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2007 Counterattack Begins!

Lightning bolts followed and struck various spots on the mountain peak!

In just a short while, the originally handsome and tall mountain peak had already changed beyond recognition!

Ravines were everywhere, and the forest had collapsed.

Miserable and panicked screams came from everywhere, and messy blood splattered all over the mountains.

Some people lay on the ground, gradually losing their breath. However, the blood in their bodies was still flowing out quickly and soaking into the ground.

Chu Liuyue took another look, and her pupils suddenly constricted.

The bodies of those people were shrinking at a visible speed!

Instantly, Chu Liuyue finally understood something. Is this… going to completely devour the last power in their bodies?

No wonder!

No wonder the people from Black Demon Hole would hold the so-called challenge here and use the God Residence Realm as bait to lure all these cultivators over! Moreover, they only wanted young geniuses!

The energy and power that they absorb is naturally the most abundant!

She had long known that Black Demon Hole’s cultivation techniques were very strange. Now that she saw it, it was actually a hundred times more evil and cold than she had expected!

Not only that, but even the people in Peach Blossom Dock had probably suffered the same torture!

They didn’t know how long Black Demon Hole had been doing this, nor did they know how many innocent people had died tragically at their hands!

Lightning continued to fall, and the entire mountain was quickly covered by a white light.

From the gaps between the dazzling streams of light, one could vaguely see the scene of everyone fleeing in panic.

Painful wails rang out incessantly.

Hong An looked down at this scene with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Hong An, you attacked just like that?”

The commotion here quickly attracted the attention of the others. Someone flew up from a nearby mountain peak and looked over.

Hong An crossed his arms and snorted. “Among these people, there are a few who don’t know what’s good for them. Let’s settle this as soon as possible to prevent any accidents from happening.”

That person nodded his head in understanding and said regretfully, “That’s a pity. If you could let these people stay on Taiyang Mountain for a month, you would get a lot of commission. Perhaps… you could take the opportunity to refine your Holy Body. You have to know that such an opportunity is rare! If you miss this opportunity, who knows how long you have to wait for the next one?”

Hearing this, a shadow fell over Hong An’s face.

This person was right.

In the entire sect, there was only one exit, Yunzhou.

Every once in a while, they would use the God Residence Realm as an excuse to hold a challenge outside to attract all kinds of genius cultivators. And each challenge would be handled by a different person, the so-called ‘guardian.’

According to the management, these cultivators who passed the challenge would stay on Taiyang Mountain for a month.

In this one month, the Xuan formation they had set up on Taiyang Mountain would take the opportunity to devour these people’s force. After it was done, the guardian would receive a portion of the power as a reward.

The more power it devoured, the more benefits the guardian would receive.

One had to know that this power was gathered from the force of the most talented cultivators. It was extremely pure and precious.

If one could obtain such an opportunity, they might be able to save several years or even decades of cultivation time. Who wouldn’t want such a good thing?

Everyone in the sect would compete fiercely for this spot every time.

Hong An had spent a lot of effort to get this opportunity. Who knew that it would be wasted just like that?

Once they entered the barrier, these people would suffer the bombardment of lightning.

Although this could further devour their power, their own strength would be greatly depleted in the process.

As for the guardians, they couldn’t get a commission either.

But the most important thing was that Master valued this very much. If Master knew of his actions, he would definitely punish him.

The only thing that made Hong An feel a little more at ease was that there were a few top-notch people in this group of people. With the existence of those few people, I might be able to make up for my previous losses and make Master less angry. Hong An held his breath. This was a great opportunity, but it was all in vain!

Not to mention a commission, I will be thankful if I can escape punishment this time! I don’t know what is wrong with Taiyang Mountain…

Right! I have to report this matter as soon as possible! Thinking of this, Hong An said to the person,

“In any case, you have nothing to do now. Help me take a look for a while. I’ll go and report the situation on Taiyang Mountain to Master.”

That person had a good relationship with him, so he agreed.

He moved and quickly arrived beside Hong An. “Then, hurry up and come back.”

Hong An nodded and was about to leave. But just as he took a step, he heard a strange sound coming from the mountain peak below.

Almost at the same time, the person standing beside him gasped. “How can this be?”

Hong An hurriedly turned around. “How—”

His voice seemed to be cut off by something and stopped abruptly!

On the mountain peak below, a thin figure could be vaguely seen under the flickering lightning.

He held a sword in his hand and raised it above his head. As for the lightning that descended, it was all devoured by this sword!

Countless streams of light swam on the thick and heavy sword body, almost dyeing it a dazzling snow color! However, the terrifying power of the lightning was indeed quickly annihilated!

With the appearance of this person, the lightning—which was indiscriminately bombarding earlier—was all intercepted!

Most of the cultivators were protected by this and retreated to the side.

Apart from the few people who had unfortunately died because of the sudden incident at the beginning, most of the remaining people were still fine!

“That, that person is—”

The light flickered, reflecting his soft short golden hair.

The veins on Hong An’s forehead were bulging. This person was the blond youth from before! How could he be so strong!?

“You don’t know what’s good for you!” Hong An cursed softly. “He still wants to show off at this time. He’s really tired of living! I want to see how long he can be arrogant!”

The power of the lightning has yet to be fully unleashed!

As he spoke, several lightning bolts in the sky gathered crazily again and struck down one after another!

Hong hong hong!

For a moment, the color of the world changed!

Hong An smiled coldly. We prepared the array formation on the mountain long ago. Once it is activated, it can quickly summon the lightning bolts! It is impossible for him to withstand it alone!

However, what happened next caused Hong An’s smile to completely freeze on his face.

Faced with the consecutive bolts of lightning, the young man didn’t show any fear. Instead, he tightened his grip on the sword in his hand and raised it high.

Then, he slashed down ruthlessly! “Cloud-Sky Copper Sword!”

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