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Chapter 1275: Win!

Of course, Elder Shu Yu hoped that Chu Yue would win. With the death of the golden-cloud leopard, he was certain that Chu Yue was capable of defeating one-fifth of the legendary beasts in Fiend Park at his current stage.

Although the golden-cloud leopard was considered pretty strong among the fiends in Fiend Park, it must’ve lost some of its strength after its fight with the steel-ridged fiend. And that was why Elder Shu Yu lowered Chu Yue’s winning rate.

That said, one in five was still pretty impressive, considering that some of the stage-nine warriors in the academy might not even be able to defeat one legendary fiend. Even if most of the credit belonged to the Chi Xiao Sword, it was considered part of her strength since the sword was hers.

He paused and then said in a lower tone, “This black-gold werewolf has a high status in Fiend Park. If Chu Yue is able to defeat it, she’ll be able to deter the rest of the fiends.”

Chu Liuyue and the black-gold werewolf were facing each other from a distance in the air. After sizing it up, she shook her head, lamenting, “Tsk, what a pity.”

A hint of confusion showed in the black-gold werewolf’s eyes. Clearly, it couldn’t understand what Chu Liuyue was talking about.

She then explained with a smile, “I wanted to help you find an owner, but I doubt you’d submit to anyone with that temper of yours.”

The fur on the black-gold werewolf instantly stood up as it emanated a murderous aura. It was clear that it was offended by Chu Liuyue’s words.

Gripping the Chi Xiao Sword in her hand, Chu Liuyue swung it in the air. There was something else she didn’t say earlier—she planned to kill the black-gold werewolf as a warning to others. Thus, it had to die.

“Awoo!” The black-gold werewolf raised its head and howled into the air. The next second, it started moving and flew toward Chu Liuyue at rapid speed. With a flap of its wings, two black-gold werewolves suddenly appeared in front of her and surrounded her from both sides.

Elder Shu Yu frowned. “The black-gold werewolf is extremely fast, and it’s able to split itself into two. Its clone is almost as powerful as its own self. Chu Yue will have to kill both at the same time to truly end its life, or it’ll be able to revive itself as long as it still has a breath. I wonder if he’s able to deal with it this time…”

Elder Bo Yan suddenly said, “Doesn’t he have a contracted legendary fiend? How come he didn’t summon it out? He might stand a chance to win if he’s fighting with his fiend.”

Meanwhile, Elder Wan Zheng was too nervous to even speak. His fists were clenched, and his palms were all sweaty.

Knowing that he was worried, Elder Shu Yu said, “If Chu Yue really can’t handle the fight, let’s find an opportunity to—”


The sound of two sharp objects piercing through flesh was heard almost at the same time.

Elder Shu Yu felt as if someone was grabbing his throat and forcing him to swallow the rest of his words. His eyes widened in shock, and he was momentarily at a loss for words. This was because both the black-gold werewolf and its clone were pierced through their glabellas right in front of them.

The fiend died just like that before it could even have the chance to cry for help. The right one was pierced through by the Chi Xiao Sword, while the left one…

Elder Shu Yu couldn’t help but gasp in surprise when he got a clear look at what object it was.

It turned out to be an ordinary-looking sheath that was round and blunt. By right, it shouldn’t be able to pierce through the flesh of the black-gold werewolf, but it did.

On top of that, Chu Liuyue had only executed a single strike in the fight.

Chu Liuyue lifted her hand and summoned the Chi Xiao Sword back.

The moment the sword and its sheath were pulled out, the black-gold werewolf on the left instantly disappeared. The one on the right, on the other hand, fell to the ground and landed with a plop.


The Chi Xiao Sword entered the sheath.

What made Chu Liuyue rather satisfied was that both the Chi Xiao Sword and its sheath weren’t stained with a single drop of blood. Other than the hint of a metallic smell, one couldn’t tell that it had just killed a legendary fiend.

Everything was done so smoothly and at such ease that it left the other fiends and even the three elders in shock. W-what’s going on? D-did he just kill a legendary fiend with a sword sheath…?! And its main body at that?!

They didn’t even notice when the sheath had appeared. Before they knew it, the sheath was already stuck in the black-gold werewolf’s head.

It was such a sick move.

Numerous eyes fell on Chu Liuyue, who calmly adjusted her breathing and looked down with a smirk. “Anyone else?”

Actually, she wasn’t feeling as good as she appeared. The reason was that the usage of the Chi Xiao Sword twice had a huge toll on her. It wasn’t obvious the first time as she had just broken through and was so highly concentrated because the steel-ridged fiend cub’s life was in danger. This time, she could distinctively feel a portion of her energy and spirit being sapped from her the moment she took out the sword.

A rich internal force wasn’t the only thing that was needed to maintain the best combat state. There were many other factors, including mental state and willpower. Like now, even though Chu Liuyue didn’t inject any force into the Chi Xiao Sword and was able to pick it up easily, she had to pay quite a high price for using it.

After a brief silence, some of the fiends started leaving, which made some of the legendary fiends in the innermost circle waver as well.

Chu Liuyue raised her sword and pointed it downwards, but before she could say or do anything, she heard a familiar voice saying, “Wait!”

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