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In the purely golden palace, Yu Huo's evil soul power overwhelmed the entire palace wave after wave, then devoured the garden outside the palace. Suffering the power of Pan Yu's brain, all living beings had been shaking in fear, swaying uncontrollably like a leaf in a whirlpool.

"So… powerful!" Emperor Xun widely opened his eyes, looked at Yu Huo with those brightly glowing eyes. In Emperor Xun's short personal history, he had never seen such a strong evil power. In his eyes, Yu Huo was more powerful than any living being he knew.

"Incomparably powerful!" Yemo Luoye walked to Emperor Xun, with her dark eyes sparkling with a dim light. She gently scratched Emperor Xun's earlobe with her black fingernails while putting her black lips near his ear as she whispered, "Soon, you will find out exactly how powerful he is."

A dense rose aroma drowned Emperor Xun. He greedily inhaled the aroma from Yemo Luoye and felt that this woman was like a black fire in a dark night, which might burn his sanity at any moment.

But of course, Emperor Xun's never had much of sanity. He grabbed Yemo Luye's arm and laughed out loud, "Emperor Yemo Luoye, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Are you willing to become the First Lady of the humankind?"

Yemo Luoye's eyes sparkled as she looked at Emperor Xun in confusion — What was this idiot talking about? He actually asked a non-humankind girl to become the First Lady of the humankind, didn't he? The humankind had no future with such a stupid leader. Yu Huo had truly selected a perfect human emperor.

"Of course, I can't. I am the most loyal slave of great Saint Yu Huo." Yemo Luoye smiled as she put her mouth even closer to Emperor Xun's ear and continued, "But, I have a younger sister. Her name is Yemo Shanye, and she is ten times more beautiful than me. She is the tenderest flower of Dark Sun. I can make her your woman."

Yemo Luoye smiled and softly scratched Emperor Xun's nose, then said with a gentle voice, "Of course, you need to pay a tiny price to have Yemo Shanye..."

Yu Huo had been competing with the leader of sky devils with all his power at the moment. For now, he didn't have the energy to control every move of Yemo Luoye and the others. Therefore, Yemo Luoye naturally made her own decision.

Emperor Xun's eyes dazzled. He couldn't wait to meet Yemo Shanye, who was ten times more beautiful than Yemo Luoye. Guided by Yemo Luoye, this man who had no idea about the 'overall interest of the humankind' made a series of orders which shocked all clan leaders in Pu Ban City.

Under Emperor Xun's orders, the Chi Ban Mountain was widely opened to the non-humankind, and the non-humankind army had already come straight into the city. But, some critically important strongholds in Chi Ban Mountain area were still guarded by a giant number of elite human warriors.

Tens of Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates, which were dazzling with lightning bolts as they flew to a giant-scale fort of the humankind, located on top of a cliff. Expressionlessly, these Jia Clan warriors came up to Huaxu Chen, who was the leader of the troop stationed in this fort, and also a prince of the Huaxu Family, handing him a scroll.

"Are you Leader Huaxu? This is an order from your emperor. From now on, we are like blood brothers, and the Chi Ban line of defense is unnecessary. You need to hand this fort to us right now." said a Jia Clan warrior.

Looking at Huaxu Chen's deeply shocked and confused face, this Jia Clan warrior laughed delightfully and continued, "If I am right, during the past three-hundred years, my people and I have attacked this fort, which was guarded by you, seven times. I failed all seven times. But this time, your emperor ordered you to retreat, and you are not allowed to take anything from here!"

"You...I..." Huaxu Chen took over the dragon skin scroll and browsed it, then glanced at the clear seal of human emperor, which had been emitting special energy waves. Looking at his old enemies, he didn't know what to do.

"Are you going to disobey this order?" The Jia Clan warrior chuckled. From behind him, about ten human guards in dark clothes and blood-red belts stepped out, slightly shaking the cudgels and chains in their hands while smiling scornfully.

"If you refuse to repeat, you will be arrested for disobeying the emperor 's orders." The Jia Clan warrior's eyes shone with a strange light as he said, "You are respectable opponent. If you fall for such a reason instead on the battlefield, even I will feel sorry for you. So, please, just retreat!"

Huaxu Chen and the group of commanders behind him tightened their bodies and gripped their weapons.

Remaining silent for a long while, Huaxu Chen silently waved his hands. Following his order, all Huaxu Family warriors stationed in the fort retreated from the fort like a stream of water. Under Emperor Xun's order, they didn't take anything in the fort, but left the mountain-sized piles of food, hill-like piles of crystals, and all kinds of highly lethal and costly armaments to the non-humankind army, which took over the fort.

All important strongholds in Chi Ban Mountain area were taken over by the non-humankind one after another. Soon, the entire Chi Ban line of defense fell into the hands of non-humankind beings.

Nothing was left between Pu Ban City and the non-humankind now, nothing at all. Even if the humankind were now strong enough to destroy all non-humankind forces in Pu Ban City, the armies of Yu Dynasty would be able to head straight down to the city, to the heart of the human society, without any difficulty.

In the southwest side of Pu Ban City, a fairly important rangeland, where the humankind raised all kinds of strong mounts, was taken over by the Gong Sun Family, then handed to the non-humankind under Emperor Xun's orders.

In the southeast, a giant crystal mine which produced the purest crystals with tremendous reserves, and had been supporting the great defensive formation of Pu Ban City, was also taken over by the Gong Sun Family, then entirely handed to the non-humankind because of an order given by Emperor Xun. This mine was great enough to support the defensive formation of Pu Ban City for tens of thousands of years.

In the south, a hundred and eighty-thousand miles away from the city, an especially broad and fertile plain was called Shennong's Field. It had been providing Pu Ban City with crops all year round, supporting the city and thousands of clans around the city. Now, Shennong's Field was forcibly 'collected' by the Gong Sun Family, then handed to the non-humankind too.

Strategic areas around the city were occupied by the non-humankind one after another, while a great number of supportive facilities were taken over by the non-humankind as well.

Gong Sun Family people had even laid their fingers on some important halls in the Magi Palace, after which, the non-humankind forced was stationed directly in the Magi Palace.

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