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Chapter 1560: Unknown

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Yi Wenzhuo turned around and glanced at her with a doubtful gaze. Shangguan Yue should’ve woken up not long ago. Logically speaking, Nan Suhuai that bunch of people should be carefully doting on her. Why would they allow her to come over alone? Besides, she is looking for Jun Jiuqing. 

“We previously had some conflicts that we couldn’t solve, so I specifically came over, wanting to explain everything that happened.” Chu Liuyue was straightforward as the corner of her lips curled up slightly. “This is your place. You won’t be worried that I’ll do anything here, right?”

Who is this targeting? Yi Wenzhuo’s expression turned colder. “You can go ahead and talk to him.”

Then, he glanced at Jun Jiuqing with deep meaning. “Don’t take too long and come back to cultivate.”

Jun Jiuqing nodded. “Yes.”

In the room, Chu Liuyue sat opposite Jun Jiuqing.

The door was open, but there was a barrier inside the room, so the two of them weren’t afraid of being overheard.

The atmosphere was cold, and the air was stiff.

Chu Liuyue was straightforward. “Jun Jiuqing, if you return my father unharmed and in one piece, all the grudges between us can be canceled.”

Jun Jiuqing knew that she came for this matter. When he heard this, his brows quickly furrowed before returning to normal. “I don’t know where he is.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes turned slightly cold.

She straightened her body, and her shoulders were upright. Her black gem-like eyes stared straight at Jun Jiuqing. Then, her lips curled up in a cold smile. “It seems like you have no plans to talk to me.”

“I really don’t know.” Jun Jiuqing leaned against the chair as the depths of his narrow and nonchalant eyes were filled with incomprehensible ripples. “Back then, I brought him away because I didn’t want you to come back. Since you’re already back and have recovered your memories, he is of no more use to me. I don’t have to hide these things from you.”

When Chu Liuyue saw Jun Jiuqing’s expression, her heart sank.

“In the beginning, I commanded people to bring him to the God-Killing Tumulus—”

“Jun Jiuqing!” Chu Liuyue’s expression changed drastically. God-Killing Tumulus—that is one of the most dangerous places in the God Residence Realm! With Chu Ning’s cultivation level, he will definitely die there! 

Jun Jiuqing raised his hand. “Don’t worry. It’s just at the borders, and it won’t be fatal to him. Besides, I’ve been sending someone to follow him in secret. Why would I want his life?”

Chu Liuyue suppressed her overwhelming rage. Even though she never liked to interact with Jun Jiuqing, she had to admit that he made sense.

From the beginning, he only wanted to use Chu Ning to threaten her. The more he did this, the more he would focus on protecting Chu Ning’s life.

“Since you sent someone to bring him to the God-Killing Tumulus, why do you say that you don’t know?” questioned Chu Liuyue carefully.

Jun Jiuqing suddenly laughed. “You should ask Chu Ning this, or yourself.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

Jun Jiuqing continued, “After my people sent him to the God-Killing Tumulus, everything was fine. But a month ago, all my men met their demise overnight, and Chu Ning disappeared. That was also the day you summoned your God Realm and recovered your memories.”

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. “Really?”

Jun Jiuqing knocked against the handle in a seemingly smiling manner. “I can tell you honestly that among the people I sent over, there’s a true god and three demigods. They’re all strong warriors under me. This time, I’ve also suffered a great loss, but I don’t even know who did it.”

“Not to mention one Chu Ning… Even if it’s ten of him, it’s not worth me paying such a huge price.” Jun Jiuqing’s words sounded horrible, but they were direct.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows.

She knew that Jun Jiuqing didn’t have a top status in the clan. Now that he had lost four strong warriors, he must’ve received some pressure.

He really had no need to do this.

“When I received the news, you had already fainted. Rong Xiu has also been standing guard at Jiuheng Peak. Even if I wanted to tell you about it, I didn’t have the chance.” Jun Jiuqing’s brows slightly rose as his lazy and hoarse voice had a few hints of unconcealable mockery.

Chu Liuyue entered deep thought. If it is really so, where is Chu Ning now? 

“You shouldn’t be able to contact Chu Ning now. Unless you can find him, nobody will know what exactly happened that day. Of course, perhaps you should ask yourself how many people you’ve offended in total. There should be many people who want to take advantage of this opportunity, right?”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze was cold as she looked at Jun Jiuqing. After a moment, she then stood up. “I’ll believe your words for now. If I discover that all you said were lies another day, I definitely will return this to you a hundredfold!”

Then, she walked outside. Jun Jiuqing’s men are all dead, and he probably won’t have many clues. There is no point in continuing to ask. 

When she walked to the door, Jun Jiuqing’s voice suddenly sounded from behind. “If you didn’t insist on coming back and stayed with me in Beiming, none of this would’ve happened.”

Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks and looked over.

Jun Jiuqing’s expression was nonchalant. Even though he was smiling, his expression was extremely cold. Forgetting the past might be a tragedy for others, but it is undoubtedly a relief for her. It is a pity she is too stubborn, and Rong Xiu… He is too lax with her. 

The two of them stared at each other.

After a moment, Chu Liuyue suddenly asked, “Not many people know about why I left the academy, and even Rong Xiu only found out later on. How… do you know?”

Inside the room, the coldness overwhelmed, and the atmosphere was stiff.

Jun Jiuqing smiled curtly, and he looked demonic. “I naturally have my own ways.”

Chu Liuyue knew that she wouldn’t get an answer if she continued asking, so she turned around to leave.

It was only until her figure disappeared behind the door that Jun Jiuqing’s smile gradually disappeared.

He closed his eyes, staying in his seat for a while as his surrounding pressure became extremely low. After a moment, he stood up and walked to Yi Wenzhuo’s room.

Chu Liuyue was rather flustered.

Originally, she thought that she could get Jun Jiuqing to return her father after meeting him. She didn’t expect something to happen again.

The previous time, all her connections with her father had already been broken. Now, she couldn’t get any news at all.

Even if he was still in the God-Killing Tumulus, that place was spacious and wide. Finding a person was undoubtedly like finding a needle in a haystack.

After returning to Jiuheng Peak… Chu Liuyue originally wanted to discuss things with Rong Xiu, but she realized that he wasn’t around.

He should be at Dong Huang Clock Tower… Chu Liuyue thought in this manner and returned to her room.

It was already evening.

The evening sunlight shone in from the window, and the room was bright.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows and thought for a long while but still had no idea, so she could only temporarily suppress this matter.

She breathed in and closed her eyes.

Inside her dantian, a brilliant water droplet floated quietly. With a thought, that water droplet changed shape and instantly became a broken page.

It was translucent, crystallized, and iridescent!

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