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2062 Underestimated Her!

However, there seemed to be an invisible barrier surrounding him. Before his exploded body could splatter, it had already dissipated rapidly!

In the blink of an eye, his body completely dissipated. There wasn’t a single trace of blood on the ground.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed that someone had died in such a short period of time!

In fact, before that man could even cry out in pain or call for help, he had already completely disappeared from this world.

Several people in the vicinity stopped what they were doing and looked at this scene dazedly.

One of them had a scar on his face. His face was as pale as a ghost, and his entire body was trembling.

The person who had died was his cousin.

They had a very good relationship with each other. This time, they had specially come together. Unexpectedly, he was gone just like that…

Tang Ke’s voice came faintly. “I’ve already warned you to act within your capabilities. If you disregard your own lives because of greed and competitiveness, you can’t blame others even if you die. You only have one life. All of you—behave yourselves!”

In the silent space, this voice sounded especially cold and indifferent.

A layer of coldness swept over and enveloped everyone.

Yeah! Tang Ke haS already said everything that needs to be said. It’s obvious that he had died because he could no longer withstand the power of the lightning, but he still insisted on withstanding it. Who can he blame for not being able to withstand it himself?

He wanted to win this fierce competition to become the top Armory Refinement Master, to stand at the highest position in the world… Who doesn’t want that, but how could it be that easy?

Some people looked hesitant.

Actually, it was already very difficult for them to last until now.

Many people were already on the verge of collapse. They were only one push away from ending up like that man.

Tang Ke said, “If anyone wants to give up, just say it. I’ll let you leave.”

The atmosphere was strangely quiet.

A moment later, a man suddenly said, “I… give up…”

The person who spoke was the scar-faced man who had lost his cousin.

It was just three simple words, but it was extremely difficult for him to say them, and even his voice trembled.

His eyes were filled with struggle and unwillingness. It was obvious that making this decision was extremely difficult for him.

However, he knew himself very well—his strength was slightly inferior to his cousin. If even his cousin couldn’t hold on, how good could he be?

If he died as well, his family’s bloodline would be severed… Therefore, no matter what, he had to protect his life.

Even if he was unwilling to give up, he had no choice.

Tang Ke wasn’t surprised. “It’s survival of the fittest, and the strong are respected. These are the most basic laws in the God Residence Realm. However, it’s also a smart move to know how to assess the situation, move forward when it’s time to move forward, and retreat when it’s time to move back.”

There seemed to be a hint of agreement and consolation in his words.

Almost all the people who came here were the most outstanding Armory Refinement Masters in the God Residence Realm. If one of them died, the losses would be huge.

Tang Ke only wanted to select the most suitable person to inherit his legacy. He didn’t intend to kill all of them.

Quitting the competition was an extremely difficult decision, especially for these proud Armory Refinement Masters.

When the scar-faced man heard Tang Ke’s words, he took a deep breath and calmed down. “Senior Tang Ke, Junior has a presumptuous request. I wonder if you can agree?”

“Go ahead.”

“Junior… Although I’ve given up on the competition, I still want to stay here and watch the competition. I wonder… if you can agree?” the scar-faced man said nervously.

However, Tang Ke didn’t seem to care about this and laughed loudly. “Why not!? Just retreat to the entrance.”

The man was extremely excited and thanked him profusely. Then, he stood up and walked over.

Although he had withdrawn from the competition, it would be great if he could stay here and continue watching the battle.

On the one hand, it could broaden his horizons and increase his experience and strength. On the other hand, it could also satisfy his curiosity.

Who didn’t want to know who would inherit Tang Ke’s legacy in the end?

He quickly retreated to the entrance and exhaled softly. It could be seen that although he felt a little regretful for withdrawing from the competition, the pressure in his heart was instantly reduced by a lot because he could protect his life.

With the first person taking the lead, people quickly followed suit. Not long after, a few people chose to give up and withdraw from the competition.

Some people secretly looked at Chu Liuyue.

Among the group of Armory Refinement Masters, she was the most inconspicuous one.

Now that four to five people had already given up, logically speaking, she shouldn’t be able to hold on anymore. However, everyone waited, yet Chu Liuyue didn’t move.

She had been sitting cross-legged in her position without moving, looking calmly at the Heavenly Square Cauldron in front of her.

Lightning was still falling continuously—they were even coming a little faster.

Many people muttered in their hearts when they saw this, but with Rong Xiu’s warning, they restrained themselves and didn’t dare to publicly say anything else. Hence, everyone could only continue to wait silently.

Everyone was very curious. How long could Chu Liuyue last?

In the blink of an eye, another three days passed.

In the middle, two people died because they couldn’t control themselves properly. In addition, more than ten people chose to withdraw.

It had to be known that there were indeed many people who came for Tang Ke’s tomb in the beginning. But after a batch of people died in the Messy Stone Forest, not many people came in.

At this moment, a few more died, and more than ten people withdrew. There were only a few dozen people who were still competing.

However, Chu Liuyue had yet to move!

She sat there quietly as if it were the first day. The bolts of lightning kept falling into the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

It seemed like… It was as if she didn’t have to worry about anything!

If it weren’t for the fact that everyone could sense that the force around her was depleting rapidly, they would’ve thought that she had cheated. However, it was precisely because of this that it was even more puzzling.

Those who were in the middle of the competition had no time to care, but the people standing at the edge of the entrance had their attention on Chu Liuyue.

The group of people were discussing something in low voices.

“I remember that according to the rumors, Shangguan Yue’s cultivation as a warrior is extremely outstanding, and she can fight against a legendary warrior at the true god realm! But… no one has ever mentioned that she has any achievements in the field of armory refinement! Why does it seem like she’s not bad?”

“Hmph, it’s not just ‘not bad!’ To be able to last until now, her ability is better than us who withdrew from the competition! In my opinion, we’ve all underestimated her!”

“I heard that she has always been on par with Rong Xiu on Ling Xiao Academy’s Qing Yun Ranking. On the armory refinement rankings, Rong Xiu is first, and she’s second! Furthermore, she’s Shangguan Jing’s junior! Perhaps… she can really amaze the world this time?”

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