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In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man silently showed up, curiously observing Chi Zhan through Ji Hao’s eyes. Ji Hao could sense the mysterious man’s curiosity towards what Chi Zhan had been doing, and the meaning of his behavior.

Chi Zhan lowered his head, rummaged under the long table, then took out a thick book with a leather cover. This large book was around two feet long and a foot wide, with a thickness of eight to nine inches. Each page was made from thin leather pieces, which were processed with secret methods.

Chi Zhan patted on the surface of the book with his large hand, then pointed at Ji Hao and said in a deep voice, "This is the name list of all alive Di Family people. You have to know that around thirty percent of the important members of Di Family were killed in Liang Zhu City when the city is destroyed, and only those who lived in their own territories survived."

"All their names, identities, positions, origin of bloodlines, including their bloodline relationship with the other families, you can find everything in here. The price of everyone is clearly marked, no discount."

Chi Zhan widely opened his eyes, staring at Ji Hao fiercely with the four brightly sparkly eyes, which were even bigger than human fists. "Because you’re introduced by Polo, I’m making an exception to give you all information of those Di Family people. Whether you are truly seeking revenge for your family or trying to save them, as long as you pay enough money, I will give you the number of people you want!"

Ji Hao glanced at Chi Zhan. ‘This guy is smart, not as simple and dumb as he looks like. But it's reasonable anyway. As the manager of this prison, he has actually been selling prisoners for profits. If he truly were a simple person, his head would have been removed from his neck long ago.’ thought Ji Hao.

Snorting heavily, Chi Zhan scratched his nose with his thumb and said proudly, "This is the rule of our Dark Shark Castle Prison. This is my rule, and also is the rule of those lords who have been supporting me."

Ji Hao clapped his hands gently while praising in a sincere tone, "I like such a rule, truly. Problems that can be solved with money are not real problems."

Chi Zhan laughed out loud, pointed at Ji Hao and responded, "I like your words. You happen to have the same view as those lords do — Problems that can be solved with money, are not real problems. Therefore, just pick the ones you want and I will arrange them to ‘die’ of illness. "

Pausing briefly, Chi Zhan picked up his wine cup, turned open the faucet of the bronze pipe that reached down from the roof, pouring himself another large cup of wine.

"But, more or less, you should leave some for me. After all, Liang Zhu City is ruined and some people have to take the blame for that. A batch of Di Family people has to be executed in public, which will serve as an explanation to the other large families!"

Ji Hao walked to the bronze table and crooked his finger. The leather book glided to before his face, after which, the pages began turning automatically.

Chi Zhan crossed his legs, held the wine cup while smilingly looking at Ji Hao. From an unknown source, he took out a specially crafted jade coin to fiddle with. That bowl-sized jade coin was shiningly smooth, and was colored a dense, thriving green color. The greenness even seemed to drip out of it.

"Money, such a lovely thing." Looking at Ji Hao, who had been concentratedly reading the name list, Chi Zhan murmured. He moved his body to make himself more comfortable in his chair, and continued murmuring to himself, "Who can deny that? You see, our ancestors left the hometown for this barbaric, fierce world, for what? Nothing but money! Shining gold, beautiful jade coins, sparkling crystals, all money!"

"Money, lovely money, beautiful money… the money that can buy everything! Aha, you know what, I found something ludicrous just half a year ago."

Ji Hao didn’t respond. Instead, he continued reading the name list. Chi Zhan took another gulp of wine, swayed his head and continued, "Half a year ago, before the portal that led to our original world was destroyed, I received a letter from my clan. You know what they said? Ha, a branch of Chi Family, which my own family belongs to and were left in our original world, they are going bankrupt! Even our family castle, which was an ancient one with more than a hundred million years of history, was mortgaged!"

Letting out a long breath that was filled with the strong scent of wine, Chi Zhan gave a weird smile and said, "My great-grandfather told me that my ancestor, who left our original world for this world, was cast out by the family. He was at the end of his rope, and had no choice but to work as a soldier of fortune. That was the reason why he joined the expeditionary force for Pan Gu world."

Shrugging, Chi Zhan slowly carried on, "My ancestor was cast out of the family by them, but the family had now declined, and they actually asked us for help. For what? Nothing but money!"

Fiddling with the large jade coin in his hand, Chi Zhan proudly looked at Ji Hao and asked, "Right? Money, the strongest force in the universe! Therefore, for money, we can do anything."

Ji Hao raised his head, looked at Chi Zhan seriously and said, "I completely agree with you. You see, I’m on your side, bringing a great profit for you. Hmm, what is your limit? I mean, how many Di Family people can I take away?"


Chi Zhan suddenly stood up and yelled in shock while looking at Ji Hao in an extremely passionate way. He asked, "You…you sure?"

Ji Hao seriously nodded. "I have to wash the shame they gave to me, to my family, with their blood." continued Ji Hao as his voice turned colder and more hoarse.

Chi Zhan stared at Ji Hao for a short while, then heavily put the large jade coin on the table. "Now I actually believe you are truly seeking for family revenge! Even if you were a friend of Di Family or a relative, you wouldn’t spend such a fortune on them. This doesn’t fit the tradition of Yu Clan!" said Chi Zhan excitedly.

Rubbing his hands, Chi Zhan looked at that thick name list, seeming to be hesitating as he said, "If I can, I would be willing to sell all of them to you, my good guest. But, we have to leave some to be executed in public. I can’t say that they’re all died of illness, can I?"

Ji Hao responded blandly, "A fire disaster could happen, Black Shark Castle Prison? Good name. So Black Shark Castle Prison was suddenly on fire, and all Di Family people were burned to death. See, what a nice excuse, right?"

Chi Zhan clicked his tongue, rolled his eyeballs as the muscles on his face quivered in excitement. "Fire? Indeed a good excuse. But, we don’t have much of combustible stuff in prison. To burn so many people to death…we have to plan it in detail."

Ji Hao walked closer to Chi Zhan, then the two of them began discussing how to create a great fire in the underground prison to ‘burn’ all those Di Family people to ‘death’.

They discussed for a whole quarter of an hour, but still, no result was delivered. However, shrill screams of a young girl suddenly rose from outside the building.

"Let go of me! Gru! You shameless lowly pig! Let go of me!"

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