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Numerous people stared at Ji Xia with widely opened eyes. 'How could he say that?' People wondered in their heads.

If what Ji Xia said were real, Gong Sun Su Su's reputation would be ruined for good. Even if...Even if Gong Sun Su Su were innocent, he would hardly have a chance to rise again as a human being, because the one who accused him of rape and murder was Ji Xia, a divine god, the father of Ji Hao, and all human beings still had to pay respect to the heaven.

Not to mention the fact that Gong Sun Su Su wasn't so innocent. He was seriously not a good person.

Looking at Ji Xia in a very complicated way, Emperor Shun asked, "Is Gong Sun Su Su a morally degenerate person? Doesn't he deserve to be the human emperor?"

Ji Xia looked at Emperor Shun seriously and responded, "He is, and he doesn't. If he becomes the new emperor, I guarantee you, human beings would suffer a flood each year, a drought and a locust plague every three years, without a doubt! All because Gong Sun Su Su is too evil. It's like throwing a piece of sh*t into a pot of soup, the soup will certainly go bad!"

Huaxu Lie and the other princes lowered their heads, laughing silently in their heads.

Ji Xia, what a shameless man! What he said could be his judgment for Gong Sun Su Su, and could also be a threat to Emperor Shun. With the power of the heaven, causing a disastrous flood like what Gong Gong had done wasn't easy, but picking a few territories to raise a flood each year, choosing a few clans to start a drought or a locust plague, required no effort at all.

In front of so many human leaders and human beings, Ji Xia had made it perfectly clear — Gong Sun Su Su was a piece of sh*t, and if he ascended to the throne, if human beings were hit by a natural calamity...Ji Xia had warned them all!

Emperor Shun remained silent for long, while Gong Sun Su Su's face turned blue in anger.

The moment Ji Xia said this, Gong Sun Su Su's reputation was ruined. He wasn't a good person indeed, but he could swear to god that he didn't do what Ji Xia said. Ji Xia made that up, he framed him and brought him discredit on purpose!

The throne of the human emperor had been expecting him! The endless power, the great glory was right in front of them! But, at such a critical moment, Ji Xia showed up suddenly, making Gong Sun Su Su feel even worse than hearing the news of his father's death.

A high-pitched roar could be heard from deep inside Gong Sun Su Su's body. He rolled up the broad sleeves of his robe, pulled out the golden, shiny sword tied around his waist, and growled as he pounced on Ji Xia.

"B*stard, how dare you ruin my reputation?"

Every Gong Sun Family member inherited the sword of art of Emperor Xuanyuan. As a former prince, Gong Sun Su Su was a sword master. A sharp sword power was released from his golden sword as he lunged fiercely to Ji Xia's heart.

Ji Xia laughed, "People, look at this. I didn't make up stories. He's ashamed into anger. He wants to kill me, so that no one can prove what he did! Haha, a human being attempting to kill a divine god, how many divine laws has he violated?"

Emperor Shun remained silent, and so did the group of Magi Palace elders. The few Gong Sun elders rushed up and pulled out their swords to defend Gong Sun Su Su.

Sharp sword power streams interwove while the sword lights dazzled. Eight Gong Sun elders combined their powers and wove their sword lights into a web, forcibly suppressing Gong Sun Su Su's sword power.


The strongest Gong Sun elder wielded his sword and cut Gong Sun Su Su's golden sword into pieces, then the other elders immediately pointed their swords at the vital areas of Gong Sun Su Su's body, disabling him from moving.

Along with a metal clang, tens of divine commanders spread their fingers. A set of natural-elements chains spiraled down from the air, along with tens of instruments of torture. The chains landed on Gong Sun Su Su, and pierced countless colorful long needles into his body, sealing off his power. Gong Sun Su Su could no longer move.

Grabbing Gong Sun Su Su, the group of divine commanders swiftly flew back to the heaven and earth formation.

Emperor Shun's eyes shone dimly with a cold light. He looked at the people gathered around the altar, then glanced at the few embarrassed Gong Sun elders. He abruptly smiled and said, "I was wrong, and so were you. Earlier, I said that I am going to hand over the crown to Gong Sun Xu. Elders, why did you bring Gong Sun Su Su? He is a such a scum."

Emperor Shun raised his finger. A golden beam of light was released from his fingertip, along with a coiling purple mist, which landed on a handsome young man standing in the crowd of Gong Sun Family members. "Gong Sun Xu, come to the altar. After this ceremony, you will be the new emperor!"

Gong Sun Xu wasn't even a prince, merely a relatively talented young man. He looked at Emperor Shun in confusion. He was nothing. In the Gong Sun Family, he was no more than a commander with a thousand warriors under his command. Even with all the resources possessed by the Gong Sun Family, he was merely a high-grade Magus King, and was far away from the level of Divine Magus.

Did Emperor Shun nominate him because his name sounded familiar with Gong Sun Su Su?

Gong Sun Xu's scalp was numbed. He wasn't thrilled, he wasn't even surprised. He saw what happened to Gong Sun Su Su. His fine hair stood up one after another, as the sense of terror controlled him. He felt frozen, that he could not say one word.

"The boy is too kind and honest. Look at him, he's too excited to say a thing." Emperor Shun smilingly looked at Gong Sun Xu and said mildly, "I've been paying attention to him since he were a little kid. He has been handling things very well in these years, and has made a series of contributions during the flood-control mission, earning himself a natural reward. He is kind, honest, responsible, and merciful. Therefore, I shall worry about nothing when he ascends to the throne."

With his eyes sparkling coldly, Emperor Shun turned around and looked at Ji Xia, asking word by word, "Ji Xia, is anything wrong with Gong Sun Xu?"

Gong Sun Xu was a nobody among all young elites in the Gong Sun Family. Therefore, Emperor Shun would like to hear the fake crime Ji Xia might put on Gong Sun Xu's head.

"He… disrespected nature and the souls of his ancestors!" Ji Xia sneered, looking at Gong Sun Xu, "One day, he struck down an altar, trampled upon the offerings, and said disrespectful words to all gods in this worlds. Such an unruly person should be imprisoned for a thousand years to atone for his crime!"

Gong Sun Xu trembled in fear. "No, I didn't! I didn't strike down an altar! I never said disrespectful things to gods!" He screamed.

Ji Xia grinned. Pointing at Gong Sun Xu, he laughed, "You see, you see, who would just admit what his crime frankly? Even now, he is still lying. How can such a dishonest person be the human emperor?"

Again, the entire area fell into a deathly silence. Looking at Ji Xia's grinning face, no one could say a word, no one.

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