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Chapter 1321: Totem

Fangzhou City was beside Ling Xiao Academy, and it gathered the countless cultivators that wanted to enter the academy. For many people, Fangzhou City was the transit stop for Ling Xiao Academy.

In actual fact, it was far beyond this. As it wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any authorities, Fangzhou City gathered people from all walks of life. But as they were fearful of Ling Xiao Academy, everyone was more polite and honest in the city.

But if one stayed in Fangzhou City for a long time and understood it better, they would realize that the amazement this place brought was far beyond one’s imagination.

Even for Ling Xiao Academy students, Fangzhou City was also a place filled with temptations.

Some students would frequently enter the city. Some would buy things, while others would duel with other people or just do whatever they wanted.

They had a lot of freedom, and with the academy elders around, many students from Ling Xiao Academy liked to go to Fangzhou City.

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to reject them, but seeing that they had invited her enthusiastically, she didn’t have the heart to reject them. Thus, she nodded. “Sure.”

Too many things have happened during this period of time, so I can also relax my mind and improve my mood. 

After some discussion, the trio immediately took action and went straight for the barrier.

On the way there, Chu Liuyue saw that quite a few people were heading in the same direction as them. They clearly wanted to go out too.

This showed just how precious these three days were to the students.

Inside the academy, many people were under extreme stress, and they would inevitably be tired after a long time. As they only had these three days to go out and tour around leisurely, everyone would definitely be very willing to do so.

Reaching the academy’s entrance, Chu Liuyue saw two elders guarding it at first glance.

The students who wanted to go out had also formed a queue.

Chu Liuyue’s group of three obediently stood at the end of the queue.

Luckily, the elders were very efficient. The students only had to produce their black jade plaques and place them on the barrier; then, the elders would rapidly react, opening the barrier for them.

Very quickly, it was the turn of Chu Liuyue’s group of three.

Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng both successfully passed through it one after another, and now, it was Chu Liuyue’s turn.

“Chu Yue?” The two elders looked up and recognized Chu Yue at the same time. Then, they rapidly became alert as they walked forward and blocked Chu Liuyue’s path at the same time. “What do you want to do?!”

Seeing the two elders’ exaggerated formation, Chu Liuyue sweated a little and immediately took out her black jade plaque. “Elders, don’t misunderstand. I just want to shop around this time. I didn’t think of doing anything else.”

As she spoke, she passed the black jade plaque over.

The two elders exchanged a glance suspiciously.

One of them took the black jade plaque and placed it on the barrier. A ray of light then flashed across the barrier and quickly disappeared.

It seems like it really is so… The two elders then felt slightly more at ease. They sized Chu Liuyue up a few times before letting her in. “Go over then!”

Chu Liuyue could then step through the barrier and meet with the two people in front.

“Hahaha! Chu Yue, even the elders are scared of you now!” Zhuo Sheng laughed out loud mercilessly. “Who asked you to cause all that trouble previously!? Now you know what you’ve done, right? You can’t even leave through the academy’s entrance now!”

Chu Liuyue rubbed her nose. According to my frequency of causing trouble, it seems rather normal for the elders to guard against me. 

“It’s rare that we get to come out. Let’s not waste any time here.” Chu Liuyue looked forward. She could vaguely see a city lake, which was traditional and magnificent.

It looked very lively.

It was Fangzhou City!


This was Chu Liuyue’s second time in Fangzhou City. The last time she had been here was quite a few months ago, and she was preparing to enroll in Ling Xiao Academy at that time.

She didn’t expect such a long time to have passed since then.

Walking on the bustling streets, Chu Liuyue suddenly had the hallucination of being isolated from the world. During this period of time, she basically stayed inside the academy and was close to forgetting what the outside world looked like.

With one glance, she could see many young cultivators. It seemed like most of them were preparing to enter Ling Xiao Academy.

Chu Liuyue’s group of three walked on the streets and attracted quite a few people’s gazes. Even though they came out in a hurry and were dressed casually, their auras were there, and they attracted many people’s attention.

Luo Yanming and Zhuo Sheng were truly from a top-tier aristocratic family, and their every move had the aura of a well-established family.

As for Chu Liuyue… Although her appearance could only be considered decent, she was clean and pure. Standing beside the two of them, she wasn’t overshadowed at all.

It was quite normal for the three of them to attract these gazes when they took action. But luckily, the three of them didn’t really care much about this as they pretended that they couldn’t see it and went their own way.

There were quite a few vendors that had set up their own stalls on both sides of the street. Some sold herbs, some sold Xuan formations, and others sold legendary weapons.

Even though most of them didn’t catch the trio’s eyes, there were still quite a few interesting items.

The group of three walked for about an hour on the long street before they reached the end.

“Actually, the items placed here can only be considered average in Fangzhou City. If we really want to get something nice, we should go to another street!” Zhuo Sheng raised his chin. “Do you want to go?”

Chu Liuyue saw his expectant look and couldn’t help but laugh. “Why do you seem like you know this place very well? You came here before?”

“Nope! But I asked the senior brothers and senior sisters for quite a bit of advice in this area, so I know a little here and there. If I’m like the two of you and came out without knowing anything, won’t I miss out on a lot of good items?” Zhuo Sheng looked delighted. “Let’s go! Today, I’ll bring you around Fangzhou City!”

Chu Liuyue and Luo Yanming knew that their friend was elated after leaving the academy. They laughed and agreed to follow him.

“Then, it’s a deal. When we get there, you have to treat us to a meal if there’s nothing we like.” Luo Yanming made a bet.

“Hehe! No problem!” Zhuo Sheng agreed excitedly.

Chu Liuyue followed him from behind and couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head.

Suddenly, her gaze focused, and her feet were nailed to the ground as she stared at something in the stall beside her.

“Hm? Chu Yue, why are you not leaving?” The two of them took a few steps forward and realized that Chu Liuyue didn’t follow them, so they walked back. “What are you looking at?”

Chu Liuyue didn’t speak and directly walked over, picking up a wooden plaque from the ground.

On the wooden plaque, a familiar totem was engraved on it!

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