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1974 Famous!

Chu Liuyue’s words were sincere.

If it weren’t for Yi Wentao, she wouldn’t have had the chance to get so many treasures. This was a sure-win deal.

Although it was a little troublesome, but… For her and the entire Peach Blossom Dock, the final outcome was extremely good.

Yi Wentao glared venomously at her as if he wanted to skin her alive!

He had heard it with his own ears and seen it with his own eyes.

He had lost so many items and had even been humiliated. He had also lost all his face! How could he stand this?

However, Chu Liuyue had already retreated. “Leave the Yuan instrument behind. You can take the person away.”

These words were directed at the Yi family.

Jun Jiuqing said, “Thirty supreme Yuan instruments is too much. We can’t gather them for the time being. When we return, we’ll gather them and send them over as soon as possible.”

Chu Liuyue suddenly stopped in her tracks and smiled. “In that case… Three days later, bring the things and take him away.”

Jun Jiuqing frowned slightly, but he knew Chu Liuyue too well.

Since she had already said this, it was useless for others to say anything.

He glanced at Yi Wentao. “Alright. As long as you ensure the family head’s safety within these three days, we will naturally hand over everything!”

At this time, they no longer had the qualifications to negotiate. They could only agree to whatever the other party said.

Jun Jiuqing knew this very well, so he didn’t try to put up any unnecessary struggles. Instead, he simply agreed.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “It’s a deal!”

With that, she looked at Cen Yi. “Cen Yi, bring the Yi family head back and rest well. I believe the Yi family head is very tired after today’s battle.”

Cen Yi’s footsteps seemed light and slow, but he was actually extremely fast. He arrived beside Chu Liuyue in a short while and answered respectfully, “Yes.”

Then, he personally stepped forward.

When he saw Cen Yi’s boots and the corner of his clothes gently swaying, Yi Wentao’s emotions surged. His blood rushed to his heart, and he finally fainted completely.

Cen Yi’s expression was still very calm. He went over and brought Yi Wentao back into the barrier.

The Yi family was naturally filled with unwillingness and anger, but they had no choice but to swallow all their emotions.

Jun Jiuqing looked deeply at Chu Liuyue before turning to leave.

Seeing him leave, the rest of the Yi family followed. Why would they stay here to be humiliated?

Yi Wenzhuo gritted his teeth in hatred. I refuse to accept that things will turn out like this.

Nan Suhuai glanced at him and snorted. “Stop looking, Yi Wenzhuo. You can’t change anything.”

The veins on Yi Wenzhuo’s forehead throbbed violently. He then waved his sleeves fiercely and turned to leave!

“Also—” Nan Suhuai suddenly raised his voice.

Yi Wenzhuo instinctively stopped in his tracks.

“Betraying Ling Xiao Academy will be the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life!”

Nan Suhuai’s words fell into Yi Wenzhuo’s ears clearly!

Yi Wenzhuo’s heart suddenly beat violently, as if it was tightly pressed by something! He then closed his eyes and left!

The Yi family left just like that.

They were very fast. It was unknown if they wanted to go back and prepare 30 supreme Yuan instruments as soon as possible to save Yi Wentao, or if they wanted to leave this place that had humiliated them.

The remaining Nan family members were embarrassed.

Originally, they had come here to take revenge. However, not only had they failed now, but they had also implicated the family head, Nan Yifan.

Judging from Chu Liuyue’s attitude, she was clearly unwilling to let him go.

In the beginning, many people in the Nan family still hoped to join forces with the Yi family to turn the tables. In the end, even the Yi family suffered heavy losses.

The Yi family couldn’t even care about themselves, so they naturally ignored them.

If they continued to fight head-on… How could they be a match for so many legendary warriors?

Hence, the Nan family was in a dilemma. They could neither leave nor stay.

After the Yi family left, Chu Liuyue turned her attention back to the Nan family. Unlike how she treated the Yi family, her attitude had changed quite a bit.

Her gaze slowly swept across these people before she slowly said, “Most of you are actually deceived by Nan Yifan, which is why you misunderstood my Peach Blossom Dock. If you want to leave now, you can leave directly. If you don’t want to leave, if you want to avenge Nan Yifan and the others… my Peach Blossom Dock will accept it.”

She held up three fingers. “I’ll count to three. Those who want to leave will leave, and those who want to stay will stay. Once you make a decision, you can’t change it anymore. As for how you should choose, please consider it yourself.”

With that, she began to count down. “One.”

The Nan family looked at each other.

Chu Liuyue made it very clear that the choice of life or death was in their hands. However, this decision was indeed not easy to make…


Some of the Nan family members began to quietly retreat. Nan Yifan is about to die, and it’s very likely that he really did what Chu Liuyue said! Then, what’s the point of them staying for him?

Once one person chose to leave, they would immediately lead the others to make the same choice.

Soon, most of the Nan family chose to leave!

Only Nan Hetian was left standing there alone. When he realized this, his expression changed. “You—”

“The Nan family’s thousand-year legacy can’t be broken here!” Before Nan Hetian could finish speaking, someone immediately gave such an answer.

Nan Hetian’s face turned pale. He knew that they were going to give up on Nan Yifan completely; they planned to choose a new family head after returning!

“Three!” Chu Liuyue’s last words were spoken.

She looked at Nan Hetian and cocked her head. “Elder Nan Hetian is really loyal and touching. Then… please?”

This battle at Peach Blossom Dock caused a huge commotion. In a short period of time, it quickly spread throughout the entire God Residence Realm!

She fought Yi Wentao, a legendary warrior, and won!

This shocking battle made her famous again!

Peach Blossom Dock’s Yue Manor also jumped out of the countless aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm and became the most dazzling existence!

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