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2066 Still a Little Slow

There was an obvious change in everyone’s attitude.

After Tang Ke and Mr. Su, no one in the God Residence Realm had successfully refined a holy weapon in the past 10,000 years.

Now, Tang Ke personally confirmed that Shangguan Jing had such hope.

This was the first in 10,000 years! Naturally, it was different!

Although Shangguan Jing was also famous in the past, there were many supreme Armory Refinement Masters in the world, and all of them were extremely arrogant. No one was willing to lower their heads and admit defeat.

Even if they met, they couldn’t stand each other. This was also why there were some people who secretly mocked Shangguan Jing, Chu Liuyue, and the rest in the beginning.

However, it was different now!

Tang Ke’s words were like gold and jade. From now on, who could be compared to Shangguan Jing?!

Future Armory Refinement Saint… Just the thought of these words made one feel pressured!

If Shangguan Jing really succeeded in breaking through in the future, he would undoubtedly be the top Armory Refinement Master! At that time, it wouldn’t be so easy to build a relationship with him.

If they didn’t hurry up now, where would they get the chance in the future?

Everyone treated Shangguan Jing much more politely and respectfully, afraid that he would remember them for offending him previously.

Shangguan Jing smiled and cupped his hands. “Everyone, you’re too kind. I’m just a little lucky. I’m just an old bag of bones and don’t dare to expect anything else. Now, I only hope that Yue’er can successfully end this competition…”

Although he was smiling, he was more than polite.

His eyes were clear and calm. It was obvious that he didn’t take everyone’s solicitousness and flattery seriously.

Then, he looked up at Chu Liuyue, who was still on the stage. It was obvious that he was impenetrable.

When everyone saw this, they could only temporarily dispel the numerous thoughts in their hearts. Shangguan Jing has lived for so many years. He had once been all-powerful and had experienced life and death. What has he not seen?

Such a sly old fox is very slippery. It is probably useless to say anything now.

The crowd gradually quietened down. No matter what, they could only wait for the competition to end.

Only Chu Liuyue and Wei Ze were left in the arena now, and they were still in the final competition.

Above the two of them, lightning converged and fell continuously.

In the entire space, everyone was silent.

Time seemed to pass exceptionally slowly.

At this moment, everyone had already confirmed that there was indeed a huge problem with the purple-black hammer in front of Wei Ze.

What was it that could hold more lightning than a holy weapon?

But the competition was still ongoing, and the item was indeed Wei Ze’s. It wasn’t considered against the rules, so everyone could only watch.

In the silence, Tang Ke’s voice sounded again. “Wei Ze, 1,382 lightning bolts!”

There was a commotion in the crowd. The number of lightning bolts that Wei Ze devoured has already surpassed Shangguan Jing! This also means that Shangguan Jing has no chance of getting first place.

Some people secretly looked at Shangguan Jing, only to find that his expression was calm as if he wasn’t disappointed. That’s true. After receiving Tang Ke’s praise, Shangguan Jing has a bright future. Even if he doesn’t win this match, it won’t affect him much.

In reality, compared to winning or losing, Shangguan Jing was more concerned about Chu Liuyue. He only hoped that she could defeat Wei Ze now!

There is something fishy about Wei Ze’s hammer. I don’t know how long it could last.

After such a long time, the Flying Cloud Painting seems to be almost saturated… Looking at that calm face, Shangguan Jing clenched his fists.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

The past few days felt like years to everyone, but the outcome of the competition had yet to be decided!

Chu Liuyue had expended a large amount of force and spirit. Her face was already a little pale, and her lips were pale.

There was a faint bruise under her eyes, and she looked really haggard.

However, Wei Ze’s situation seemed to be much better than Chu Liuyue’s. After all, he was older and was better than Chu Liuyue in all aspects of cultivation.

If this continued, the one who would win in the end would probably be Wei Ze…

At this moment, the lightning above the Flying Cloud Painting also circulated much slower.

Clearly, the number of lightning bolts that the Flying Cloud Painting could accommodate had already reached its limit!

Chu Liuyue stood up again.

Wei Ze turned to look at her and snorted. “What? Master Yue, are you going to stretch your muscles again?”

The two holy weapons are already saturated, and she is obviously exhausted. I don’t believe that she can still come up with any tricks!

These words were just mockery. However, Chu Liuyue didn’t seem to understand as she smiled and said, “The family head is really good at predicting things. Nothing can escape your eyes.”

Wei Ze choked.

Right on the heels of that, he saw Chu Liuyue raise her head slightly and ask, “Senior Tang Ke, may I ask how much of a difference there is between family head and me?”

Tang Ke replied, “You have 1,562 now, and Wei Ze has 1,895.”

There was a difference of more than 300 lightning bolts between the two of them! This was definitely not a small number, especially under the premise that the two of them had such a terrifying base number.

Even if there was just one more, it couldn’t be underestimated!

How could Chu Liuyue catch up to such a huge gap? She looked like she was at the end of her rope.

Chu Liuyue thanked him and lowered her head slightly, as if she was thinking about something.

Wei Ze laughed and pretended to comfort her. “Master Yue, to be able to last until now is already beyond the reach of ordinary people. You are still young, and in time, you might be able to beat me…”

“What’s the point of winning then?” Chu Liuyue raised her brows and interrupted Wei Ze. Who doesn’t know that today’s outcome will determine whether Tang Ke’s inheritance can be passed down?

If I lose today, it will be useless no matter how many times I win in the future.

Wei Ze stroked his beard and laughed. “You’re right, but who doesn’t want to win? However, if you don’t have the strength, you shouldn’t ask for something that doesn’t belong to you…”


Before he could finish, Chu Liuyue suddenly moved!

A green shadow quickly streaked across the air and ruthlessly struck the ground!


Several cracks instantly spread!

Wei Ze looked over, and his eyes widened in shock. “This—”

It was a huge green axe. It was heavy, ancient, and exuded an awe-inspiring pressure!

Crucially… This was also a holy weapon!

“Let me introduce you. This is one of the top ten holy weapons, the Grand Azure Sun Axe! It used to belong to the head of the Yi family, but now it belongs to me,” said Chu Liuyue casually.

Everyone’s hearts were instantly in turmoil! Yi Wentao’s Grand Azure Sun Axe actually became Chu Liuyue’s?! It recognized her as its master?!

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms with one hand and supported her chin with the other as she muttered softly, “This still seems a little slow…”

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