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Chapter 149: Punishment

Outside Wan Ling Mountain, Tian Lu Academy’s students and teachers quietly waited together.

The atmosphere was stiff, and nobody said a word, resulting in a suffocating silence.

Some students had fainted because of their severe injuries. Although the others were not too injured much, they looked upset. At one glance, one could see that nobody had come out unscathed.

Time trickled past, and the waiting time became increasingly terrible.

At times, some would even look towards the flattened Wan Ling Mountain. Their faces weren’t filled with excitement and hope like before, but fear and horror.

Who would have expected this to happen to Wan Ling Mountain?

Now that they thought of it, they felt scared.

A sudden sound broke the silence, and a few figures rapidly ran out of the forest.

Everyone looked over.

The teachers standing at the front revealed elated expressions.

“You’re finally back! It seems like Wan Ling Mountain had a very big commotion earlier. What exactly happened? Also, that black flying python seems to have used its killer move. The situation was way too dangerous! Luckily, all of you made it out in time.”

Since they waited outside, they could not see the situation inside. They could only hear the loud sounds, which reverberated as if an intense battle was happening.

Two teachers walked forward, going past Cen Hu and Mu Hongyu, to the people beside the duo and looked at their injuries.

One of the teachers sighed. “Don’t talk about it. That black flying python went crazy and made all the fiends in the woods surround that mountain. Mu Hongyu and the rest escaped with much difficulty. Afterward, another advanced fiend appeared and fought with the black flying python. That is why the entire mountain has been leveled. If we came out any later, we might not have even survived.”

“What? Another advanced fiend appeared?”

The crowd looked at each other, shocked.

“Didn’t Elder Sun say that this place is the black flying python’s territory? What was the advanced fiend that appeared later? It actually dared to fight with the python?”

“We couldn’t see it clearly, but it was very powerful. It was even stronger than the black flying python.”

The crowd was speechless.

The black flying python was a seventh-grade fiend and had formidable might. What could the fiend more powerful than it be…?

It seemed like such fiends only existed in rumors.

They were really unlucky to have met with such trouble this time.

“Where’s Elder Sun? Did he not come out with you?” asked Bai Chen when he surveyed the surroundings and did not see Elder Sun around.

The few teachers looked terrible. After a while, someone said, “… Exalted One went to save the people on that mountain alone. We can’t contact him.”

“Why did he—Isn’t that too dangerous?” Bai Chen knitted his brows tightly, and something popped up in his mind. Hang on! Save people? Other than Mu Hongyu and the rest—who have already returned—there is…

“Where’s Chu Liuyue and Gu Mingzhu?”

“They’re both on the mountain. Mentor went to save them,” said Si Ting suddenly.

The crowd quietened down.

Elder Sun was the strongest amongst them, but even he wasn’t the python’s match.

Going there alone was akin to—

“Elder Sun!” A teacher unintentionally looked up and coincidentally saw a familiar figure walking out of the woods.

The crowd hurriedly looked over.

Bai Chen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and saw that Elder Sun was stained with blood. Bai Chen’s face darkened, and he quickly went forward. “Elder Sun, are you injured?”

Elder Sun waved his hands. “Just minor injuries.”

Upon seeing Elder Sun’s dejected face, Bai Chen felt uneasy. Elder Sun came back alone!

“Elder Sun… Liuyue and Gu Mingzhu…”

Elder Sun tiredly shook his head and sighed. “I’m useless. I couldn’t save them… They both flew into the black flying python’s killer move…”

Once he said this, the surroundings fell into a silence where one could hear a pin drop.

Even Elder Sun had said this, which meant that the duo’s deaths were almost confirmed. How could they be the match for a black flying python?

Mu Hongyu suddenly stood up and quickly walked forward as she said, “I don’t believe it! I want to see her body, dead or alive! I’ll go and find her!”

After taking two steps forward, her vision turned black, and she fainted.

The teacher immediately checked on her. “Her internal and external injuries are very serious. It’s already very hard for her to last until now, considering her excessive blood loss. She fainted because she suddenly became agitated. Elder Sun, don’t worry. I’ll make some medicine for her later. She’ll recover after she recuperates.”

Elder Sun nodded, but his gaze was blurry. He was still blaming himself for not being able to save the last two people. “I should’ve properly checked before we came…”

If he had a better understanding of Wan Ling Mountain’s situation and noticed that something had changed, then he wouldn’t have brought so many students with him and caused so many deaths.

This was the most tragic hunt in Tian Lu Academy’s history.

“Elder Sun, don’t blame yourself. Nobody can predict these things accurately. Who would’ve known that the black flying python would go crazy…” Bai Chen comforted him, but he also felt terrible in his heart.

He always had a good impression of Chu Liuyue. Besides, he was the one in charge of her entrance examination into the academy. Even though he was not her teacher, he always cared about her. He did not expect…

“Elder Sun, Wan Ling Mountain is already in chaos. We should return to the academy as soon as possible,” said a teacher.

Elder Sun also knew what to do at this point. However, how am I going to explain to Uncle-Master when I get back? Even if it was for myself, I didn’t want to see Chu Liuyue die here.

After a momentary silence, he closed his eyes and finally said, “Tell the rest: Everyone from Tian Lu Academy is to head back right away!”

The elders and teachers hurriedly took action and left in groups. Even Cen Hu and Mu Hongyu were dragged away while they remained unconscious.

Gradually, most of the people from Tian Lu Academy had left.

Si Ting walked to Elder Sun. After hesitating slightly, he asked, “Mentor, is what you said true?”

Elder Sun looked at him with a complicated gaze. He could clearly see through Si Ting’s thoughts.


He sighed and patted Si Ting’s shoulders.

The last bit of hope in Si Ting’s eyes was dashed.

“Gu Mingfeng, let’s go,” said a teacher when he saw Gu Mingfeng rooted to the ground.

Gu Mingfeng meaningfully stared in the direction of the mountain.

The originally tall mountain peak was missing. Even though he was standing here, he could still seemingly see the scary scene of the mountain collapsing.

She said that we would meet outside the mountain, but the mountain isn’t even here now. Perhaps I may never see that pair of clean and trusting eyes for the rest of my life.

That teacher walked to him. “I know that you feel terrible because your sister met with an accident, but things…”

Gu Mingfeng took a deep breath in and turned around to leave with the teacher.

As the sun set, everyone’s figures disappeared.

Only the lush greenery shone under the evening light.

A stream—which extended from the forest—reflected the sunlight and shone brightly.

That stream was gradually stained red, looking very pleasing.

The red then intensified, and the stream almost became a blood river.

A golden-eyed demon’s corpse mysteriously appeared there.

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