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In Di Luolang’s tiny cell, Ji Hao sat straight in the only chair. He took off his mask and showed his slightly embellished face, without any cover.

Di Luolang looked at Ji Hao with a twisted face, as though he was a soul being tortured in the fire of hell for countless years, who suddenly saw an angel that came to free him. His three eyes were opened to an extreme degree, because he could not believe that he actually saw Ji Hao in this place.

Ji Hao’s eyebrows had become thinner and shorter, his temples were changed slightly, making the shape of his face look a bit different. Some foundation like thing was applied on his nose and cheek, slightly changing the lines of his face as well.

For sure, people who didn’t know Ji Hao so well couldn’t be able to recognize this face at first sight.

However, how could Di Luolang not recognize him? Not to mention the fact that he had met Ji Hao not long ago, back in Chi Ban Mountain, he had extorted a giant sum of money, that was more than enough to make Di Luolang imprint his face deeply in his soul for his entire life, maybe even for the next life.

The Full Moon Sky Eye slightly opened in Ji Hao’s forehead, with thin streams of light rotating in it. Slowly, he took out a hundred blocks of Shouyang Mountain bronze, carelessly throwing them onto the ground, causing a silvery series of clangs.

Chi Zhan, who was enormous in shape and had almost filled the doorframe of the cell, stared at these glowing golden bronze blocks without moving his eyeballs. Every single block of these was worth over ten-million jade coins, and he now had a whole hundred blocks piled on the ground. This could be seen as an amazingly great fortune, worth over a billion jade coins.

Swallowing his saliva, Chi Zhan took the initiative and said, "Gru’s family might be a bit troublesome. If you are willing to pay ten…"

"Ah," said Ji Hao blandly and slightly while casting a sideway glance at Chi Zhan, "You think I will take that insignificant man, Gru, and that lowly, weak family of his, seriously?"

Chi Zhan subconsciously and carefully bowed to Ji Hao for thirty degrees and said, "In this case, one Shouyang Mountain bronze block, and I will take care of all troubles brought by Gru."

Just now, Gru’s head was chopped off by Chi Zhan with a single move. Gru’s blood ejected out from his broken neck and splashed all over Di Wu’s body. By now, Di Wu was holding Di Luolang’s arm tight with a deathly pale face, Hearing what Chi Zhan said, Di Wu subconsciously screamed out and yelled, "Let that damned Gru die!"

Chi Zhan smilingly glanced at Di Wu, chuckled and said, "He’s dead already, my beautiful lady. Now, we’re talking about how to wipe his whole family out. Shambles, nasty and lowly thing, him and his family, they are such a humiliation to the noble and elegant Yu Clan… What do you think?"

‘A shambles, lowly, nasty guy like that, you had actually let him in the Black Shark Castle prison, and under your tacit permission, he almost took Di Wu away.’ thought Ji Hao while coldly glancing at Chi Zhan.

Ji Hao waved his hand. Following his moves, ten Shouyang Mountain bronze blocks flew up simultaneously, clanging against each other while falling directly into Chi Zhan’s hands. "Gru’s family, and, according to Elder Di Luolang, Gru has companions, doesn’t he? Those trash-fish-like families, just clean them up as well." said Ji Hao.

Flicking his knees with his fingers, Ji Hao continued slowly to Chi Zhan, as if he had been thinking while speaking, "I will take Di Family people away, because I will perform my family revenge on them. I have to kill all of them with my own hands. Anyone who dares to stop me from avenging my family… is my enemy."

Ji Hao narrowed his normal eyes, but widely opened the erect eye between his eyebrows. The Full Moon Sky Eye had already become a colorful sphere of light, with countless splendid streams of light swiftly rotating in it. They released a terrifyingly great spiritual power vibration that suffused the whole cell like tidewater.

Countless spell symbols emerged on the wall of the cell. Along with a buzzing noise, thick layers of defensive magic screens surged out from the wall. The spiritual power vibration released by Ji Hao activated the surrounding natural powers and generated a strong invisible force that fiercely scratched the defensive screens on the wall like countless sharp raspers.

The defensive magic screens in the cell of Black Shark Castle Prison exploded under Ji Hao’s strong spiritual power layer by layer, bursting with waves of light spots like a heavy, glowing rain. A weird twist happened to the space inside the small cell, because of which, Chi Zhan, Di Luolang and Di Wu all felt that their body had been pulled longer, then pressed shorter. They felt as if every single cell of theirs was being dragged by countless invisible hands. This scarily strong force could crush all of them anytime.

Chi Zhan’s look turned especially serious. Finally, he truly knew about Ji Hao.

This wasn’t only a super-rich ‘customer’, he was also a powerful being, that even Chi Zhan himself couldn’t rival. In the society of Yu Clan, being rich could bring you many special treatments that ordinarily people could never have. However, being powerful could allow you to attain ‘respect’, which could never be attained so easily, not even by rich people. When richness and powerfulness combined into one, one would be a truly ‘great being’, a literally ‘upper-class person’ that even people like Chi Zhan, who had a special background, would be extra polite to, and show extra respect.

Chi Zhan seriously made a ninety-degree bow towards Ji Hao and said, "Dear Lord, everything goes as you say."

Ji Hao restrained that scary spiritual power vibration, carelessly waved his hand towards Chi Zhan and said, "Do not kill those lowly beings. Get them back here. Then, they will become Di Family people."

Chi Zhan narrowed his eyes. What Ji Hao said, was simple, and he had done such things countless times. Some people evaporated from Black Shark Castle Prison. However, people who made them disappear didn’t want the others to know about that. Therefore, some poor Yu Clan people would appear in the dark cell of Black Shark Castle Prison for no reason, and their names and identities would become the ones that they had never even heard of.

For such a thing, Chi Zhan could do it smoothly. As long as Ji Hao paid him enough, he could handle this perfectly for Ji Hao.

"In this case, we’re going to do a big business." Chi Zhan narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao.

Till now, even if Chi Zhan was as stupid as a pig, he should be able to figure out that Ji Hao didn’t come to take any family revenge. Instead, he came to save these Di Family people.

‘This damned old man, this bloody Di Family, how can they be so lucky? They were betrayed and entrapped by their own family member and all the twelve Emperors in power joint handedly. But still, someone came to save them from such a severe situation!’ Glancing at Di Luolang in envy, Chi Zhan thought deeply.

In Chi Zhan’s estimation, if it was him…If he were thrown into a cell of Dark Shark Castle Prison, assassins would come to him one after another instead of any savior. No one would come to save him, even his own son wouldn’t take one more glance at him.

"Lucky old man!" Chi Zhan murmured towards Di Luolang with a long face.

A light series of footstep came from the corridor outside, along with which, Hartment’s quick gasp could be heard.

"Manager, dear lords, Di Yantuo, the family leader, is here!"

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