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Pan Gu Motherland, in a vast mountain area…

Hundreds of Kuafu Family people straightened their bodies. Every one of them was nearly a thousand meters tall, with tight muscles and thriving spirit blood surging inside their bodies. Streams of steam reached straight to the sky from their heads, while every step they made vibrated the earth.

Kuafu Family people were gifted with spectacularly strong bodies. They weren't as gigantic as Longbo Country people, but among human beings, they were like gods.

These Kuafu Family people were merely at the level of Magus Kings, but by relying on their enormous bodies and terrifying strength, they were able to fight average-level Divine Magi. The three leaders of this group had already stepped into the level of Divine Magi, and by now, they were strong enough to rival peak-level Divine Magi.

Gripping specially crafted, giant shovels, they roared thunderously and flattened the towering mountains with a few strikes. They threw away the rocks to expose the large mine buried under the mountains. From the sparkling metal mine, pure wisps of metal power, which accumulated in the mine for thousands of years, rose for tens of miles and clanged against the skin of these Kuafu Family people like sharp blades.

Thousands of Maguspriests stood in a distance away, casting a spell in chorus. They generated a tremendous power and sent a giant white jade calabash to the mine, floating in the air. The pure metal power released from the mine was drawn into the calabash, stream after stream. Gradually, the white jade calabash was added with a bright metallic luster.

Once the metal power released from the mine turned thinner, hundreds of thousands of strong human beings laughed with bright voices and rushed into the mine in giant steps, then began mining.

Thousands of mines like this existed in this mountain area. Every now and then, mountain-sized piles of ores would be carried on the shoulders of Longbo Country people. They trod on dense clouds and rose into the sky, shipping the ores to the sun world through a teleporting formation inside a flying mountain.

In the sun world, under Hao Tao's leadership, a giant quantity of armaments had been forged. These new armaments were prepared for every human warrior.

In the core area of the sun world, Si Wen Ming had been forging the nine cauldrons with the power of the all souls creation cauldron. Over ninety-percent of the essence of these ores would merge into the nine cauldrons.

At this moment, rumbling battle drums could be heard. These hard-working Kuafu Family people turned around in surprise as they gazed at the source of the drum. They saw a hundred metal flying forts, which belonged to the non-humankind, floating in the air in a straight line. Behind the hundred flying forts were a giant army of human warriors.

Before the flying forts, hundreds of flying bears carried large war drums as they approached swiftly. On the bears' backs, muscular men with bared bodies were beating the drums with all their strength, generating the muffled, earth-shaking sounds.

"What? What? What is going on? Why are so many people here?" In confusion, Kuafu Family people asked each other. Seeing the whole hundred metal flying forts and the tremendous army, these Kuafu Family people rubbed their eyes, without being able to figure out exactly how many people had been approaching.

A middle-aged man transformed into a streak of light and teleported himself to above the mine. He was wearing a red robe, with a dark boskin belt, holding a jade scroll.

This good-looking middle-aged man proudly glanced at the group of confused Kuafu Family people, then slowly spread the scroll and said, "Under Emperor Xun's order, you colluded with the traitors, provided the traitors with resources, and secretly stored armaments, attempting to plot a rebellion. So...Congratulations people, you are slaves now."

This man's name was Gong Sun Yang. He was Gong Sun Xun's uncle. As people said, when the elder ones did things wrong, the younger ones would follow. Gong Sun Xun was a total scum, mostly because of his group of uncles.

Gong Sun Yang was also a voluptuary man. Two months before the abdication ceremony, Gong Sun Yang suffered three-hundred cudgel strikes as a punishment for embezzling the public funds of a store that he was responsible for. Because of what he did, he was discharged from his position and became a jobless man.

But, once Gong Sun Xun became the emperor, Gong Sun Yang was immediately put in important position. By now, Gong Sun Yang replaced Hao Tao and became the chief judge.

"How come we are all slaves?" The leaders of this group of Kuafu Family people looked at Gong Sun Yang and asked in confusion, "We are following the orders. We worked so hard to open up these mines. We have made contributions. How can we be slaves?"

"Cut the crap, you are slaves because I said you are!" Gong Sun Yang cast his greedy eyes on these giant Kuafu Family people while delightfully calculating how much profit he could make with these strong slaves.

"Damn you!" A Kuafu Family man was enraged. He raised his shovel and gave Gong Sun Yang a heavy strike.

Gong Sun Yang was barely a Magus King. He howled out loud in pain while the shovel smashed a half of his body and sent him to tens of miles away. Vomiting blood, his head thudded on a flattened mountain.

"Kill them, kill them all...No, no, injure them, injure them badly, then arrest them. Bloody traitors, they are all slaves, slaves, money. They are all jade coins! Arrest them alive, don't kill them, don't kill any of them!" Lying on a rock, Gong Sun Yang screamed while pouring life-saving drugs into his mouth.

Large groups of elite Gong Sun Family warriors rushed up and launched an offensive on the mine, in cooperation with a great number of non-humankind warriors.

These simple, honest, but bad-tempered Kuafu Family people fought back and started an intense fight against Gong Sun Yang's army. However, they were hopelessly outnumbered. Before long, a big half of them were pressed to the ground, while the rest of them turned around and fled, running to the flying mountain as fast as they could. While running, they cursed so angrily.

Some of them managed to escape to the sun world through the teleporting formation inside the flying mountain. Followed closely after them, the 'punitive' army under Gong Sun Yang's leadership marched to the flying mountain, controlling the teleporting formation. Through the formation, the army chased after all escaping Kuafu Family people.

Outside the sun world, which was occupied by a raging fire and a great heat, a group of Kuafu Family people rushed out of the teleporting formation. The crimson talismans tied around their waists glowed with a warm light and protected them, guiding them quickly into the sun world.

Behind them, countless Gong Sun Family warriors and non-humankind warriors rushed out, roaring aggressively while excitedly marching to the sun world. But, waves of Solar prominence swept across the area, incinerated millions of elite warriors within a twinkle of an eye.

"D-damn!" Gong Sun Yang tremblingly stood in the teleporting formation in the flying mountain. Watching the army be wiped out instantly, his lower stomach twitched and he directly peed himself.

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