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In the crowd, Yu Huo was laughing, calmly, delightfully, and confidently, as if the whole universe were under his control.

In the crowd, Emperor Shun was laughing, dully and emotionlessly. His eyes still sparkled with the dim light; he seemed to be confused. Occasionally, deep in his eyes, a weak light of wisdom would flicker, then soon die in the boundless darkness.

In the crowd, Emperor Shun's senior ministers were laughing stiffly, like a group of walking dead. From a distance away, Huaxu Lie and the others saw the fake smile on these ministers' faces and felt as if a knife was being twisted in their hearts.

Gong Sun Xun stood on top of the altar, wielding his arms as he screamed, "Arrest them all! They colluded with divine gods from the heaven and interfered human affairs. They're all traitors, and traitors should die! Arrest them, arrest their families too...And, Si Wen Ming, where is Si Wen Ming? Capture him, capture all his people!"

Shouting for a while, Gong Sun Xun heard a Gong Sun Family elder murmur a few words behind him. Immediately, he raised his head, looked at the sun, and yelled, "Ah, Hao Tao, and Hao Tao, has he been forging armaments in the sun world? Ahah, he must be helping Si Wen Ming and colluding with the heaven to disorder the human society! Guards, guards, go to the sun world and capture Hao Tao alive!"

Raising the human emperor seal, which he took over from Emperor Shun just now, Gong Sun Xun shouted, "Go, go now, send enough warriors to the sun world. Capture Hao Tao alive, and the ones who are helping him in forging armaments! They're all traitors, capture all traitors!"

Hysterically giving a series of orders, Gong Sun Xun screamed even louder, "And, raise an army and encircle the You Chong Clan. All You Chong Clan people are under Si Wen Ming's leadership. They attempted to overturn the human society! Arrest them all, arrest them! Send the men to mines and make them work as slaves. As for the women...Send all the young and beautiful ones to my bedroom!"

Surrounding the altar, the crowd was stirred. You Chong Clan, Si Wen Ming's family, and Si Wen Ming was the current leader of You Chong Clan. Si Wen Ming's father, Si Xi, served as the former leader of You Chong Clan. Gong Sun Xun arrested so many human leaders and even attempted to destroy Si Wen Ming's clan...This would be reasonable if Si Wen Ming were a sinner. After all, things like the crime committed by one person affecting an entire clan were normal in this era.

However, Si Wen Ming wasn't a sinner. On the contrary, he had made uncountable contributions to the humankind, and earned a great natural rewards power! Ji Hao, who contributed to the humankind along with Si Wen Ming, was already chosen by the world as a new divine emperor, becoming the first divine emperor during the past countless centuries. Proven with all the facts, Si Wen Ming should ascend to the throne. Gong Sun Xun stole the crown, and now, he intended to destroy Si Wen Ming's clan. What he did enraged every sane people on the scene!

"Gong Sun Xun, how dare you!" In the crowd, a white-haired old man burst into a resonant shout.

A dark-armored warrior shouted out loud and threw out a long spear. The heavy three-edged spear aimed accurately at the old man's heart. A frosty beam of light flashed across the spear as the spear lunged straight to the old man's chest. Abruptly, behind the old man, a young man made his move and gripped the spear before it penetrated the old man's heart.

Holding the spear, this young man truly wanted to throw it back. But, looking at the dark armor of that warrior, he angrily slammed the spear against the ground. Emperor Shun was still affecting everyone. Because of him, no one dared to fight these dark-armored human warriors.

"Gong Sun Xun, you shameless scum! How can you be our emperor?" A bearded man stepped out of the crowd, pointed at Gong Sun Xun, and roared.

Two dark-armored warriors trod on a watery cloud and flew to the bearded man, swinging their long blades to the head of the bearded man while growling.

A pair of bronze long spears swished out of the crowd and clanged strongly against the blades. The two dark-armored warriors launched an even fiercer offensive, but failed to break the pair of bronze long spears and kill the bearded man, no matter how hard they tried.

"I am King Huo Tugu from Fire Cloud Cave, White Bone Valley, Southern Wasteland!" The man's beard turned glowing red, releasing flakes of flame. Pointing at Gong Sun Xun, he growled thunderously, "I came to Pu Ban City for the abdication ceremony, but I'm not there to follow a scum like you! Damn you, you are not my emperor!"

Huo Tugu roared like a beast while rising into the sky with a group of muscular men in leather cloaks, swiftly flying to Ji Xia.

"Ahah! White Bone Valley? Fire Cloud Cave?" Ji Xia popped out his eyes and laughed out loud, "The valley in Hundred-Thousand Wild Man Mountain? That Fire Cloud Cave?" Clicking his tongue, Ji Xia continued yelling, "I've heard about you a lot! Brother Huo Tugu, come on, come on, come on. I doubt anyone can ever hurt you!"

About ten dark-armored warriors flew up, attempting to stop Huo Tugu.

Hundreds of Cold Crows cawed shrilly and turned back into their crow shapes, flapping their wings and sending waves of golden feathers darting down from the sky. The sky seemed to be torn apart by beams of golden light while the feathers landed on the group of dark-armored human warriors and set them on fire, making them fall to the ground.

Hundreds of heavily armored Gong Sun Family people leaped up and expressionlessly approached Huo Tugu. Among these Gong Sun Family warriors, many stared at Huo Tugu in a very unfriendly way. Same as everyone else, they didn't want Gong Sun Xun to be the new human emperor either. However, as members of a large family, they would still fight with no spare efforts for Gong Sun Xun, for the family interest, no matter how badly they hated Gong Sun Xun.

Right or wrong, the family interests stood above everything!

"Brother Huo Tugu is right!" Another six meters tall, sturdy man stood out of the crowd as he released a fierce sense of power. "Gong Sun Xun, you are nothing! Emperor? You are not my emperor! I am Tiger Baiya from Sword Stove, Eight Sword Mountain, Western Wasteland. You are not my emperor! Bite me if you can!"

With the surname Tiger, and his especially strong body, this man was clearly the possessor of the White Tiger bloodline. White Tiger Family was a strong force from Western Wasteland.

Tiger Baiya cursed out loud with rage. Following him, a large number of muscular men all burst into raging growls. They were in ragged clothes, but the powers which could be sensed from them were fierce and strong. They rose into the sky one after another and flew across the crows, towards the divine battleground. On their way, dark-armored warriors leaped up to stop them, but all ended up being pressed down to the ground.

Watching the situation turning more and more chaotic, Huaxu Lie and the others clan leaders, marquises, and earls who supported Si Wen Ming from the beginning suddenly burst into thunderous roars in chorus, "Not our emperor! Not our emperor! Gong Sun Xun, piss off!"

Along with the mountain-collapsing waves of roars, a big half of all human leaders on the scene rose into the sky with their guards and struck Gong Sun Xun's guards back to the ground, making them vomit blood. Then, they trod on flowing clouds and joined the divine army.

On the ground, the expressions of the other clan leaders changed suddenly. Hesitating for a while, they organized their people and approached Gong Sun Xun and the altar.

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