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2009 Drag Down

Once this was said, a loud sound suddenly came over!

The Cloud-Sky Copper Sword had already absorbed all those lightning bolts. With the landing of Little Zhou’s sword, the force was like a waterfall that poured out!

However, all the lightning force that originally charged toward them became sword auras and went toward half the cliff!

The mountain rock turned into powder, and space crazily tore itself.

The winds howled, and the thunder rumbled!

Even the barrier outside the mountain peak started shaking violently! It looked like it was about to break!

Little Zhou’s sword harshly smashed against Hong An’s heart.

Seeing the force that had already destroyed half the cliff, Hong An’s entire body stiffened, and he almost could not believe his eyes.

He never thought that a stage-nine warrior could execute such skills! He knew that he might not even be able to endure those lightning bolts!

This is absurd… This is actually absurd! Upon deeper thought, this young man hasn’t felt right since the very beginning! Hong An felt extreme regret. If I knew that this young man was such a troublemaker, I definitely wouldn’t have let him in back then! Now, things are great! At this stage, how should I handle it?

“Hong An? Hong An!” That person called a few times from the side. “Why are you still in a daze?! Quickly go report to Master!”

This anxious voice finally caused Hong An to recover his senses. Then, his face paled.

He knew too clearly what kind of consequences he would face when Master saw this scene!

One had to know that they had meticulously set up the Xuan formation above that mountain peak! Now… it was all ruined!

At this stage, I can’t hide it any longer. Hong An took a deep breath in and forcefully acknowledged him. “I got it. Y-you stay here and calm them down… I’ll be back soon!”

But before he even moved, a figure quickly flew over from far away.

“What’s going on?” The cold and old voice was filled with superiority.

The incoming person was an elder decked in black, with a head full of silver hair. He had many wrinkles, and one eye was deeply sunken in as he exuded an extremely cold and strong suppression.

Seeing the incoming person, the two were shocked and hurriedly said, “Greetings, Hall Leader Dou Min!”

Dou Min did not bother with them and directly walked past them, arriving in front of the mountain. He quickly took in the surrounding scenery.

Seeing the cliff that collapsed halfway, his face became even colder. “Hong An, is this your doing?”

His voice sounded especially hoarse and sinister. “First, you brought people back in advance and let them do such a thing… Hong An, how many lives do you have to pay for the damage caused?!”

Hong An’s legs became jelly as a chill went down his spine, and he almost kneeled down. “Hall Leader Dou Min, I-I…”

He did not even know how to explain!

Dou Min glanced at him coldly. “The chance to be a guardian is very rare. Do you know how much effort I spent to leave this spot for you, and this… is how you repay me?”

Hong An’s face was as pale as a ghost.

That’s right. The reason why he could have this chance was all to Dou Min.

He had never seen Dou Min use such a tone to talk to him.

Facing Dou Min’s interrogation, Hong An could not say a single word.

What could he say? The entire incident was very strange from the start.

Even Taiyang Mountain and this abnormally strong golden-haired young man…

But even if he spoke up about these things, who would care and believe him? Everyone… only cared about the results!

“Imbecile!” Dou Min snorted and was extremely disappointed in Dou Min. Previously, I was really blind to think of him highly! Originally, I thought he could use this chance to form a Holy Body, yet a series of troubles was created!

Dou Min retracted his gaze. Now, the most important thing is to handle the mess before me.

“Master is resting now. Nobody is allowed to disturb him! It will be for the best if this is settled before Master wakes up. If not…”

If not, even he would be implicated!

Hong An’s back was drenched in cold sweat, and he could only nod continuously when he heard this.

Dou Min took a step out and raised his right hand. Then, a tremendous aura formed a gigantic silver ball that flew out instantly!

When that silver ball touched the barrier outside the mountain peak, it let out a whir!

Following this, that silver ball disappeared and formed countless rays of light. Then, it dissipated and merged with the barrier.

The originally shaking barrier became stable again with the support of this force.

“You’re young but capable.” Dou Min stared at the golden-haired youngster standing on the mountain peak.

Qiang Wanzhou looked up, and his gaze flashed with a cold gleam.

Dou Min knitted his brows. This young man’s aura… actually made me feel slightly threatened for some reason. He is just a stage-nine warrior…

Dou Min felt angry for some reason. His face darkened, and he crossed his arms.

Countless rays of light instantly poured out! Almost at the same time, a strange sound came from below the half of the mountain that crashed.

Chu Liuyue looked over with a slightly dark gaze.

Underneath the accumulated rocks, rays of light flew out and intersected.

Half a Xuan formation surfaced slowly! At the same time, the mountain below their feet also started to shake intensely!


A gully suddenly spread from below their feet!

Chu Liuyue looked down, and her heart sank.

Almost at the same time, Rong Xiu grabbed her waist, went on his toes, and jumped up into the air!

The next moment, countless cracks crazily spread like a spiderweb that completely covered half the mountain peak.

“Since you like to slash mountains so much… then we’ll bury you with this entire mountain! Then… it won’t be a wasted trip!” Dou Min’s voice, which was filled with threat and murderous intent, came over and sounded like thunder beside the crowd’s ears.

He was a legendary warrior. When he spoke, he purposely added suppression.

It was undoubtedly a heavy impact on the young cultivators on the mountain peak. As some couldn’t handle the suppression, they fell and even vomited blood.

At this point, the Xuan formation that was originally buried underneath the mountain finally showed its original appearance and floated in midair, covering the crowd!

Even though it was attacked by Qiang Wanzhou previously, causing the Xuan formation to be slightly damaged, Dou Min quickly repaired it after he took action.

This Xuan formation was like a cage that trapped everybody here!

The entire mountain instantly descended into chaos!

Everyone was defeated. This person is even stronger than Hong An. Even if everyone here joins hands, we won’t be his match!

He Zilan whimpered softly. She was scared and felt regret. “We’re all going to die here today!”

If I knew that this was a living hell, I wouldn’t come here no matter what!

Chu Liuyue’s brows furrowed slightly. “Be quiet!”

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