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Chapter 1513: Pushing to Death

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Chu Liuyue felt that her bones and veins were being crushed inch by inch at this moment! An indescribable pain overwhelmed her body, causing her vision to turn black!

She clenched her teeth and tried her best to circulate her force to resist this sudden and terrifying attack. However, she was completely in the other party’s control and was restricted.

She couldn’t circulate the force in her body at all, and she had already exhausted all her strength to endure the two previous moves.

At this point, her force was depleted, and she couldn’t use any more strength to deal with the current situation!

Chu Liuyue’s body started trembling slightly.

At one moment, she almost had no strength to hold the Chi Xiao Sword and the black shield. She relied on her last bit of perseverance to stubbornly resist.

At this point, a purplish-golden blood pearl suddenly flew out from Miao Yao’s brows. That blood pearl danced in front of him and quickly formed a strange pattern—it was the great phoenix dragon clan’s totem!

The totem was bright and energetic, decked in a holy light.

Chu Liuyue took one look and felt that her eyes were burning. That shocking suppression seemed to form a strong knife that was extremely sharp.

Chu Liuyue tilted her head slightly and averted her gaze.

Increasingly more wounds opened on her body as blood kept flowing out, staining her clothes.

Heaven and earth were quiet, but this silent and suppressive atmosphere made one go crazy.

In no time, Chu Liuyue had already become a blood person.

At some moment, she felt that her face was itchy and forcefully used the back of her palm to clean it. It was sticky—it was blood.

The back of her palm was filled with blood.

The fresh red blood was pricking to the eye as it caused Chu Liuyue’s temples to beat crazily.

In her dantian, the force kept flowing away. Only her water droplet seemed to float quietly as if it were frozen.

This cannot go on… Chu Liuyue quietly thought in her heart. The next moment, she looked up at Miao Yao again.

They weren’t very near, but Miao Yao still instantly felt Chu Liuyue’s gaze.

He looked over. Originally, he thought he would see desperation and hopelessness in Chu Liuyue’s eyes, but what disappointed him was that Chu Liuyue looked as calm as ever.

She didn’t try to wipe the blood on her face, even if it made her look especially disheveled and miserable.

In the pool of frightening blood, only her pair of eyes were as black as the night sky. But in the deepest parts of the night, a galaxy that shone as bright as ever was hidden.

For some reason, Miao Yao’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. On the brink of death, why would someone in danger have such a gaze? 

An uneasy feeling overwhelmed his heart.

I have to handle it as soon as possible! This thought rapidly flashed across Miao Yao’s mind! The next moment, he raised his dragon head and roared toward the sky!


The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force seemed to be controlled by an invisible hand as it rapidly formed a long, transparent whip, glowing with a purplish-golden light, and flung it toward Chu Liuyue!


An air-piercing sound was heard!

The Heavenly Square Cauldron was directly flung away by this whip!

Chu Liuyue’s chest vibrated as she spat out a mouthful of blood, and her aura rapidly became weak.

Not much strength was left within her body, so she could only forcefully maintain her connection with the Heavenly Square Cauldron. However, it was as hard as ascending the skies if she wanted to circulate the force in her body.

“Oh no! Her force has been depleted, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force is being used by Miao Yao! If this goes on, I’m afraid—” Shangguan Jing’s expression was tense, and his heart seemed to be tightly clenched. Even breathing became difficult.

If he could, he would rather represent Chu Liuyue and suffer all of this torture. However, his Holy Body was just awakened, and he had rushed to Ling Xiao Academy previously, so he wasn’t in the best condition.

On the other hand, Miao Yao had rested for many years. With this, he was naturally much stronger. Not to mention that Miao Yao had already used his bloodline power, so it would be extremely hard for others to intervene!

The surrounding crowd fell into silence.

Mu Hongyu’s eyes turned red.

Lin Zhifei gradually clenched his fists.

Luo Shishi turned around, and her expression was miserable.

There were also some people that unwittingly looked at Rong Xiu. Chu Liuyue is in a perilous situation. Why has he not taken action? 

Rong Xiu closed his eyes.

Elder Wan Zheng—who was standing at the side—became increasingly anxious, but just as he planned to speak, he suddenly saw a flash of gold on Rong Xiu’s brows!

A strange totem rapidly formed.

Rong Xiu flowed without the wind. An indescribable aura suddenly spread from his body!

Elder Wan Zheng was shocked as he instinctively took two steps back. The current Rong Xiu seems… different, and he seems to be faintly dangerous! 

Rong Xiu raised his hands. His hands were white, and the knuckles were distinct.


A golden spark suddenly appeared on his fingertips, and they were lively and active!

A speck of black quickly flashed across it!

At this moment, the long whip had already crossed half the sky and harshly hit Chu Liuyue’s black shield!


Chu Liuyue suffered a terrifying impact!

The pure gold armor instantly broke open! It formed countless golden shards that flew in all directions!

She clutched the black shield tightly and felt numb instantly. The next moment, her entire person flew backward from this terrifying force!

She fell right down!



Chu Liuyue dropped head-first into the frozen fountain!

The fountain water spread everywhere and instantly swallowed her! She disappeared without a trace!

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene.

After a temporary silence, dark clouds tumbled in the sky and formed countless lightning bolts! The sky and ground rumbled!

“W-what’s going on?” Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows tightly and looked at the sky doubtfully.


A loud sound suddenly came from another direction!

Elder Hua Feng suddenly turned around and muttered in shock, “Fengmin Mountain… exploded?!”

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