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His horns were shattered along with a big half of his head. Boiling hot dragon blood spurted out like a fountain. Suffering the unbreakable pain, Ao Ku screamed uncontrollably and showed his original figure in the ten-miles-wide hole on the ground.

He was a thousand miles long dragon, with a body covered with purely black scales. A strangely brutal and fierce power could be sensed from every scale of his.

He was an evil dragon. Back in the ancient era, he used to be a disaster to human beings. He flooded human territories and slaughtered human beings for fun. He liked to grind his teeth with human bones and fulfill his appetite with human blood.

Ji Hao gave Ao Ku a deep gaze. This damnable old creature, he had actually imprisoned the souls of all human beings who were killed or eaten by him in his scales with an extremely dark secret magic. Every scale of his was a giant prison, with tens of millions of human souls kept in it!

How many scales did a thousand-mile-long dragon have? Tens of millions of souls were imprisoned in his every scale, then how many human beings had this evil creature killed in total? From this long distance away, Ji Hao heard the despairing screams of countless human souls, from his body.

"Do you, want to die?" Ji Hao showed a ferocious look while staring straight at Ao Gu, Feng Ling, and the other elderly dragons and phoenixes, said, "You, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, do you want to die?"

Ao Ku was thrown to the ground by Ji Hao with the Pan Gu bell without any resistance. By now, he was lying on the ground, screaming in pain. He tried but failed to struggle back up. Ao Gu and Feng Ling were both stunned. They couldn't believe their eyes.

Ao Ku was a powerful dragon, as strong as Supreme Magi. Relying on their strong physical bodies, dragons had no fear of any living being in Pan Gu world. Their scales were natural armors, and their muscles were unbreakable. They could fight any enemy by rushing up against the enemies' attacks, then destroying the enemies with their incomparably sharp claws, teeth, and horns.

Nevertheless, with a gray, lusterless small bell, which seemed to be nothing special, Ji Hao put Ao Ku to the ground. Was this even real?

Was Ao Tu too weak? Or Was Ji Hao too strong?

"We phoenixes have always been mild and harmless. We will not take part in the conflict between you two, for now." On behalf of the phoenix-kind, Feng Ling smartly, and also shamelessly abandoned the dragon-kind, as a temporary ally. She gave up on forcing Ji Hao, but stepped back with the other three elderly phoenixes and smiled, prepared to watch in safety while the others were fighting.

Ji Hao was delighted to see this happen. He forced a smile out of his face and nodded to Feng Ling.

Ao Gu and the other three dragons stared at Feng Ling in an unfriendly way. 'Phoenixes have always been mild and harmless'? Who would buy that? During the past countless years, hadn't phoenixes drawn their swords against dragons for rare natural treasures, like a thousand times?

Phoenixes didn't have strong physical bodies, but their souls were scarily powerful. Relying on their greatly powerful souls and strong, natural-given fires, they had also been acting aggressively in the whole world. They were never nicer and more generous than those muscular dragons. However, they were indeed much smarter and sneakier than dragons. Before they saw the truth about a thing or a person, they would never make any hasty decision.

"Emperor Hao! You, you hurt one of us." Ao Gu turned away from those unreliable phoenixes and growled at Ji Hao, "You refused our kindness and ruined the friendship that had lasted for thousands of years between your kind and our dragon-kind! You! Are you trying to start a great war between the humankind and the dragon-kind?"

"If we fight, I guarantee you that the dragon-kind will be annihilated!" Ji Hao made a step forward, showing no sign of weakness. Along with a series of bone creaking noise, his sense of power grew stronger, and his body grew taller, reaching the height of Ao Gu.

Putting his forehead heavily against Ao Gu's, Ji Hao yelled back at him, "Remember this, you old scaled animal. We, human beings, are the owner of the natural fortune in Pan Gu world! We are… not dragons!"

"Want to bully someone? Wrong choice of target!" Ji Hao sneered at Ao Gu and continued, "If you want to fight, bring it on. I, Ji Hao, am right here! I'll keep you company! You brought such a strong army, shall we give it a try?"

Earlier, Ao Ku landed on the ground quite loudly. In the distance, all warriors from the dragon army and the phoenix army saw him clearly. The birds in the phoenix army applauded, screamed excitedly, and whistled shrilly, while the fierce-looking dragons from the dragon army began yelling and shouting. Following the orders of a few elderly dragon kings, thirty percent of the dragon army was left behind to confront the phoenix army, while the others marched towards Ji Hao's army.

Down below in the boundless lake, strong waves rolled, as crystalline water columns moved swiftly, and soon encircled Ji Hao's army from all directions. A great number of Divine towers dazzled blindingly on the hundred flying forts. Meanwhile, the dragon statues standing on the walls of each fort slowly opened their mouths. Spheres of eye-piercing light emerged in the mouths of these dragon statues, seeming to erupt at any moment.

Shaosi stood on a high place. With one hand, she grabbed Man Man, who itched to jump out, and in the meantime, had been giving orders with a silvery voice.

Led by Yi Di, Eastern Wasteland archers hopped onto the back of their fierce flying mounts. The flying mounts screamed shrilly while rising into the sky. Shrimp and crab warriors under Shermie's command growled out loud and descended into the water, releasing clouds of spirit creature power that raised the same giant waves to face the water-kind warriors from the dragon army.

One hundred thousand half-dragon warriors burst into thunderous growls and formed two blade-like battle formations for offense, while a million blood pool ghosts merged into the air. No one could see them, but a strong scent of blood could be sensed from the air. Sensing the blood scent, a large number of dragon warrior quivered slightly, as they felt that they were weakening rapidly.

"Not even Emperor Shun dares to take to our dragon-kind like this!" Ao Gu looked at Ji Hao's army, which seemed to be ready for a war. His face even turned blue in anger.

"I'm not a human emperor!" Ji Hao laughed loudly to Ao Gu, "I am a divine emperor! I am chosen by the world to be a divine emperor!"

A twisted intent of killing flashed through Ao Gu's eyes. To ancient dragons like him, who still lived in the endless previous glory of the dragon-kind, divine emperors were nothing. Hadn't the dragon-kind fought the heaven? Every time that happened, they managed to take considerable advantages! They were a powerful species generated from Saint Pan Gu's strong body. They bullied all the time, but they were never bullied by anyone!

"Ji Hao…In our eyes, you, as a divine emperor, are a fart!" Ao Gu finally said what he had been wanting to say all this time, "Unless it's a dragon elder sitting in the throne of a divine emperor, unless the world is ruled by our dragon kind, divine emperors are farts!"

"If you don't do what we said, you, my little friend, will learn your lesson." Ao Gu laughed viciously. Suddenly, he reached his arms towards Ji Hao's shoulders.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed rumblingly. Streams of Chaos power poured down and shielded Ji Hao's entire body. Ji Hao silently pulled out the Pan Gu sword and controlled it with the extreme negative power, merging it into the air and lunging it fiercely towards Ao Gu's heart.

There was not much to do or say, except fighting

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