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"Not bad, Qiong Qi Family kid." Seeing Jin Tu fight against Chi Zhe equally and frontally, Ao Li couldn’t help but growl out.

Chi Zha grinned while swinging his curved blade slightly to the right side. Meanwhile, he glanced at Ao Li and said, "The dragon-kind? I always wanted a piece of dragon leather to make a dragon skin armor. It seems that I will be able to get a great piece of leather today. You will be the next one after I take this one out!"

Ao li’s face instantly turned dark. He coldly looked at Chi Zhe, then showed his teeth and gave a cold sneer. As a proud dragon, he didn’t want to engage in a verbal fight against Chi Zhe. Instead, he shook his head, transformed his human-like head back into a dragon head, opened his mouth and let out a sharp and black stream of water that splashed on the ground.

" Kill!" After merging with the Qiong Qi beast, Jin Tu suddenly became like an especially violent beast. While roaring resonantly, he took off his armor, gripped both ends of his long spear then broke it up. The long spear glowed brightly, then turned into two spears.

Holding a spear with each hand, Jin Tu transformed into a fierce gust of wind, roaring toward Chi Zhe.

A slight wind swish came from the air. Countless thin yet sharp streams of power roared toward all vital body parts of Chi Zhe along with beams of black light. Every single black light was a lunge of the pair of long spears, and within a second, Jin Tu had lunged his pair of spears thousands, and even tens of thousands of times.

Chi Zhe looked at Jin Tu seriously, who had burst with a crazy power. He easily swung the blade in front of his chest, shielding himself against jin Tu’s attacks. Countless black beams of light bumped against the blade edge, causing an ear-piercing noise. Chi Zhe’s body quivered slightly. Although his feet stayed perfectly unmoved, the immense shocking wave caused by Jin Tu’s attacks still forced him back, bit by bit.

Ao Li abruptly yelled out, "Four-eyed monster, our brother has taken off his armor!"

Once Ao Li finished his sentence, Chi Zhe gave a deep roar and his armor flew out in pieces as if it exploded, exposing his dark-golden, translucent skin. Puffs of hot steam constantly rose from Chi Zhe’s head as his right arm moved swiftly and wielded the blade, leaving large shreds of afterimages. Waves of blade light surged forwards like water.

Weapons clashed against each other again and again. It was a fight between pure strength. Neither did Chi Zhe or Jin Tu use any magic other than their physical strength. Because of their pride as warriors, they chose to fight in the most original and purest way.

Suddenly, both of them shouted out in pain while blood splashed out. Chi Zhe launched a sudden hack and pierced his goat-horn-like blade swiftly and deeply into Jin Tu’s chest. But at the same time, the long spear held in Jin Tu’s hand punctured Chi She’s chest as well like a bolt of thunder that dazzled across the sky.

Followed by a thunderous clang, roars of Qiong Qi beasts came from Jin Tu’s body. Next, the pair of long spears held in Jin Tu’s hands changed forms. The pair of human wrist thick, mirror-smooth spear spines suddenly transformed into a pair of rugged beast spines, with long and sharp thorns of bone growing out one after another. Strong and dense metal power condensed into a white sandstorm that roared into Chi Zhe’s body.

Chi Zhe howled in pain while twisting his blade, nearly cutting Jin Tu entirely open.

Jin Tu laughed as the pair of beast spines held in his hands vibrated intensively, violently sawing Chi Zhe’s body. Silver-white metal power flushed through Chi Zhe’s body, squeezing huge clouds of blood mist out from his two punctured wounds.

Maintaining this shape for the span of a breath, both of them flew up into the air, threw a heavy kick onto each other’s lower abdomen and then howled out again in pain. Afterward, both of them flew backward while letting out a mouthful of blood.

Chi Zhe’s blade was sharp yet as smooth as a mirror. Therefore, it didn’t manage to cause a second harm to Jin Tu’s body when it was pulled out. However, Jin Tu’s long spears transformed into a pair of beast spines suddenly, with countless sharp thorns of bone sawing and slicing Chi Zhe’s body, dragging large pieces of bones and muscles off from Chi Zhe’s body, which made Chi Zhe howl in a great pain. Blood spurted out from the two punctures wounds on Chi Zhe’s chest and abdomen.

"Shameless human being!" Looking at Jin Tu, Chi Zhe growled hoarsely, "You are such a humiliation to your ancestor! You actually fight in such a lowly dirty way!"

A few vividly-colored marks of beast power silently emerged on Jin Tu’s face as he stared at Chi Zhe, chuckled and said, "Idiot, Jin Tu would not do such a thing, but I, am not Jin Tu!"

The crooked pair of beast spines clanged heavily against each other. After that, ‘Jin Tu’ laughed out loud and continued, "As long as We can kill our enemies, it’s a good thing. As for being shameless or ignoble…well, thanks for your praise!"

"Qiong Qi!" Chi Zhe glared at ‘Jin Tu’. By now, he clearly understood that the Qiong Qi beast which merged with Jin Tu’s body just now had already taken the place of Jin Tu.

Ji Hao stood aside and raised his eyebrows. ‘Can such a magical change actually happen after Jin Qu merged with the beast? Jin Tu was already a brutal warrior, but he could manipulate the metal power so smoothly after combining with the Qiong Qi beast?’ thought Ji Hao.

No matter the silver-white sand storm transformed from metal power or the sudden change that happened to Jin Tu’s long spear, these magic-like changes were all delivered by through metal power, and this great ability was almost similar to the power of Dao. This was completely different from Jin Tu’s fighting style, and clearly, the credit belonged to the beast.

However, Chi Zhe was obviously enraged by Qiong Qi beast’s sneak attack. Without taking a glance at his own wounds, he glared at ‘Jin Tu’, swung his arm backward and took out a three-meter long, black metal staff.

Raising the staff high, Chi Zhe cast a spell in a low voice. Along with that, a beam of light was released from the head of the staff, within which, a water-tank-sized, black erect eye silently emerged. The cold and emotionless erect eye then fixed on Jin Tu’s body.

Jin Tu shook his head, raised his head and gave a resonant roar. The giant wound which almost split his body into two healed itself speedily. Giving a cold laugh, Jin Tu then wielded the pair of beast bone and raised another sharp gust of wind while dashing toward Chi Zhe.

Chi Zhe let out an extremely cold sneer. Next, the air surrounding Jin Tu’s body was suddenly frozen. The air was immediately compressed into a blue crystal while Jin Tu paused right away, being sealed in the air-crystal like a fly in a piece of amber.

Before Jin Tu could struggle out from the air-crystal, Chi Zhe slightly waved the staff, split the air up and created a wave of curved-blade-like space cracks, silently slicing towards Jin Tu.

Jin Tu gave a sky-shaking roar, forcibly creating tens of cracks in the air crystal. But tens of thousands of floor tiles paved on the plaza instantly melted into crystal-like liquid, surging quickly into those cracks.

Jin Tu, who was almost broken out, let out a muffled moan. The glowing-red, crystal-like liquid ceaselessly drilled into this mouth, ears, nose, and eyes along with a terrifyingly great heat. No matter how loud Jin Tu growled, that liquid still easily drilled into this body like snakes.

Watching this, Ji Hao’s scalp was even numbed. Suddenly, he sensed a strong negative intent from the surrounding areas.

Everything in this world, including the tiniest grain of dust had shown a strong negative intent towards Ji Hao. Not only Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi and his other friends, even Elder Destiny and the other elders and ancestor souls stood beside Ji Hao all had the same feeling, as if everything in this world had become their enemies.

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