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Chapter 1425: Faint

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After sending Jiang Zhiyuan to the Sky-Cloud Empire, Jiang Hetian directly returned to the Jiang Residence.

Perhaps with the Sky-Cloud Empire as their backer, some of the elders who wanted to interrogate the father-daughter duo all chose to sit back first.

Jiang Hetian superficially rejected all those who occasionally wanted to ask why exactly Jiang Zhiyuan was expelled from Ling Xiao Academy.

The matter about her betraying the mentor and academy naturally couldn’t be said. If it were known… Even if Jiang Zhiyuan could hide in the Sky-Cloud Empire for this period of time, she would still be ridiculed when she came back in the future.

Jiang Hetian didn’t want to see that. He had spent a lot of effort developing Jiang Zhiyuan over the years. How could he let all of that go to waste?

Hence, when he came back, he didn’t relax and kept thinking of ways to solve the problem before him.

In the study.

After Jiang Hetian sat behind the desk, he flipped through the booklets and letters he didn’t have the time to read during this period of time.

When he saw one of the letters, his gaze focused as he instinctively straightened his body and surveyed the surroundings.

After confirming that nobody would come in to disturb him, he carefully opened that letter.

A slightly yellowish rough letter was pulled out, and a faint bitter fragrance exuded from that letter.

Jiang Hetian retrieved a jade bottle from his Cosmic Ring. His fingers moved, and the seal immediately popped out.

A faint layer of white mist floated out.

Jiang Hetian picked up the letter and placed it on the mouth of the jade bottle, using the white mist to smoke it.

A few lines of words gradually appeared.

He stared at the letter closely and in much detail. Then, he tightly furrowed his thick brows and looked confused.

In no time, that letter suddenly burned on its own!


An orange fire rose and immediately swallowed that letter cleanly! It didn’t even leave a trace of ash behind.

Other than the extremely faint burning smell lingering in the air, that letter didn’t leave behind any traces.

However, Jiang Hetian fell into deep shock and thought. “Shangguan Yue… actually has such an experience…”

Previously, a man named Dantai Chen somehow sent a letter stating that he knew many things about the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort—Shangguan Yue.

Jiang Hetian was originally worried that the other party was scheming something. But in the letter, the other party directly stated that Shangguan Yue had killed his daughter and that they had a deep grudge between them. Yet, Shangguan Yue’s status rose, and he couldn’t handle her alone, so he found Fairy Water Mound and hoped that the two of them could cooperate.

Jiang Hetian always had a doubtful attitude toward this.

He originally wanted to ignore it, but he was terrified that he would really miss a chance to handle Shangguan Yue, so he secretly sent people to investigate. Later on, he realized that the other party was not lying.

He then believed it and replied to the other party, hoping that Dantai Chen could explain Shangguan Yue’s matters in detail.

One had to know their enemies to win every battle.

The people he previously sent to investigate Shangguan Yue all disappeared without a trace. This caused him to have no understanding of Shangguan Yue until now.

Even though he didn’t know how Dantai Chen found him, this wasn’t important to Dantai Chen. He just wanted to know how to defeat Shangguan Yue!

However, Dantai Chen had his own motives as well. Every time he sent a letter, he would write about some matters regarding Shangguan Yue, but he wouldn’t reveal them completely, causing Jiang Hetian to be so anxious and nerve-wracked.

If the two parties hadn’t initially agreed not to make contact in real life to prevent causing unnecessary trouble, he would definitely not hold back and go up to him.

Even though there weren’t many words in the letter, it contained rich information! That was because it clearly stated that after Shangguan Yue was ‘harmed and died’ because of that person, she didn’t truly die.

She used another identity to go back to the Tianling Dynasty—Chu Liuyue! And this Chu Liuyue’s birthplace was precisely Country Yao Chen!

That was also Rong Xiu’s birthplace!

It was a pity that the letter didn’t explain how Shangguan Yue became Chu Liuyue.

Was it stealing one’s soul, or…

Additionally, regarding ‘Chu Liuyue’s’ everything, Dantai Chen said that he had once sent people to investigate but could only find very superficial items.

He couldn’t find out anything more.

Jiang Hetian was the same as well.

There faintly seemed to be a pair of invisible hands that protected Shangguan Yue tightly. No matter what, one couldn’t find out anything about her.

“Could His Grace be involved in what happened to Shangguan Yue back then…”

If not, I really can’t figure out why Shangguan Yue went back with Chu Liuyue’s identity. If Rong Xiu really knew of all of this before, then… Does that not prove that he already loved Shangguan Yue from an even earlier period of time? However, this was never heard of before… Jiang Hetian slowly leaned back against his chair, fell into deep thought, and didn’t talk for a long time.

How many secrets does Shangguan Yue have? He thought to himself and was hesitant about Dantai Chen’s last suggestion. If I really do it, and someone finds out, then—

After some time, his expression changed. As if he had made a huge decision, he picked up the brush beside him, spread the paper, and started on his reply.

Fengmin Mountain inside Ling Xiao Academy.

The outside seemed peaceful, yet Chu Liuyue faced a huge rush of force inside the pagoda! Heaven and Earth Force quickly gathered and formed a force vortex above her head!

She closed her eyes tightly, and her body was like a sponge that kept absorbing that force.

Detecting the commotion, Elder Meng had already come down from above and stood on the second floor, looking at her with shock in his eyes. “He’s actually… going to break through?!”

How long has this kid been here? Didn’t he just break through to become a stage-nine warrior at the Flood-Desert Northern Region? Why did he—


Chu Liuyue heard the sound of the force in her body crashing like tidal waves.

Every inch of her bones—every part of her blood and muscles were rapidly strengthening! There seemed to be hot liquid coursing through her chest, wanting to spout out!

She gathered all her focus, accumulating all her force and rushing it toward the water droplet in her dantian! But at this moment, a crisp shatter was heard!

Her heart trembled. My father is in trouble! 

At that moment, her mind was in a mess, and the tremendous force started rushing in all directions!

Excruciating pain was felt throughout her body, causing her to faint!


Her body shook, and she suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood! Then, she collapsed onto the floor!

The surrounding force was still torturing her body. Quickly, patches of blood could be seen.

Upon seeing this, Elder Meng widened his eyes and rushed down. “Chu Yue!”

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