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"Forward, forward, forward!"

In the face of the fierce attacks from the stone men and treemen, Gong Sun Lang's warriors continued approaching the city wall with giant steps, in perfectly ordered arrays. Their shields were shattered one after another as countless warriors were thrown to the ground, covered in blood. But, the other warriors stepped over the bodies of their injured comrades and kept moving forward without a pause.

This army was composed of the best warriors of the Gong Sun Family and the other ten powerful human families. A slight casualty could not scare them.

Giant rocks and uprooted trees were burned glowing red as they rolled all over the ground, vented strong fires, and exploded one after another. Strong Magus Kings and Divine Magi rushed up and activated all kinds of defensive treasures, shielding themselves from the wave of attacks coming from the city wall.

Before long, the main force of Gong Sun Lang's army reached less than five miles away from the city wall. Standing on the city wall, Yi Di raised his right hand high, then swung down strongly.

Numerous Eastern Wasteland archers reached out their heads from behind the city wall, pulled open their longbows, and shot out high-quality spell symbol arrows. The arrows shone dazzlingly as they swished down shrilly from the city wall like a hurricane.

The puffing noise could then be heard without an end. In Gong Sun Lang's army, countless warriors that rushed at the front line had their throats or eyeballs hit by the arrows. The sharp arrows drilled deep into their skulls, then the explosive spell symbols on the arrowheads went off, blowing off half of the bodies of these injured warriors.

Broken bodies thudded on the ground one after another. Among the ones killed by the Divine-Magus-level archers under Yi Di's command with one single shot were hundreds of Magus Kings and even three Divine Magi.

The powerful arrows used by these archers were custom made by Ji Hao with the all souls creation cauldron. With these arrows and their skills, Yi Di's archers left their enemies no chance to survive. The three Gong Sun Family Divine Magi had their necks penetrated by arrows. Before they pull out the arrows and heal themselves, the arrowheads exploded and crushed their souls directly, without leaving them a chance to recover.

The damaged body of the three Divine Magi fell heavily to the ground. Because of their especially strong life-force, their hearts were still beating, and their blood had still been spurting out of their broken veins. Their bodies were way too strong, that the blood squirting out of their veins swished shrilly, sweeping across the surrounding area like countless sharp daggers, puncturing and even shredding the bodies of a great number of warriors in the surroundings.

An ordinary human warrior wasn't able to take the power contained in one drop of blood of a Divine Magus, because the tremendous life-force contained in the blood drop would tear apart the body of an ordinary warrior.

"Damn it, attack, attack the city!" Gong Sun Lang supervised the battle from behind. Hearing that three Divine Magi from his family were killed, he angrily spat towards the ground, then weakly gave an order to attack the city.

Gong Sun Lang blinked, then lowered his voice and gave a sneaky order, "Tell our boys to be smart. Don't rush at the front like idiots. Let the warriors from Gaoxin Family, Cloud Sun Family, and Huafu Family go first, let those people die first!"

Picking up a small wine pot, he proudly took a sip and chuckled, "I don't care how many of their warriors have died. Go, tell our boys to be smart. For things like fighting a war...It's better to let the others die!"

A few Gong Sun Family commanders knowingly nodded their heads, then moved quickly to the army.

The spearhead of the army had already reached the city. The Maguspriests cast spells and attempted to raise bridges above the rapidly flowing city moat. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't trigger even a slight little bit of natural power around the city, and could neither cast a magic to build bridges over the city moat, even though they had nearly drained themselves.

Within the area thousands of miles around Yao Mountain City, all natural powers were sealed off by the heaven and earth formation, for which reason, no outsider could trigger any natural power from this area, unless this outsider could suppress the entire heaven and earth great formation with his or her own power.

The group of Maguspreists were dumbfounded. Some commanders, who were eager to build military exploits, leaped directly into the city moat, swimming to the city wall.

Also, because of the heaven and earth great formation, no enemy could fly in the sky within the Yao Mountain territory, not even Divine Magi. They leaped with all their strength, but reached no higher than a hundred meters. They could never leap across the hundreds of meters tall city wall.

They had no choice but to attack Yao Mountain City in the most traditional way, including swimming across the moat!

Soon, giant waves rose from the city moat. As Ji Hao's senior disciple, Shermie led the water-kind army hiding at the bottom of the river, pulled open the crossbows designed especially for water battle, and released waves of thin arrows. They swiftly and fiercely pierced into the bodies of these warriors who attempted to swim across the river.

These arrows had been dipped in tens of types of poisons from water-kind creatures. All drug users in Pan Gu world knew that the toxins from some rare marine animals were tens, even hundreds of times greater than the toxins from land animals. The poisons on these arrows were concocted by Shermie, and were highly lethal, that a single drop could even make a Longbo Country warrior suffer.

The corpses of tens of thousands of warriors, who attempted to swim across the city moat, floated on the water. Numerous enormous octopuses under Shermie's command reached out their long tentacles and dragged these corpses down to the bottom of the river.

The water flowing in the moat was still clear, flowing rapidly while giving an indescribable aura of killing.

"Idiots! Build high ladders, go straight across the moat! Don't go down into the water! Don't go down into the water!" All commanders growled hoarsely to their warriors.

Thousands of gigantic chariots were driven rumblingly to the front, surrounded by elite warriors with heavy shields. The chariots stopped by the city moat. On each hundred-meters-long chariot, countless spell symbols sparkled. Along with a series of cracking noise, large metal ladders rose from the chariots section by section, reaching to the city wall.

On the city wall, Ji Xia laughed out wildly, raised his long spear, and roared, "Brothers, prepare for the war! Let's fill the city moat with their heads, dye Yao Mountain territory red with their blood, and nourish out soil with their corpses to wash off the shame they put on us with their lives! Prepare to kill!"

Countless Gold Crow Clan warriors burst into sonorous roars as they prepared themselves for closet combat.

However, before long, an awkward situation happened.

The metal ladders reached out from the chariots section by section, approaching the city, and the warriors standing on top of each ladder were about to touch the city wall. But, about a hundred meters away from the city, the ladders abruptly stopped moving, without being able to reach even an inch forward.

From about a hundred meters, the warriors on the ladder looked at those Gold Crow warriors embarrassedly, who were ready to take action.

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