu was, so they were all dazed. But all those that had an understanding of Red Blood Gu were frightened and too shocked to say anything.

Yang Jianqing’s eyes widened! I was clearly very discreet about it. How can Chu Liuyue tell?

Cheng Han was also shocked when he heard it and immediately said, “Impossible!”

Red Blood Gu is a very sinister item! How can Yang Jianqing possibly have it?

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up coldly. “You will know if it’s possible or not when you see it yourself, right?”

Chu Liuyue then looked at Yang Jianqing again. “Are you still going to deny it?”

Yang Jianqing was determined and planned to deny it to the end. “I don’t have it! I don’t have that sort of thing with me! Why would I need to admit it? Don’t defame me!”

Chu Liuyue almost burst out laughing. “Do you think I’d take action if I’m not absolutely confident?”

Yang Jianqing was stumped.

Chu Liuyue picked up her dagger and played with it in her hands. “If you’re smart, you better hand the thing over right now and clearly explain it to me instead of affecting the competition here. If not…”

She paused and looked up slightly.

A chill was sent down Yang Jianqing’s spine.

Even though Chu Liuyue did not continue speaking, her gaze was enough.

Yang Jianqing didn’t know what he had to face later on, but he very clearly knew that Chu Liuyue’s methods weren’t something he could handle.

He forcefully suppressed the panic in his heart and said, “I’ll go down and let you check!” Yang Jianqing then walked off the arena.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and followed him.

When the two of them walked down the arena, the judges were already there and stood beside them alertly.

The competition in the arena continued, but many people’s gazes turned toward them.

The atmosphere was stiff.

Emperor Jiawen slightly knitted his brows. “Elder Sun, what’s Red Blood Gu?”

This question was something that the crowd wanted to ask.

Sun Zhongyan patiently explained, “…So, even though this poison is very hard to find, it’s merciless. Once someone makes contact with it, the person will definitely die!”

Emperor Jiawen’s face became increasingly stern.

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly and continued, “Your Majesty, there’s something else that Elder Sun forgot to say. If Red Blood Gu is placed into the fire within the cauldron, its toxicity will increase by several-fold, and it’ll spread through the air. Once one breathes it in, it can even be life-threatening, even if the inhaled amount is very small.”

This stunned Emperor Jiawen, and the crowd’s faces changed.

“Is this true?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask the other heavenly doctors present.”

Emperor Jiawen looked at Cheng Lixue and the rest and indeed saw that their faces drastically changed after they heard the words ‘Red Blood Gu.’ Even if he did not ask them, he knew that Chu Liuyue was not lying.

“So you’re saying that Yang Jianqing… planned to do this just now?” Emperor Jiawen anxiously questioned as he leaned forward.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Yang Jianqing. Seeing his anxious appearance, she moved her lips. “That’s right.”

The crowd went crazy.

If Yang Jianqing really did this, everyone present would be affected!

Just thinking about it caused fear to spread!

Seeing that the matter was developing in an uncontrollable direction, Cheng Han was very anxious. He went forward and angrily yelled, “Chu Liuyue! Don’t spout nonsense! If Yang Jianqing really tried to do this, why are you the only one who noticed it? Are your abilities stronger than the other heavenly doctors present?”

This sentence made sense, and quite a few people looked at Chu Liuyue suspiciously.

Chu Liuyue retorted, “Director Cheng Han, may I know if you’ve seen Red Blood Gu before?”

Cheng Han was dazed and flung his sleeves. “Of course, I haven’t seen such despicable items!”

Chu Liuyue smiled. “I’ve seen it before.”

Chu Xianmin—who was in the crowd—clutched her sleeves tightly, and her entire body became tense. Ever since she heard Chu Liuyue say ‘Red Blood Gu,’ she felt very uneasy. She was afraid that Chu Liuyue would drag her into the mess.

Upon hearing this, Chu Xianmin was so nervous that she couldn’t even breathe. If Chu Liuyue really exposes me, I’m… finished!

“To be honest, someone in our academy is poisoned with Red Blood Gu.”

Chu Xianmin looked down, and her joints turned white.

“His name is Liao Zhongshu. A while back, he was poisoned with this for some reason, and he was on the brink of death. The academy’s teachers can prove this.”

Zuo Rong boomed, “That’s right. Liao Zhongshu is indeed poisoned with Red Blood Gum, and he can’t get out of bed even till this day.”

It was as if Cheng Han heard a joke. “Oh? Didn’t you say that someone poisoned with Red Blood Gu would die without a doubt and that they can’t even last for more than a few days? How can someone from your academy survive until now after being poisoned with Red Blood Gu? Did you see wrongly, or… are you in cahoots to trick people?”

Zuo Rong and the other teachers’ faces darkened.

“Director Cheng Han! Are you doubting us? If you don’t believe us, you can visit our academy and see if Liao Zhongshu is poisoned with Red Blood Gu. As a heavenly doctor, you should be able to tell this, right?”

Cheng Han was speechless.

“We need to thank Chu Liuyue for helping Liao Zhongshu survive till now. If she didn’t produce the medical formula to stop Liao Zhongshu’s poison temporarily, he wouldn’t have made it.”

To Zuo Rong, Chu Liuyue being able to produce the shocking formula already proved many things. Thus, he was very confident in Chu Liuyue’s words.

“Haha! What a joke!” Cheng Han was originally still nervous, but he could not help but laugh when he heard this. “Red Blood Gu is very poisonous. There are barely a few heavenly doctors present who have seen Red Blood Gu, let alone have the formula for the antidote.”

“Who is Chu Liuyue? How can you make her sound so amazing? I admit that she is talented as a Xuan Master and a warrior, but don’t you think it’s ridiculous if you say that she can suppress the Red Blood Gu’s poison? She—”

Sun Zhongyan also laughed and calmly interrupted Cheng Han. “She’s Uncle-Master’s disciple.”

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