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That muscular man's body was densely covered in black hair, he had his chest bared, pouncing on Ji Hao like a standing black bear. When he was still over ten-zhang away from Ji Hao, the long spear holding in his hand began making muffled noises already. Streams of black mist coiled on that long spear, and from the spearhead to the hilt over a thousand black spell symbols lit up one after another. A strong and sticky sense of power that would make people feel frigid silently and imperceptibly spread out.

"Kid, come taste my spear!" That man was in an extreme rage. On the one hand, he was quite drunk and wasn't in his right mind, on the other hand, Ji Hao messed up his joyful plan, and because of this, he intended to bring Ji Hao a real trouble. All the way, those Ink Ape Clan warriors had never taken Ji Hao seriously. Therefore, this man had absolutely no fear to Ji Hao as he was launching his attack at him right now.

Along with a strangely shrill roar, the long spear swished towards Ji Hao's heart, following a fierce and frosty light stream.

Ji Hao gave an evil grin. He looked at those approximately thousand sparkling Magus Acupoints on the man's body, while he raised his left hand swiftly and directly grasped the long spear.

All Ink Ape Clan warriors standing around gasped loudly in shock. Ji Hao gripped the long spear with his left hand while the sturdy man trying to lunge the spear at Ji Hao with all of his strength. The long spear vibrated and twisted, yet Ji Hao's hand remained perfectly still.

"With such strength, how dare you act so tyrannically like those real bullies?" Ji Hao looked at this man, whose face was now filled with shock and fear, and abruptly growled out, "Scums like you aren't even qualified to bully others!"

He then threw out a heavy punch with his right hand. Along with a thunderous boom, the sturdy man was sent flying backward while intensely vomiting blood. That muscular chest of his was nearly smashed by Ji Hao's punch. Through those split muscles and ribs, one could clearly see his quickly beating heart.

An overwhelmingly great pain attacked. The man covered his severely wounded chest with both of his hands, fell on the ground and ceaselessly vomited blood. His Senior Magus spirit blood surged up rapidly, and in the meantime, his wounds began squirming quickly. Nevertheless, that wound still hadn't started healing itself — visible thin streams of golden-red flame attached to the wound, violently stopping it from healing itself. Moreover, the flame had been burning the skin and flesh around the wound, bringing the man a hundreds of times greater pain.

A thick, golden-red stream of flame swooshed out of Ji Hao's left hand, and that long spear, which was cast from alloy, let out a deep wail. Nearly a thousand black spell symbols blasted out within the flame one after another. Within the span of merely one breath, this decent magic weapon was melted into a puddle of liquid by Ji Hao's Gold Crow flame.

Drops of glowing red metal liquid dripped on the ground, making the other Ink Ape Clan warriors take a few steps back simultaneously in fear. Their brains, which were all burned to craziness, finally cooled down more or less.

The man was still burning with the fierce fire. This robust and muscular man, who had just been injured by Ji Hao, lied on the ground, howling and struggling in a hell-like pain.

Ji Hao cast a sharp glance at this man, then said harshly in a frosty voice, "Just stay lying down. I think this punch is good enough to keep you quiet for big half a month, right?"

Bright fiery light surged in Ji Hao's pair of golden-red eyes as he glanced across the other human warriors, who were standing around, and burst into a resonant growl, "Still don't want to leave? Why are you all standing here? Just piss off! Do whatever you are supposed to do! The ones who should be sleeping, go to sleep! The ones who are supposed to stand sentry or go patrol, go on your duties! Do not stand here in dumbness, what are you all waiting for, death?!"

The pair of fiery wings spread out behind Ji Hao's body. As fast as the wind, Ji Hao dashed up to a group of Ink Ape Clan warriors and threw a blustering series of slaps right on their head and faces.

Loud clapping sounds could be heard without an end, along with which, blood spurted out from the nostrils of over ten Ink Ape Clan warriors. Broken teeth flew out of these warriors' mouths from time to time, while they vomited blood in huge streams. Some of them were drunk pretty badly, unable to even stand stably, and instead were slapped right to the ground by Ji Hao. Ji Hao then leaped up into the air, conveniently launching a heavy kick on each of their heads.

The Midland world was same as Southern Wasteland, in any clan, the most powerful one among all could possess the highest position and order the others by his gestures.

Ji Hao was powerful enough. He easily defeated the leader of this group of Ink Ape Clan warriors who were also the most powerful ones among them. After this, all Ink Ape Clan warriors fled away at the highest speed like a group of frightened mice, with their heads buried in their arms. Well-behaved, they began carrying out their own duties; no one ever dared to be absent without leave again, or do any joyful things without Ji Hao's permission.

Ji Hao walked up to the middle-aged slave warrior who was gravely injured. Ji Hao reached his hand to the ground, picked up the pair of arms of this slave warrior which were chopped off earlier. Then he pressed the arms hard on the wounds from where these arms were chopped off. Within the short span of around ten breaths, this pair of arms had completely grown back onto his body. Other than a little lack of flexibility, this pair of arms had fully recovered.

"Keep an eye on your daughter!" Ji Hao looked at this middle-aged slave warrior and said blandly, "In fact, I think that it would have been better if you people had died on the battlefield. As for your daughter, she shouldn't even have been born…or, she should have been born uglier!"

The wound in this middle-aged slave warrior's throat healed gradually. He took a few gasps with difficulty, then raised his head, looked at Ji Hao and said in a deep voice, "What can we decide? My respectful Lord…we are nothing but appendages of the Yu Clan. Generation after generation, we fight for them. We are just their personal properties…what can we decide?"

While looking at this middle-aged slave warrior, a weirdly dim beam of light flashed across his eyes, as Ji Hao gave out his cruel words, "You could choose to end all this. For example, you could have killed all your infants. In this way, the miserable fate of your kind would end for good."

This middle-aged slave warrior stared at Ji Hao in shock, widely opened his mouth, but couldn't say a word.

"A thorough closure is a good thing for you, and also is a good thing for our humankind." Ji Hao stood up and continued coldly, "I do not pity you. Think about it, you are so powerful, how many of our people have you killed?"

"Your daughter? I just couldn't bear to watch such a dirty thing happen. They wanted to screw your daughter without paying anything, I couldn't let that happen. But, if they had bought your daughter out according to the market price and with enough cash, then I wouldn't mind watching an excellent show." He pointed his finger at the non-humankind girl who curled her body as she lied on the ground, and had been sobbing, and said.

Ji Hao's words were like an ice-cold gust of wind, blowing across the bodies of all slave warriors who had heard it. Those slave warriors, who stood inside the coverage of light of the bonfire and had been staring straight at Ji Hao, all quivered intensely.

They suddenly realized that Ji Hao was not a savior as they thought. Instead, Ji Hao was a remarkably sane, incredibly hard-hearted man. He was a creature who might be even more terrifying than their old owners, those Yu Clan people.

Ji Hao picked up the giant ax that was used to smash the warrior who assaulted the girl, walked around in this area then disappeared into the darkness with a cold sneer on his face.

Walking in the darkness for a while, a skinny silhouette suddenly dashed out sideway. This man silently bowed to Ji Hao, then carefully put a leather bag next to Ji Hao's feet.

Ji Hao looked at this man in surprise. Just now, when he was dealing with those Ink Ape Clan warriors, he had already noticed that this scrawny man was there, sneakily watching him.

Ji Hao picked up the leather bag and shook the drawstring, made from Flood Dragon tendons, and found out that this bag was actually a magic storage tool.

He reached his spirit power into the leather bag. Contained in the bag was a small pile of magic crystals, a small pile of different colored gemstones, pearls and jade pieces, a small pile of gold and a box of jade coins amounting to around thirty to fifty thousand.

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