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Chapter 210: Bite Her!

As the competition proceeded on, more and more people were eliminated.

Cen Hu had won a match the previous day, but he met with a strong opponent today and lost. Gu Mingfeng was also picked again, but he won the match rather relaxingly since he was a stage-four warrior.

Very quickly, it was Mu Hongyu’s turn to compete. Her opponent was a woman from Tai Yan Academy named Yu Qing.

Yu Qing was slender, and her features were somewhat defined. However, her eyes were full of emotion, which added a touch of femininity to her. It looked like she was a small flower trembling in the wind.

On the other hand, Mu Hongyu was loud, passionate, and determined—similar to a blooming peony.

The pair in the arena was especially eye-catching.

Mu Hongyu smiled after she glanced at Yu Qing. “You’re a stage-four warrior too? That’s great! I can finally have a good match!”

Astonishment flashed across Yu Qing’s eyes as if she did not expect Mu Hongyu to be this competitive. She gave her a light and gentle smile. “I just broke through, so I might not be your match. We’ll just be sparring.”

Mu Hongyu found it a little weird. I have just broken through too! The battle hasn’t even begun, so why is Yu Qing saying that she is not my match? The Qing Jiao Competition is a competition between academies and students, so why does it seem like she isn’t interested?

But Mu Hongyu did not think much after seeing Yu Qing’s meek manner.

“Okay, let’s begin!” With that, Mu Hongyu moved and struck first!

The pair immediately got into it!

Since they were both stage-four warriors, they were of similar abilities. Hence, it did not really matter if they fought close-range or not.

Mu Hongyu always worked quickly and furiously, and today was no exception. Her body had recovered, and she had just broken through. She had been itching to fight, so she used all her energy in her first strike.

After struggling for a while, Yu Qing started backing away as if she could not handle it.

Mu Hongyu saw this and decided to close in further!

Shortly after the match began, Mu Hongyu gained the upper hand. Yu Qing was backing away until she was almost at the edge of the arena!

“It seems like Hongyu can win this quite easily!” Even though Cen Hu had been eliminated, he knew that it was because he was weaker. Thus, he was not too disappointed. He got excited when he saw that Mu Hongyu was about to win.

But Gu Mingfeng—who was sitting next to him—frowned instead.

Cen Hu noticed his expression and asked dazedly, “What’s up? Is something wrong?”

Gu Mingfeng was silent for a moment before he shook his head. “That Yu Qing is a little strange.”

“Ah? Where? Why don’t I notice anything?” Cen Hu was confused, and he could not help but turn and look.

Following Mu Hongyu’s continuous attacks, Yu Qing was at a disadvantage. Based on the way things were going, the outcome was clear!

“This Yu Qing is quite interesting.” Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes as she watched everything that was happening in the arena.

Si Yang could not help but question Chu Liuyue when he heard her words. “What do you mean?”

Si Yang did not understand warriors because he was a Xuan Master. He was just a stage-two warrior, so he naturally could not tell what was really going on.

Chu Liuyue raised her chin. “Who do you think will win?”

“Of course, it will be Mu Hongyu! Anyone can tell! That Yu Qing has no way of fighting back, and she’s being chased around,” Si Yang said without hesitation.

Chu Liuyue smiled, but the smile did not reach her eyes. “If she really had no means of fighting back, why isn’t she injured at all after being chased around for so long? Her hair isn’t even messy.”

“Ah?” Si Yang froze and looked again. It really was true.

He stared for a while and couldn’t help but say, “Now that you mention it, it really looks like that… That Yu Qing seems like she’s at a disadvantage, but she seems quite… relaxed.”

“She’s definitely not as weak as she seems.”Chu Liuyue gently tapped her arms. But I’m just unsure about why Yu Qing is doing this deliberately.

Si Yang looked at Chu Liuyue speechlessly. Is she just saying that a stage-four warrior looked weak? But then again, she does seem to have the right to say that…

“Who do you think will win?”

Chu Liuyue paused. “I’m not sure.”

It was true that Yu Qing had tricks up her sleeve, but Mu Hongyu was not to be trifled with.

At this time, a cry came from the crowd.

Chu Liuyue looked over, and her eyes turned cold.

As one chased after the other, the duo unknowingly ended up at the edge of the arena!

Just as Yu Qing was about to fall out of the arena, she began to fight back! Her palm headed straight for Mu Hongyu.

Mu Hongyu’s eyes lit up. “You’re finally willing to strike! Just in time!” Mu Hongyu had obviously noticed that something was up with Yu Qing. She did not like such an evasive way of fighting, and all her fighting spirit had been pent up!

Now that Yu Qing was finally willing to fight head-on, Mu Hongyu became excited, intending to defeat the former and win the match fair and square!

She gathered force in her palms and quickly struck! “Wind gathering palm!”

The force rippled around the pair as their palms were on the path to collision.

At this time, Yu Qing moved to the side and avoided Mu Hongyu’s attack. But she didn’t back away this time. Instead, she reached out and grabbed Mu Hongyu’s collar!

Mu Hongyu was stunned as she tried to back away, but it was too late!

Yu Qing—who had been slower than Mu Hongyu the whole time—moved extremely swiftly. Not only did she avoid Mu Hongyu’s attack, but she also managed to grab the latter’s collar.

She forcefully pulled Mu Hongyu down as she turned.

In an instant, the two exchanged positions! Mu Hongyu was now the one on the edge of the arena!

Mu Hongyu grabbed Yu Qing’s arm and glanced behind her. It will all be over if I fall from here!

“Yu Qing! You’re this scheming!” Mu Hongyu instantly understood what Yu Qing had been planning!

Yu Qing had been acting weak since the battle started. She only started fighting back after she had backed all the way up to the arena’s edge! Yu Qing had done all this so that she could push Mu Hongyu down at this point! This way, she could win effortlessly!

“Despicable!” Mu Hongyu was infuriated when she figured it all out!

Yu Qing blinked, looking innocent. “Do the rules say that I can’t do that? It’s a competition, so winning is all that matters.”

As she spoke, she inched closer and lowered her voice. Her eyes were cold and mocking as she said, “Brainless people are bound to fail. You… are going down!”

With that said, Yu Qing pushed with her wrist, about to push Mu Hongyu down!

At this time, a black ball sprinted out and headed straight for Yu Qing!

“Ahh!” Yu Qing screamed out in fear and backed away.

Mu Hongyu took the chance and flipped back onto the arena. “Congcong, bite!”

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