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Chapter 117: Danger

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Xue Xue looked at Chu Liuyue with its eyes wide open and did not know what to do. Its gigantic head was stuck at the window, and it looked very comical.

“It’s broken anyway. Just come in.” Chu Liuyue touched her forehead and waved towards it in an angry yet laughable manner.

It was originally difficult for someone of Xue Xue’s size to barge in through the window. Also, it could easily destroy the entire ledge with its strength.

Xue Xue only relaxed when it realized that Chu Liuyue was not angry, and it jumped straight into her arms.

Chu Liuyue caught it and stabilized herself with much difficulty.

The big fluff ball in her arms made Chu Liuyue’s originally depressed mood a lot better.

She hugged Xue Xue and stood on the tip of her toes, feeling a little shocked. “Hm? Xue Xue, you seem to have slimmed down.”

It seemed to be slimmer from the first time they met.

Xue Xue passionately rubbed its cheeks against her face, tickling Chu Liuyue until she kept moving backward.

“Okay, okay. Xue Xue, stop messing around. It’s ticklish…”

Xue Xue only stopped after harassing her for a while. Xue Xue then obediently rested by her feet. Its tail kept wagging continuously, and it looked very cute.

Chu Liuyue could not help but smile. If anyone else saw this scene, they would think that Xue Xue is my fiend.

When Chu Liuyue thought of this, she felt even more amused. Now that she thought about it, Rong Xiu was Xue Xue’s Master, but it seemed much closer to her.

From the first time they met till now, Chu Liuyue always felt strangely close to Xue Xue. She also genuinely felt that it would not hurt her.

Fiends were ferocious, and high-level fiends were especially arrogant. Logically speaking, they would not care about anyone else other than their masters. However, Xue Xue…

“I haven’t seen you lately. Where have you been?” asked Chu Liuyue casually as she brushed its fur.

Xue Xue closed its eyes in comfort. When did it have such enjoyment when its Master was here? This was worth the hard work these few days.

Chu Liuyue did not mind when she saw the face of enjoyment Xue Xue, who acted as if it did not hear her words—had. At this moment, she did not feel as lonely with Xue Xue’s company.

“Speaking of that, you and your Master are both very similar in one point.”

Xue Xue moved and opened one eye to glance at her.

Chu Liuyue’s thin, white fingers tapped its wet and rough nose. “You both love to barge into other people’s houses in the middle of the night.”

Xue Xue closed its eyes guiltily and rubbed against Chu Liuyue’s palm as it purred.

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart. Its shameless appearance is even more like…

“Yue’er, are you home?” Chu Ning’s voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

Chu Liuyue stood up to open the door happily, but Xue Xue was even faster than her as it jumped out of the window.

The originally damaged window now had an even bigger hole.

Chu Liuyue looked at it speechlessly. I didn’t even say anything, so why was Xue Xue so anxious?

She opened the door and saw Chu Ning, whom she had not seen for days. He was wearing the black imperial guard armor and looked weary. However, his tired eyes brightened up once he saw Chu Liuyue.

“Yue’er, you’re really home.”

Chu Liuyue blinked and whined—a rare action from her. “It’s a school holiday tomorrow, so I came right home after lessons today. I miss you a lot after not seeing you for a few days.”

When Chu Ning heard his daughter said that, the tiredness he felt in the past few days had completely disappeared, and he instantly felt much comfort. “I also missed Yue’er very much! I was very busy recently, so I didn’t even have time to visit you at the academy.”

Chu Liuyue helplessly smiled. “Father, our house is pretty near the academy. You don’t have to send me there. Also, you’ve just been appointed as the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief, so you definitely have a lot of things to handle. It seems like you haven’t rested these few days,” said Chu Liuyue as she invited Chu Ning in and poured a cup of tea for him.

“That’s right. Other than handling the imperial guards’ affairs, I still need to investigate the Fourth Princess’s incident. Previously, the Fourth Princess met with an accident at the hunting ground, and her pearl of essence was destroyed. The Emperor is heartbroken and keeps asking us to investigate properly. We’ve already punished tens of people in these few days.”

Chu Liuyue gently replied with an “oh.” She then asked, “Pearl of essence destroyed… Does that mean she can’t cultivate anymore?”

“Yeah. This matter has affected the Fourth Princess greatly, and the palace is in chaos now. She even told us to find the fiend no matter what. However, she was the one who chased after the fiend and fell to the bottom of the cliff. Nobody else was around, so nobody knows what the fiend looks like. How do we even find it?”

“Fourth Princess should have seen it, right? If she described its appearance, it should be easy to find it.”

“Fourth Princess herself didn’t look at it properly. Also, she can’t even talk about it properly as she’s too shocked. Finding it will be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack.” Chu Ning sighed and did not have much hope for this.

Chu Liuyue did not care about it.

Rong Zhen had been spoiled. Thus, she thought she could do everything she wanted, just because she was the Empress’s first daughter. The past love she had would disappear very quickly after she became a good-for-nothing. Only a bleak future awaited her.

The people in the royal family were the cruelest and most heartless. People without any use would be abandoned immediately. It was a pity that Rong Zhen had not noticed this.

Chu Liuyue propped her chin up and casually asked, “I heard Chu Xianmin married the Crown Prince two days ago. That was really fast. The Crown Prince and Chu Xianmin finally got what they wanted.”

Oh, maybe not Chu Xianmin. When she racked her brains to get the Crown Prince’s attention, she probably did not think that she would marry him as a concubine. I’ve only entered the academy to cultivate for a few days, but many things have already happened in the Imperial City.

Chu Ning looked stern. “Yue’er, don’t talk about the Crown Prince’s situation so rashly. It was hard for us to have a clean cut with him, so it’s better if we have nothing to do with him in the future.”

Chu Ning’s reaction made Chu Liuyue feel weird. Upon seeing Chu Ning’s guarded appearance, a thought flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. “… Did something happen to the Crown Prince?”

Chu Ning did not expect Chu Liuyue to be so smart and guessed the main point in no time. After thinking for a while, he knitted his brows and sighed. “This incident has too big of an implication. Yue’er, it’s best if you don’t ask about it. Just be careful about what you say.”

He literally broke into a cold sweat after Emperor Jiawen called him over, and he found out about the incident.

Luckily, they had already severed ties with the Chu family and dissolved the marriage agreement with the Crown Prince previously. If not, the father-daughter duo would definitely be implicated.

In the past, Chu Ning hated Rong Jin. However, he was just thankful to avoid all of this now.

“Father, don’t worry. I know what to do,” said Chu Liuyue, but she wondered what exactly the Crown Prince did to give Chu Ning this reaction.

When she came out of the academy today, she did not hear any news. It seemed like the palace was keeping this confidential. However, the Crown Prince’s situation was probably very dangerous…

As the imperial guards’ Commander in Chief, Chu Ning was Emperor Jiawen’s knife.

It seemed like this knife was hovering above the Crown Prince’s head this time.

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