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Chapter 1655: Hold On

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His attack was too sudden and extremely fast! By the time everyone reacted, the thing had already flown in front of Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue looked over.

It was a completely white jade toad!

The jade toad was carved very carefully. Under its white skin, one could even vaguely see faint red bones and blood vessels. Those dark eyes seemed to be even colder, making one’s heart subconsciously turn cold.

At a glance, it was very realistic, almost no different from real!

Her eyes turned cold. It seems that Nan Yuxing really wants my life. He actually took out this thing!

This jade toad was made with extremely rare thousand-year-old cold jade. Its entire body was enshrouded in extremely dense poisonous gas and was extremely lethal!

If the power of this jade toad was to be maximized, it needed to be put into a cultivator’s body and nourished with essence energy and blood energy. The longer it was nourished, the stronger the jade toad became.

But during this process, cultivators had to suffer immense pain. And the longer it was nourished, the more terrifying the torture became.

From the appearance of the jade toad, Nan Yuxing must’ve spent a lot of effort on it. Now that he had taken out this item the moment he attacked, it could be seen that he indeed wanted her life!

Rong Xiu was about to attack when he suddenly raised his eyebrows and stopped.

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes, and a cluster of golden flames suddenly appeared in her palm!

The jade toad was about to fly over! At this moment, a black blade of light suddenly appeared out of thin air!


The two collided with a crisp sound! Then, the jade toad was instantly sent flying and landed on the ground!

A crack was clearly visible on its back!

The smile on Nan Yuxing’s face froze before it could fully spread.

This jade toad was refined after a year of bitter cultivation! It was extremely precious, and he rarely took it out to use. He didn’t expect it to be directly destroyed!

It had to be known that once a crack appeared on it, it would be irreparable! It was equivalent to a year of hard work being wasted!

He stared at the two of them in shock and anger as his blood surged. “You—”

“Young Master Nan, did you see clearly that it wasn’t the two of us who attacked just now?” Before he could say anything, Chu Liuyue spoke first.

Nan Yuxing was so angry that he felt dizzy. “If it’s not you guys, who else could it be?! Ghosts!”

Elder Wu Peng frowned. He had clearly seen that the two of them had indeed not moved just now.

The black blade of light did seem to have appeared out of thin air.

He looked at the black blade of light.

After knocking the jade toad down, it floated quietly in the air. The rich black color seemed like it wanted to devour everything around it.

Elder Wu Peng suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of unease.

“Young Master—” He took a step back and was about to say something.

A low, hoarse voice suddenly came from the black blade of light. “How can others covet someone I want to kill?”

It sounded indifferent, disdainful, and sinister! It was filled with intense killing intent—it was almost chilling!

As soon as the voice finished speaking, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended!

Nan Yuxing had yet to recover from his serious injuries, but at this moment, he was furious. After being forcefully suppressed by this pressure, he couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Big Brother!” Nan Yiyi hurriedly supported Nan Yuxing with an anxious expression. “What’s wrong with you? Who, who’s talking?”

She looked in the direction of the voice. She was shocked and furious, but more than that, she was deeply afraid. Although she was usually spoiled and willful, she was still very talented in cultivation. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so favored.

She could clearly feel that the owner of the voice was terrifyingly strong!

“Who—who the hell are you!?”

The black light blade gradually changed, condensing into a tall figure in the thick black fog.

The man was dressed in a black robe. The hood hung over his face, making it impossible to see.

A strong murderous aura spread from his body!

Nan Yiyi’s remaining words suddenly stuck in her throat. She subconsciously covered her mouth and took a step back in fear. This person… This person… This person is too dangerous!

The man glanced at Nan Yuxing. “Were you the one who attacked just now?”

His words were spoken slowly, but every word seemed to be bone-chilling.

The pressure around Nan Yuxing increased again! He couldn’t take it for a moment and kneeled on the ground!


Elder Wu Peng immediately stood in front of Nan Yuxing and said in a low voice, “Sir, it’s better to discuss with words!”

His mind raced as he replayed everything that had just happened. Then, a ridiculous guess appeared in his heart.

Sensing the danger in the other man, he swallowed hard, his throat tight. “W-we definitely don’t have the intention to go against you! It’s just that we have some grudges against these two people. Eldest Young Master was so angry that he attacked, b-but we really don’t have any other intentions!”

The ‘man in black’ looked at Chu Liuyue and let out a strange laugh, but nobody could detect any joy in his laugh. “Shangguan Yue, you’re as good at causing trouble as ever. I only came a little later, and you’ve already provoked another enemy. It looks like… there are really many people who want to kill you.”

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly. “Thank you for the compliment. I actually don’t like to cause trouble. Often, trouble comes knocking on my door. They’re like that, but aren’t you the same?”

Hearing this, Elder Wu Peng and the others were secretly shocked. It looks like… Shangguan Yue really knows this mysterious black-robed man? Moreover… she seems to have expected the other party’s appearance!?

The black-robed man suddenly sneered. “You’re still as bold as ever.”

Chu Liuyue smiled and nodded. “How am I bold? You asked me to die, so I came.”

The two of them spoke only a few words, but there was an undercurrent!

Nan Yuxing and the others were also completely stunned. From the sound of it… they seem to have agreed to fight to the death here? So—

As if sensing their gazes, Chu Liuyue looked back and smiled faintly. “I’ve already said that my husband was kind enough to help you just now. Unfortunately, you don’t appreciate it… Then, you can continue to stay here with us. However, whether you live or die depends on your own abilities.”

At this moment, Elder Wu Peng had already realized the seriousness of the matter. Even though he didn’t know the other party’s identity, he knew that with the other party’s strength, it would definitely be easy for him to keep them here!

They were here to find something, not die!

“Sir, what happened today was purely a misunderstanding. We definitely have no intention of fighting with you. We’ll leave now to save your face.” As Elder Wu Peng spoke, he took another step back and prepared to turn around and leave with the others.

“Hold on.”

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