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Emperor Shun wielded his sword, causing a sharp noise that sounded like tearing clothes to rise as he released a strong stream of sword light, pressing down like a thousand layers of mountain. Facing the sword light, Ji Xia's long hair fluttered in the air while a strong gale drilled into his nose and mouth. Uncontrollably, he stepped backward.

Emperor Shun's sword was terrifying. Ji Xia could swear with names of all Gold Crow Clan ancestors that he had never felt such a fierce sword intent before.

Emperor Shun did nothing but wield his sword, but already, Ji Xia felt like watching all mountains in Pan Gu world falling on his head one after another. A sword intent should be sharp as a beam of light, but Emperor Shun made it incredibly heavy.

Ji Xia had fought many powerful warriors, and he also fought a great number of spirit creatures during the flood-control mission. But, he never faced someone like Emperor Shun, who managed to force him back by simply wielding a sword.

Before the battle started, Ji Xia silently admitted that he was frightened a little bit. He was so mad at himself, as he realized that he had no intention of fighting Emperor Shun at all!

Emperor Shun had such a great reputation. He was admired by almost all human beings, and had done so much for the humankind. Just now, he attempted to pass the throne down to unreliable people, but what happened wasn't his fault. Facing Emperor Shun, Ji Xia couldn't fight. He didn't know how, and he dared not to do it.

Ji Xia wouldn't be able to forgive himself even if he left nothing but a thin scratch on Emperor Shun's skin, not to mention the fact that Emperor Shun was so scarily strong. He was a peak-level Divine Magus, but by wielding his sword, he vented a Supreme-level power.

Ji Xia drew back quickly as Emperor Shun's sword intent landed on his chest. His crimson armor glowed with layers of dazzling light. From his chest armor, a ferocious fiery dragon reached out its head and roared thunderously, releasing a long streak of flame to Emperor Shun.

With a series of cracking noise, the dragon head was shattered, and Emperor Shun's sword intent landed heavily on Ji Xia's armor. The armor was a divine treasure, but under Emperor Shun's sword intent, it screamed shrilly and was broken. A long breach was left on the armor.

Looking at the broken armor, Ji Xia wanted to cry. Speaking of defensive power, Emperor Shun's sword could never break this divine armor, which was made from the scales of an ancient dragon. However, Emperor Shun had an immeasurable natural rewards power, which meant that every move of his was supported by the entire world. Therefore, all the defensive power of the armor had already been dispelled by the power of nature even before Emperor Shun's sword enough touched it.

With Emperor Shun's power, breaking dragon scales with his sword wasn't difficult at all.

Emperor Shun sneered as wisps of dark mist coiled on his body. He raised his arm and launched another sword attack towards Ji Xia. Ji Xia burst into a raging growl pulled out his sword, starting a raging fire as he swung it towards Emperor Shun's sword.

All of a sudden, a yellow and black light flashed across the edge of Emperor Shun's sword, dimming the fire from Ji Xia's sword. In the following moment, Emperor Shun 's sword clanged deafeningly against Ji Xia's sword, cutting it into two. The sword edge slid down along the broken sword and cut broken Ji Xia's chest armor again, sinking into his chest by three inches.

Blood squirted out of the wound. Ji Xia took a deep breath, letting the scorching, glowing blood flow back into his body. Staring at Emperor Shun with a twisted face, he nearly cried out loud.

"The world, please open your eyes and see! Emperor Shun is controlled by a devil. How can you still help him?" Ji Xia screamed hoarsely.

Ji Xia's sword was also a first-grade treasure from the heaven, made from a foot that belonged to an ancient Qilin, the bronze from Shouyang Mountain, the alum from Dark River, and the other precious materials. The sword was incredibly sharp, containing a trance of Qilin essence fire; it was genuinely a top-grade piece from the heaven.

Nevertheless, Emperor Shun broke such a treasure with a decorative sword, which was designed especially for the ceremony. How could this even happen?

Emperor Shun was the human emperor, while Ji Xia was the God of War from the heaven, with all divine warriors and commanders under his command. Ji Xia was a genuine divine god, who was responsible for suppressing all evils and keeping the entire world in peace!

Emperor Shun launched his third strike. His sword intent was strangely heavy, but his moves were swift, as fast as a gust of wind, that Ji Xia couldn't even see the movements of his sword clearly.

Ji Xia had no time to dodge or pull out other weapons to defend himself. With no other choice, he raised both hands and punched on Emperor Shun's chest. Ji Xia didn't want to hurt Emperor Shun, and only wanted to force him back.

Emperor Shun puffed out his chest and rushed straight at Ji Xia's fists.

Ji Xia's fists were softened. Without much thinking, he put down his fists and stepped backward with embarrassment. As the sword light flashed across the air, Emperor Shun shattered Ji Xia's armor. The mountain-like sword intent struck on Ji Xia's body and generated a muffled bang, shredding his crimson cloak. Ji Xia felt that a thousand sharp daggers had just swept across his chest, sending his muscles flying to the sky in tiny pieces. The tremendous sword intent descended and crushed all the muscles and blood.

Ji Xia's ribs were exposed in the air, golden, shiny, with countless flame-shaped divine spell symbols spiraling inside. Every bone of his was shining with a bright fiery light. With a series of cracking noise, Ji Xia's ribs broke suddenly. Spider-web-like cracks spread along his bones, and within a blink of an eye, all his bones were smashed!

Breathing deeply, Ji Xia howled out loud, but dared not to say a bad word to Emperor Shun. Helplessly, he shouted in pain. A strong fire rose from his body, which healed his broken bones and regenerated his muscles and blood. Taking a series of large steps backward, Ji Xia drew back into the formation of his divine army.

"Emperor Shun, wake up! Don't let the devil control you! Do you, do you think that I really dare not to fight you?" Ji Xia barked, "Wake up! I don't want your blood on my weapon!"

Emperor Shun raised his head, slightly shaking his head while giving Ji Xia a faint smile as he said, "I'd like to see how you stain your weapon with my blood!"

Emperor Shun laughed as he raised the sword, trod on a yellow cloud, and rose into the sky, marching towards the divine army all alone.

Ji Xia took over a long spear from a warrior of his. Flicking the spear, he stared at Emperor Shun and watched him getting closer and closer, then helplessly shouted aloud.

"Holy Amma!" Ji Xia shouted, turned around, and ran.

Ji Xia drew back. Following him, all divine warriors and commanders retreated in perfectly ordered lines.

Soon, countless Gold Crow warriors cawed, confusedly glanced at Emperor Shun, who was launching an offensive all by himself, then followed Ji Xia and fled. Crow feathers drifted all over the sky.

Emperor Shun chased after them for tens of miles, then stopped. Standing in the midair, he growled resonantly, "All human beings, return now for the abdication ceremony. Anyone who dares to leave will be treated as a traitor of the humankind, and your families will be punished!"

From a distance away, Ji Xia gazed at Emperor Shun with his face twisted, unable to say a word.

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