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Zhu Rong Tianming left, along with the anger and hatred of the dragon-kind.

Priest Corpse let out the hundred zombie dragons. But unfortunately, Ao Li, the ninth prince of the dragon-kind, was right in Yao Mountain City. Ji Hao and the others had made such a loud noise, hearing which, Ao Li, Feng Qinxin, Tushan old man and a few others came out to see what happened. At first glance, Ao Li saw a whole hundred zombie dragons turned from a hundred ancient divine dragons!

The ten-thousand dragon-kind warriors that followed Ao Li to Yao Mountain City went crazy right on the spot. Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming didn’t manage to stop them…To be honest, Ji Hao didn’t want to stop them at all. The ten-thousand dragon-kind warriors formed a battle formation and crazily attacked Priest Corpse and his people.

After all, Priest Corpse was a disciple under the guidance of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and was a powerful being who lived ever since the prehistorical era. Facing over a thousand crazy dragon warriors, he fended for a while. But at last, he protected Zhu Rong Tianming, Bo Qiujia and the other disciples, and escaped.

Ao Li couldn’t catch up with them. Therefore, he hacked on his own face and almost made his brain splash out. As his face was covered in blood, Ao Li made a soul and blood oath; he swore he would do whatever he could to hunt Priest Corpse down. From hell to heaven, no matter how much time it would cost, or what price he might have to pay, the dragon-kind would turn Priest Corpse into dust, perishing his body and soul!

After making the oath, Ao Li sent a message back to the dragon-kind regarding what happened in here.

Ji Hao could totally guess what would happen next, even with his butt. Ancient divine dragons, those were extremely noble and important beings among all dragons, and all living dragons were their descendants. Priest Corpse made those ancient divine dragons into zombies, and he had a whole hundred divine dragon zombies. No matter how he attained the bodies of those ancient divine dragons, the dragon-kind would hunt him to the end of the day.

Dragons were dominators of all creatures with scales. As the dragon-kind burst with fury, all aquatic creatures in the world were all agitated. God knew how many powerful spirit aquatic creatures would try their utmost to hunt Priest Corpse and everyone related to him, only to kiss the asses of those dragons.

As for the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, dragons and phoenixes were all proud and arrogant, and the relationship between these two kinds had always been complicated. Normally, even a massive war could happen between them for a slight benefit. But on facing strong enemies, these two kinds would join hands immediately to fight. After all, dragons inherited the strong body of Pan Gu while phoenixes inherited the powerful soul.

Therefore, if one offended the dragon-kind, they would offend the phoenix-kind automatically. Besides, phoenixes were the leaders of all birds in the world; rosefinches, Luan birds, peacocks, all legendary birds worshiped the phoenix-kind. Therefore, with nothing but an order from the phoenix-kind, all of the powerful birds in the world would start hunting Priest Corpse as well.

All in all, Priest Corpse was now in a hell of a trouble.

Zhu Rong Tianming was on Priest Corpse’s side. Therefore, Ao Li memorized him as an enemy as well. The information about Zhu Rong Tianming, his face, his background, Ao Li messaged the dragon-kind regarding everything he knew about Zhu Rong Tianming as well.

Even Ji Hao felt sad for Zhu Rong Tianming.

Priest Hua rebuilt his body with a spirit lotus, after which, his appearance changed entirely. Therefore, Ao Li shouldn’t even be able to recognize him. However, Zhu Rong Tianming still had a sweet sister. Man Man was enraged by Zhu Rong Tianming when he attacked Ji Hao. Therefore, when Ao Li burst in a fury, Man Man told Ao Li everything about what happened to Zhu Rong Tianming, along with the identities and backgrounds of Bo Qiujia and everyone else around Zhu Rong Tianming. She told Ao Li everything.

One had to mention that back in Southern Wasteland, many powerful creatures with the nature of fire were under the command of Zhu Rong Family. Among them was a family of fire dragons. The dragon-kind was never happy about this. In their eyes, that fire dragon family was supposed to follow the orders of the Dragon Emperor, instead of serving Zhu Rong. Because of this fire dragon family, the dragon-kind and Zhu Rong Family never had a good relationship.

After Man Man told Ao Li what she knew, Ao Li sent the information of Zhu Rong Tianming back to the dragon-kind. After that, Zhu Rong Tianming’s name was added to the killing list, released by the dragon-kind. But of course, Zhu Rong Tianming’s name had changed, it was Gong Sun Tianming now.

Ji Hao stayed in Yao Mountain City for big half a month. He swallowed those linden seed one after another and focused on improving his power. But meanwhile, news came from the outside ceaselessly, allowing Ji Hao to know everything.

The biggest news that happened recently was Gong Sun Meng, the current leader of You Xiong Family, suddenly announcing that he had an illegitimate son named Gong Sun Tianming. Testified by family elders, Gong Sun Tianming’s bloodline was indeed pure, passed down from Emperor Xuanyuan. Besides, Gong Sun Tianming was much more talented than all You Xiong Family people.

This Gong Sun Tianming, who suddenly popped out, was entitled as a prince. Meanwhile, Gong Sun Meng took away the powers of Gong Sun Yuan and all the other princes of the family, and gave their powers and territories all to Gong Sun Tianming.

Because of this, You Xiong Family nearly split from the inside. Family elders behind quite a few princes even started fights against Gong Sun Meng. The private troops of all branch clans of You Xiong Family were all gathered up in their holy land, seeming to be preparing for war; those were millions of elite warriors.

This caused a great disturbance in the human world, that Emperor Shun headed to You Xiong Family himself to appease this, along with hundreds of clan leaders he gathered, all from influential human clans.

When Ji Hao heard about this, this whole affair hadn’t ended, and Emperor Shun was still in the holy land of You Xiong Family. Before this could be wrapped up, the pressure given by the dragon-kind had descended like a mountain. Under the order of the Dragon Emperor, the few dragon elders stationed in Pu Ban City furiously raised an army and marched to You Xiong Family’s holy hand to force Gong Sun Meng to hand out Gong Sun Tianming and Priest Corpse.

Once the few dragon elders made their move, the few phoenix elders stationed in Pu Ban City followed. An elite phoenix army launched a surprise attack on You Xiong Family and started an intense fight against Gong Sun Meng’s private guards.

The dragon-kind, phoenix-kind and humankind had now tangled up, and the whole society seemed even to collapse. Before all this finished, Gong Gong Family made an announcement to the entire human world — Gong Gong Family would fight Zhu Rong Family till one of them died! If Zhu Rong refused to kill his own son to allay Gong Gong’s anger, Gong Gong Family would fight Zhu Rong Family without sparing any effort.

Ji Hao could imagine the dumbfounded faces of those human leaders when they read the announcement made by Gong Gong Family.

Compared with the disturbances happening in the human world, the raging official letter sent by Yemo Luoye, the Emperor in power of Dark Sun, seemed to be less eye-catching.

Also in rage, Yemo Luoye issued an ultimatum to Emperor Shun - If the humankind refused to send her sister back, she would come to Pu Ban herself with her people to bring Yemo Shanye back. As for if a mass casualty of human beings would be caused during this process, this wouldn’t be a concern of hers.

What a mess, what a mess! Because of Zhu Rong Tianming, the human world was thrown into a huge mess, both from the inside and the outside.

Ji Hao stayed in Yao Mountain City without taking a single step out. He swallowed the last linden seed, slightly sighed and said, "It seems that troubles are turning huge!"

A golden light spread out inside Ji Hao’s body. Inside his broad Magus acupoints and meridians, over twenty-thousand golden light spots had been sparkling.

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