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The seventy-two muscular men chained on altars all opened their eyes. Their faces were twisted, their eyes fierce while they showed their teeth and crazily growled towards Ji Hao. Their resonant voices contained an evil power that could even shake people’s souls.

Ji Hao believed that on a battlefiled, ordinary Senior Magi, Magus Kings, and even Divine Magi who had just attained one of two spirit stars, would be frightened badly by the growls of these muscular men and flee desperately. However, the seed of Dao of sun was strong and powerful, while the sun power could naturally break all evil in the world. Therefore, the growls of these men only caused Ji Hao a piercing pain on his eardrums, but failed to deliver any effect on his primordial spirit. The evil power was dispelled by the essence sun fire even before it touched Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

These muscular men growled for a while and found that Ji Hao remained perfectly unaffected by their growls. As a result, the fierceness in the eyes of those men even grew stronger. They ground their teeth, let out a cracking noise while staring at Ji Hao, and shouted loudly, "We will kill you, kid, we will kill you!"

"We will pull out your arm and eat it with black vinegar!"

"I am going to chew his head. This kid’s brain must be tasty."

"I want his heart. He must have a strong heart!"

All kinds of vicious languages came out from these men’ mouths. They threatened Ji Hao, threatened his families, threatened clansmen and friends. Loudly, they attacked Ji Hao with all kinds of nasty languages, and one of them even began insulting Qing Fu with bestial words.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows. Before Zhu Rong said anything, Ji Hao had already leaped up and activated the strength he gained through the cultivation method with nine turns, letting his muscles swell and squirm under his skin like struggling boas.

The nine suns spear was gripped in Ji Hao’s hands while releasing a raging fire. The moves of Sky-Opening and Earth-Splitting were launched simultaneously. The nines suns spear raised a sharp, arc-shaped golden light beam, while hacking fiercely on this man’s neck.

Puff! This man’s neck was cut off by Ji Hao.

The head was even larger than a water tank, which thudded against the ground. Ji Hao sensed a great pain from his wrist, that even disabled him from holding the spear tightly. The nine suns spear flew out of his hand along with a buzzing noise, then transformed into a golden stream of light and flew back to Ji Hao, hovering around him like a living being.

The skin and muscles and bones of this muscular man were all incredibly sturdy. Ji Hao had put forth his strength as much as he could and borrowed the power of the nine suns spear, which was a great pre-world treasure. Although he managed to cut off the man’s head, the bones in his hands and his forearms were all shattered.

"What a strong body!" Ji Hao’s heart beat quickly while he looked at these muscular men in shock.

"What a great weapon!" The head that fell on the ground opened its mouth and shouted out. He threw a threatening glance at Ji Hao, then a stream of blood spurted out from his broken neck, wrapped the head up and turned it into a stream of blood-red light that flew back to the neck. Within a blink of an eye, the head returned to the neck, as if it was never cut off. Not even a slight wound could be seen on the neck.

"This?!" Ji Hao’s pupils shrunk to the needle size, staring at the man and shouted, "Deathless body?"

"All seventy-two of them." Zhu Rong looked at Ji Hao, also in shock. He raised his wine calabash, but forgot to put it near his mouth. Drops of wine flowed out from the opening of the calabash, but Zhu Rong wasn’t paying any attention to the wine now.

These muscular men had been chained in this place for many, many years. Day and night, they were tortured by the thunderbolts and earth fire, without having any natural power or food to replenish their bodies. Therefore, they were now much weaker than their peak state. However, even at the weak state, the bodies of these men were still invulnerable. Zhu Rong had brought quite a few top-grade powerful Zhu Rong Family members to this place, but not everyone could manage to break their bodies and truly harm these men. As for cutting off the heads of these men with a single strike, as far as Zhu Rong Knew, only three people had done this before. Those three people were himself, his father and his grandfather!

The three generations of Fire God were capable of cutting off the head of one of these muscular men with a single strike. But among all those elite warriors under Zhu Rong’s command, not a single one could do that!

"Man Man has found herself a good man…I have to make them have kids as soon as possible!" murmured Zhu Rong.

Putting down the wine calabash, Zhu Rong called Ji Hao’s name and guided him into that glowing-red, completely sealed divine palace, which was constantly struck by fiery thunderbolts.

On the seventy-two altars, the seventy-two muscular men looked at Ji Hao with weird looks. The blood-red color in their eyes grew more vivid, as the intent of killing they released towards Ji Hao grew stronger and stronger. The fierce aura of killing spread out on the square, but none of them cursed Ji Hao ever again.

Although they were deathless, it was still too painful for their heads to be cut off. These muscular men were wild and violent, but they weren’t stupid to ask for pain deliberately.

The gate of the divine palace was tall and especially thick. Zhu Rong stood in front of the gate, put his hands on it, and cast a series of spell with a low voice. Countless red divine spell symbols emerged from the gate while streams of fiery red transformed into lifelike legendary creatures, flying across the gate. After a quarter of an hour, the gate opened slowly.

"Whoever wants to open this gate has to wait for a quarter of an hour." said Zhu Rong blandly, "Even I have to wait for this long, even though I know how to open this gate. And when this gate opens, the divine monument in the Fire God Palace on Zhu Rong Peak, would certainly give an alarm."

"Three days earlier, I was meditating in the Fire God Palace. The divine monument alarmed, so I came here immediately. At that moment, someone was trying to break the seal of the gate. I fought against them, killed three, captured one, while the other two escaped… and I was injured."

Ji Hao looked at Zhu Rong. Only six people intruded, but they injured Zhu Rong?! Zhu Rong was the Fire God, and this place was an ocean of lava. This place was like a small world purely with the fire power, almost like Pan Jia world.

How could Zhu Rong possibly be injured in a place like this?

The gate opened rumblingly. A strong fiery light dazzled out of the gate. Zhu Rong grabbed Ji Hao’s arm and dodged aside. Followed by a quick series of puffing noise, tens of swords zipped out of the gate while releasing red lotuses and black flames, crazily hovering and clanging in the gateway, then slowly flew back into the gate.

Watching this, Ji Hao had cold sweat flowing down from his forehead. Such a fierce trap. Zhu Rong opened the gate with the correct method himself, but still, such a deathly trap existed behind the gate. According to the legends, those red lotuses and black flames could burn literally everything in the world, and turn the entire world back to Chaos. Since those swords could control the red lotuses and black flame, they were definitely pre-world supreme treasures as well.

If anyone didn’t know about the trap and recklessly opened the gate, that crazy wave of hacks that happened just now would certainly take the poor person’s life away.

"Who on earth is being kept in this place?" Ji Hao couldn’t help but ask Zhu Rong.

"The first Chi You…The first leader of Chi You Army of the non-humankind." responded Zhu Rong with a deep voice, "Or you can say, he’s the only, the true Chi You. His head is in this place."

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