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High up in the air, a group of Gold Crow warriors with gorgeous golden feathers flew across the sky while cawing brightly.

Flying side by side with those Gold Crow warriors were hundreds of metal plates which belonged to Jia Clan warriors. Dim blue electric light sizzled on the metal plates, while thousands of shrimp and crab warriors trod on them, followed Gold Crow warriors on patrol.

On the ground, Gold Crows in their scrawny human shapes were wearing long golden robes, carrying long spears and strong bows while walking on the streets and alleys in Liang Zhu City. Their heads were held high, and chests puffed out. They had learned to follow the military rules, that when walking on the ground, they wouldn't caw like the ones flying in the sky anymore.

They moved in perfectly ordered lines and were armed to the teeth, looking exactly like an elite force.

Following behind every Gold Crow patrol troop was a large number of secondary warriors. Some of them were elite water-kind warriors from the dragon-kind, some were flying warriors from the phoenix-kind, while some were stone men, treemen, jungle spirits, and other spirit creatures. Every day and night, elite warriors from all species would be on patrol in every corner of Liang Zhu City, making this non-humankind capital city 'their own'.

All important areas in Liang Zhu City were guarded by Longbo Country people and Kuafu Family people, who were enormous and fierce-looking.

These giants tried their best to shrink their bodies, but still, they were miles tall. By merely standing on the ground, these giants could make all non-humankind beings hold their breath, without daring to make any undesirable moves.

A slight movement of Longbo Country people would quake the earth, startle all non-humankind families in the surroundings, and make countless non-humankind children scream and run.

In the city, next to a bright beam of light which reached straight into the sky, the eleven emperors other than Fan Hai stood on a tall tower, coldly looking at the city. A long while later, Yemo Luoye started a conversation with a low voice, in anger, "Is this still our Liang Zhu City? All warriors, all guards are theirs! Is this still the city built by our ancestors with generations of severe efforts?"

No one said a word. After another long while, Piji Nu responded with a dry voice, "It's good though. They have taken so much away from us, so once that great being descends, they should rush up…and fight!"

Laughing hollowly, Piji Nu pointed at a group of Gold Crow warriors flying across the sky and continued, "Look, if we see them as our warriors, think about it… We have so many elite warriors. Actually…It's not bad if you think this way, right?"

Yemo Luoye threw a sideway scornful glance at Piji Nu and said, "Piji Nu, are you still a man?"

Piji Nu raised his eyebrows smilingly, then deeply bowed to Yemo Luoye and said, "Beautiful Emperor Yemo Luoye, witnessed by the supreme, great Red Sun, of course, I am a pure Yu Clan man! If you don't believe me, I can offer you a chance to prove it yourself!"

Yemo Luoye dropped her face and opened her erect eye, seeming ready to give Piji Nu a beating.

"Enough!" Polo Jia snorted blandly, "Fan Hai is here. Be careful about what you say and what you do."

Yemo Luoye immediately closed her erect eye, turned around, and glanced at Fan Hai, who walked over with a large group of people. Disgustedly, she sneered and said, "What a damnable man. He has, actually, willingly become a dog of Ji Hao!"

"He is such a humiliation to the Yu Clan." Piji Nu crossed his arms before his chest and said proudly, "He should kill himself to wash off the shame he brought to the entire Nether Moon with his blood."

"But, it's a good thing for him to be here." Polo Jia said mildly, "He can be our representative to cooperate with the humankind on behalf of us. When human beings are about to fail…when human beings need help…according to the agreement, one of us would have to do something. To be honest, I don't want to go against a great, a fearful holy being."

Hearing him, the expressions of all the others changed simultaneously. Soon, with warmly grinning faces, they leaped down from the top of the tower and ebulliently walked to Ji Hao, who followed behind Fan Hai.

Yemo Luoye rushed up to Ji Hao ahead of everyone else, bringing up a nice scented, warm gust of wind. Charmingly, she leered at Ji Hao and said, "Dear Emperor Ji Hao, you see, we know that you've been extra busy these days. If not for an important matter, we wouldn't dare to interrupt you! But for what's happening now, we can only talk to you."

As a female, Yemo Luoye was good at using her 'natural weapon'. She looked at Ji Hao with her gently sparkling eyes, and her three beautiful eyes were filled with a strong warmth. Without knowing all the background stories, one might think that she was a huge fan of Ji Hao, and eagerly wanted to send herself into his bedroom.

Since he had been looting Yu Clan families and making all Yu Clan people cry in the past few months, Ji Hao was clearly aware of the awful impression that these non-humankind emperors had about him. He cawed to laugh, but when he heard himself, he hurriedly cleared his throat, grouchily glanced at Mr. Crow, who stood beside him, then laughed again with a normal voice.

Innocently, Mr. Crow popped out his eyes towards Ji Hao. Indeed, Ji Hao always cawed to laugh lately, but that had nothing to do with Mr. Crow. Mr. Crow raised his head and looked at the Gold Crow warriors flying all over the sky. That was all these kids' fault!

"Emperors, since you all know that I am busy, let's not waste time. What change happened to those portal-base formations which are being used by our enemies as navigation marks now? Can we destroy them now?"

Ji Hao asked urgently, "If we can break the formations now, will Blood Crown get lost in the boundless Chaos?"

The group of emperor looked at Ji Hao in confusion. Clearly, they couldn't answer Ji Hao's question.

A white-haired Xiu Clan old man split the crowd and walked over. He glanced at Ji Hao from head to toe, showing a faint anger, then said blandly, "According to our analysis, if we didn't miscalculate, the twelve formations are affected by an outside force. Instead of guiding the enemies to Pan Gu world, they are now pointing at Pan Heng world, the nearest world from Pan Gu world."

"Eh? Pan Heng world?" Ji Hao looked at the Xiu Clan old man with curiosity.

"To us, it 's not a strange world. We Flow Moon people are even…quite familiar with it." Polo Jia rubbed his nose embarrassedly, smiled to Ji Hao, and said, "Pan Heng world, hmm, how should we say this? My family discovered it twenty-thousand years ago, but we didn't conquer it successfully. We took losses, but failed to earn the profits we deserved."

Helplessly spreading his hands, Polo Jia continued with a smile of self-mockery, "After all, we Flow Moon people aren't good at fighting, and our family elders weren't willing to hire strong fighting force. According to our law, the mercenary fighting force will take away a large portion of profit from us, so of course, we couldn't afford that."

Polo Jia shrugged and took out a three-feet-squared jade turtle shell, then said, "But, we've already found out the approximate location of Pan Heng world. We have a deep, deep understanding of this world."

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