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Chapter 21: Do You have the Title Deed?


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With Rong Jin’s command, Song Yuan behind him immediately clapped his hands to instruct the subordinates to inform the hunting ground.

The crowd revealed excited expressions.

It was rumored that the Crown Prince had spent a lot of effort over the years to take care of the hunting ground painstakingly. The types and levels of the fiends in the hunting ground could definitely not be compared to an ordinary hunting ground.

If they were lucky, they could make a vow with a rare fiend!

Chu Xianmin’s hands were placed on top of her stomach, looking extremely elegant. However, her eyes were already sparkling with unconcealable emotions. She did not expect the Crown Prince to do so much for her.

He actually prepared such a big present for her on his birthday. Even though she had not gone in to take a look, she knew that the Crown Prince prioritized the hunting ground; the fiends inside would definitely not disappoint people.

Though the Chu family had their own hunting ground, they did not produce any good fiends, and she did not like any of them. It would undoubtedly be perfect if she could make a vow with a strong fiend as she was originally very talented.

Rong Jin leaned in and laughed. “Minmin, it’s all up to you to snatch that top prize.”

Chu Xianmin nodded shyly. “I know your kind intentions, Brother Jin. I’ll do my best!”

Rong Jin laughed out loud. He liked Chu Xianmin’s intelligence; she knew what to say and do at the right times.

An idea flashed across Chu Xianmin’s mind upon seeing him in a good mood. Afterward, she reduced the smile on her face and revealed an upset expression. She whispered, “It’s a pity Sister could not come.”

Rong Jin’s expression turned stiff and slightly cold.

The surrounding crowd naturally heard her words and immediately turned around to look.

How interesting! The sister that Chu Liuyue brought up was none other than the Big Missy of the Chu family—Chu Liuyue.


Everyone knew about her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince, but since she was born an invalid, the Crown Prince did not even care about her.

The Crown Prince had not invited her to his birthday parties for quite a few years already. If Chu Xianmin did not bring her up, who would still remember that person?

Rong Jin said coldly, “She’s naturally stupid. Her presence will only ruin everyone’s mood.”

Chu Xianmin then seemed to realize that she had said something inappropriate and hurriedly apologized like she was in a difficult position. “Brother Jin, don’t get mad. I just remembered that Sister has nothing to do at home usually. Thus, I thought it would be a good thing for her to come out and play…”

Nothing to do? What could a good-for-nothing possibly do?

The crowd secretly exchanged looks with mocking expressions.

The Crown Prince was also very unlucky. There were so many girls from distinguished families, but he unluckily picked an invalid as his fiance. How embarrassing!

“I’m thinking too much. Brother Jin and Sister’s engagement is coming soon. Sister is very busy and has no time to care about this…” Chu Xianmin’s voice became softer and softer and was filled with grievances and sourness, while her head gradually hung lower. “I’m the one that doesn’t have the right to say all of this…”

Rong Jin sneered in his heart. When Song Yuan came back previously, he had already explained that day’s incident to him in detail. Chu Liuyue still dared to hallucinate about their engagement. Dream on!

That night, a feast would be prepared for him in the palace. He would naturally tell his father that he wanted a clean break with that good-for-nothing.

Thinking of this, he said nonchalantly, “What’s the point of talking about someone irrelevant? Nobody can predict the future for sure. Just take care of yourself and fulfill your own tasks.”

Chu Xianmin was elated. The Crown Prince meant that he would not have anything to do with Chu Liuyue.

When she first heard Chu Liuyue nonchalantly mentioning the marriage agreement, she thought that the Crown Prince was really thinking of continuing with it. Now, it seemed like Chu Liuyue was just puffing herself up at her own cost.

Chu Xianmin nodded her head obediently and looked down to hide the pleasure in her eyes when she noticed that quite a few people looked at her with envy.

The smarter ones amongst the crowd immediately continued when they saw the situation.

“Haha! The prince is so generous today. We can’t let go of this chance!”

“That’s right! I won’t give in later!”

“Bring it on! I haven’t dueled in a while. I’ll practice with you later.”

The crowd kept bantering with each other, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Rong Jin laughed. “Okay, okay. Judging by the time, they should’ve brought the fellows over. It’s a good time to enter the mountain now.” He led the way forward as he talked.

Chu Xianmin followed right behind him.

The crowd fought to follow behind him, very afraid of being left behind.

The crowd was delightfully surprised by what they saw after passing through a forest.

The lush forest made the entire mountain look as clear as jade as it stood securely in its spot. A light breeze came by and made the leaves whistle.

There was someone guarding the tall, circular, black metal fence at the bottom of the mountain every few meters.

These guards were muscular and looked very strong.

The crowd could not help but be astonished. It must have cost an enormous amount just to protect the hunting ground. Nobody would be as wealthy in the entire Imperial City.

With such emphasis on the hunting ground, there must be fiends of high levels there.

Song Yuan, who was following behind Rong Jin, had his heart skip a beat. Previously, when he was in charge of the hunting ground, there were not so many people.

The pageboy, who was sent over, was currently standing in front of the hunting ground and having a fierce argument with the guard in charge of protecting the place.

“Who exactly are you? How dare you trespass the Crown Prince’s hunting ground? Have you lost your minds? How many lives can you afford to lose when you offend the Crown Prince?”

The guards remained nonchalant. “Do you have evidence that the hunting ground belongs to the Crown Prince?”

The pageboy was so frustrated until he laughed. “Everyone in the Imperial City knows that this is the Crown Prince’s territory. Why are you acting ignorant? Let me tell you; the Crown Prince will soon be here. If you still…”

“What’s the matter? What are you arguing about?” Song Yuan’s voice boomed as he rushed over when he noticed that something was amiss.

The pageboy immediately turned around and saw that Song Yuan was already behind him. Further behind was the Crown Prince and many others. He instantly started to panic. He might just lose his life for failing to complete the task the Crown Prince had assigned him.

The others might not know, but the servants in charge of Eastern Palace knew his temper the best.

He hurriedly knelt on the ground. “Sir, I don’t know where these people came from, but they’ve occupied the hunting ground. Now, they’re not allowing anyone to enter it.”

Song Yuan was stunned. How dare they mess with the Crown Prince’s territory? Were they tired of living? He looked at the duo and yelled angrily, “Are you guys crazy? No, who are you?”

These people were clearly not theirs. He suddenly thought of something and quickly looked at the other guards far away. They were all unfamiliar faces.

Song Yuan took a deep breath of cold air. Someone actually dared to snatch away their hunting ground right in front of their eyes? Why did he not receive any news before?

“Who are you? How dare you occupy the Crown Prince’s hunting ground?” His angered shout was very loud, and everyone with Rong Jin heard it crystal clear.

Instantly, the atmosphere turned dead silent.

Rong Jin’s smile gradually stiffened. “What is going on?”

When the two guards saw him, they greeted him but were not polite in their words. “Greetings, Crown Prince. My master told me to thank the Crown Prince for your painstaking efforts spent on taking care of this hunting ground. In the future, he’ll definitely pay you back for your kind deeds.”

Rong Jin thought that he had misheard him. “This is my hunting ground. When did the owner change? Why do I not know about this?”

A guard raised his head and asked, “Crown Prince, if this is your hunting ground, then… do you have the title deed to prove it?”


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