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Chapter 1475: Killing Jiang Hetian!

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This sword was so frightening!

Shock flashed across Jiang Hetian’s mind.

He came late and didn’t see Chu Liuyue taking action and using one sword to beat Jiang Zhiyuan. Hence, at this point, he didn’t know that Chu Liuyue was holding a legitimate supreme Yuan instrument!

Detecting the few drops of blood rolling down his brows, Jiang Hetian was stunned and furious.

He was stuck in a difficult spot. No matter what he chose, it would be a tough fight!


He was determined as he moved his feet, and his expression turned grave. Dense force then exploded from his body—the suppression was shocking!

Coldness extended from his body and rapidly spread toward the surroundings! The ground below him formed a thick layer of ice at an observable speed!

A thin layer of silver icicles also appeared on his two hands!

Sharp! Ice-cold!

Under the sun, it reflected rays of cold light!

Chu Liuyue sharply discovered that the surrounding space started to become stickier because of this force—it was Jiang Hetian’s God Realm!

The circulation of the force in her body started slowing down gradually. Moving forward was much more difficult than before.

The Chi Xiao Sword’s surroundings seemed to have countless pairs of hands blocking it! The sword—which should’ve landed swiftly and smoothly—became slow and hesitant!

Heavy suppression pressed on her and oppressed every inch of her body!

Chu Liuyue could almost hear her bones being crushed as they creaked! Excruciating pain spread all over her body!

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth, and a fishy taste filled her mouth.

Jiang Hetian had been a true god warrior for decades. Although he was rather far from breaking through to the next cultivation level, he was still much stronger than an average true god warrior.

Chu Liuyue could perhaps forcefully fight a demigod, but against such an experienced and strong true god warrior… It was rather ambiguous.

God Realm—that was the biggest difference between her and the other party!

At this point, Jiang Hetian suddenly moved! His figure disappeared from the spot.

The sound of shattering ice could be heard. The next moment, he actually appeared behind Chu Liuyue!

The two of them were three steps apart!

Jiang Hetian’s gaze was harsh as he raised his hand and hurled it over! “Ice-Breaker Claw!”

The moment he raised his hand, the surrounding force seemed to be strongly summoned and rapidly gathered here!

The winds were blowing, and a cold wind attacked her!

Chu Liuyue felt the back of her head turn cold! At that moment, the string in her mind suddenly became tight!

Jiang Hetian moved quickly.

Chu Liuyue turned around to attack, but it was already too late! She had to take this claw!

“Shangguan Yue is still too young… Even if she’s currently an intermediate stage-nine warrior, how could she fight a true god warrior?”

“Yeah! Look—as long as Jiang Hetian executes his God Realm, he can easily control it and attack her! That Ice-Breaker Claw is Fairy Water Mound’s trump card. With this move alone… Shangguan Yue will be defeated.”

“Although those two legendary fiends are amazing, it’s still the battle between two cultivators. They can only help to a certain extent…”

As the crowd discussed softly, they clearly didn’t think highly of Chu Liuyue’s current situation.

Elder Wan Zheng and the others couldn’t really hold themselves back.

They were about to take action when they saw the calm and composed Rong Xiu. With that, they had to forcefully suppress their uneasiness and continue to wait.

The sharp icy nails went straight for the back of Chu Liuyue’s head! It was directly about to pierce through her chest!

But at this moment, Chu Liuyue was covered in a golden light!

“Pure gold armor!” At that moment, the pure gold armor covered her perfectly!


A piercing sound was heard!

The moment the icy nails touched that layer of armor, Chu Liuyue’s feet moved, and her thin waist quickly turned.


More than half of the icy nails’ force was reduced by Chu Liuyue, and it only left a faint white line on the armor before it quickly made way!

Chu Liuyue used this force to pounce forward and roll on the ground! She rapidly escaped from Jiang Hetian! Then, she used the ground as leverage and sent out a sword!

A water-colored ray of light cut through the sky!

Just when Jiang Hetian was shocked to discover that Chu Liuyue actually had such powerful armor, he felt his vision blur the next moment as the Chi Xiao Sword closed in on him once again!

He scoffed coldly and nonchalantly. This sword is amazing, but it’s a pity that its owner is just a stage-nine warrior! The surrounding space is my God Realm. Everything here is under his control. Why would I be afraid—


The sound of something breaking suddenly sounded.

Jiang Hetian’s heart skipped a beat as he turned around to look at the source of the sound.

With this look, he was almost frightened until his organs broke!

The red-golden fire burned at the edges of his God Realm, causing a black crack!

Red-gold heavenly phoenix! Jiang Hetian suddenly recalled something. As an ancient legendary fiend, the red-gold heavenly phoenix can also unleash its God Realm! That red-golden fire is its God Realm! 

At this point, the two God Realms overlapped, and he clearly was on the losing end!

How did I forget about this! I have to handle it as soon as possible! Jiang Hetian was swift and harshly stepped on the ground!

Hong long long! 

An earth-shattering sound was heard!

The thick layer of ice on the ground rapidly cracked! Rays of white light, with hints of sharp and crushing coldness, went straight for Chu Liuyue!

Without waiting for a moment, that coldness had already completely wrapped around Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue’s entire body stiffened!

She turned around, and an idea popped up in her mind as the old and ancient black shield appeared before her!


The shield stood still, blocking Chu Liuyue’s figure completely!

When Jiang Hetian saw that black shield, he didn’t take it to heart and even revealed a mocking cold smile. At this time, she’s too naive to think that she can use such a damaged shield to block my attack! 

But before his smile could fully extend, another frightening shattering sound was heard!

He hurriedly turned to look in another direction and indeed saw that a purplish-golden light had formed a spear that broke open a second opening on the other side of his God Realm!

Very quickly, Jiang Hetian’s God Realm was sandwiched between Tuan Zi and Zi Chen’s! It broke inch by inch!

Large patches of black space appeared in mid-air!

The winds howled crazily as the space became distorted and frightening!

Without that layer of obstacle, the Chi Xiao Sword immediately changed its direction and increased its speed! It went straight for Jiang Hetian’s head!

Jiang Hetian’s heart skipped a beat. Why is this sword so relentless?! 

What he didn’t know was that the supreme Yuan instrument had its own weapon soul and was very spiritual.

That weapon soul was tightly interconnected with Chu Liuyue and knew what she wanted. As long as an idea popped up in her mind, she could command it as she willed.

Seeing the Chi Xiao Sword rapidly approaching, Jiang Hetian instinctively wanted to retreat. But when he moved, he shockingly realized that he was trapped in the intersection of the three God Realms!

He couldn’t even move!

At this moment, he was just a complete target for the Chi Xiao Sword!


The sword broke in—it pierced through his chest!

Blood spurted everywhere!

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