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2052 Come and Look

Seeing the door that slowly opened, everyone was shocked beyond words.

“I-it opened?!” someone muttered in disbelief amongst the dead silent crowd.

Wei Ze harshly closed his eyes, terrified that he had seen something wrongly. However, the scene before him did not disappear.

That door was still opening bit by bit!

A patch of white light covered it. Nobody could see what it looked like behind that door, but… it did open!

So many people died previously, yet the door did not budge. At this point, Chu Liuyue just gently knocked it, and it successfully opened!

Chu Liuyue lifted her legs and stepped forward. The next moment, her figure disappeared behind that door!

Rong Xiu’s footsteps looked neither hurried nor slow, but he was actually very fast.

He raised his hand, and the Sharp-Edged Halberd that was quietly floating in the air flew over rapidly. Following that, he arrived at Shangguan Jing’s side.

“Senior Shangguan, we should follow.” Rong Xiu softly laughed.

Shangguan Jing recovered his senses. Yeah! Yue’er Girlie has already entered!

He mustered his courage and stepped forward.

Rong Xiu followed behind the two of them.

Yan Qing and Qiang Wanzhou followed them like shadows.

Previously, the crowd’s attention was on Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, and the two of them were usually good at hiding their auras, so they were like two invisible people from start to end.

Only now, when they closely followed them to enter the door, did the crowd shockingly realize that these two people were not simple!

When their figures continuously disappeared, the spectating crowd was still in deep shock.

Wei Ze reacted first. “Sharp-Edged Halberd!”

That item was actually taken away by Rong Xiu! That is a holy weapon! It is a treasure I obtained with much difficulty!

“Why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and chase!” Wei Ze hollered angrily and immediately rushed over.

In the blink of an eye, his figure disappeared behind that door.

When the people from the Wei family heard this, they woke up from the shock. Seeing that Wei Ze had already gone forward, they disregarded everything else and hurriedly followed.

At this point, the other people present finally noticed something and fought to rush to the door.

After activating Tang Ke’s tomb with much difficulty, why couldn’t they grab the chance? Them obtaining an heirloom and rising to the top overnight depended on this day!

Very quickly, the crowd present all rushed in.

The woods recovered its silence.

Only the corpses that were lying haphazardly and the messy bloodstains on the ground proved what happened previously.

After some time, those corpses actually started to rot. In ten minutes, only their bones were left.

The light wind blew over, and the bones turned into powder, disappearing into the wind.

Even the bloodstains on the ground seemed to be swallowed, and they rapidly disappeared.

Only a faint bloody aura was left in the air.

It was as if nothing had happened.

The bright white light quickly disappeared, and the scene before them gradually became clearer.

This was a passageway that led downwards. The way was narrow, and it only allowed two people to walk side by side.

Every few steps, a fist-sized pearl would hang by the walls on both sides.

Under the faint light, it was like a horizon that took in everything.

At this point, Chu Liuyue stood at the front, and her feet were on the first step.

She used this light to look down, but she could not see the end. It was as if… it kept leading downward, until the end!

Chu Liuyue raised her guard to the maximum as she held the Chi Xiao Sword in her hand and walked down.

Shangguan Jing walked behind her. When he saw everything in the surroundings, even he could not help but gasp. “This wall is actually carved with lapis lazuli!”

The so-called lapis lazuli was an extremely precious stone. Its material was very hard, and it was the best material in refining weapons.

The success rate when using lapis lazuli to refine weapons was much higher. Hence, Armory Refinement Masters thought very highly of and liked this material very much.

However, this material was formed naturally and was limited in number. Hence, it was very rarely seen.

This caused lapis lazuli to be even more desirable and rarer.

Chu Liuyue could naturally tell that this was lapis lazuli.

Amongst the Yuan instruments her ancestor gifted her, one of the swords was made with this material.

A top-tier supreme Armory Refinement Master like Shangguan Jing only had a small portion of it. But at this point, both walls were made using this lapis lazuli!

It was no wonder Shangguan JIng was so shocked.

“It seems like this is really Tang Ke’s tomb! Other than him, who else in this world would have such skills?” Shangguan Jing sighed deeply and looked at that figure before him with a complicated and emotional gaze. Previously, so many people tried and they ended up failing. Yet, this girl came and directly opened the door… Such a matter can only be explained by a single word—’fate!’

Even though he long knew that this girl was very lucky, he would still be shocked by the matters that happened to her.

Other people really could not be envious or jealous of such luck.

Familiar footsteps came from behind. Rong Xiu and the rest followed up.

As Shangguan Jing walked, he could not help but ask, “Yue’er Girlie, why are you here?”

When I previously said that he wanted to come, she did not seem like she had plans of coming over. If I knew that they were coming, I would’ve brought them along.

Chu Liuyue replied softly, “I didn’t have such a plan originally, but I found out about some matters later on. Thus… I planned to take a look.”

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