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Ji Hao patted on Mr. Crow's back. Mr. Crow had absorbed a large amount of essence sun fire, and had learned a small part of the great Dao of sun. As he gave a resonant shout, his luxurious golden feather blazed into fist-sized fire flakes and fell off from his body, drifting before Ji Hao's face.

Ji Hao pointed out his finger. The pair of fire dragons coiled on his arms roared in chorus. Their strong and scorching golden scales fell off and shattered into the tiniest grains of ash, condensing into extremely thin beams of golden light.

The feather-shaped fire flakes gradually quieted down and wove into a three-meters and two-feet-long, six-feet wide scroll.

The golden light beams transformed from dragon scales floated in the air. Ji Hao bit his tongue broken and sprayed a golden stream of spirit blood, filled with a strong sense of natural will and natural reward power, merging into the golden light.

The extremely thin beam of golden light landed on the scroll. Clear, straight ancient divine characters appeared on the scroll one after another and released a majestic sense of power. Strong gusts of wind were raised, blowing crazily around the nine dragons chariot.

The sky became weird, as golden clouds flew like running horses. The sky was split into two, a half that was brightly sunny, while the other half was raining heavily. Sonorous howls echoed through the sky. Those sounds were the roars of the surrounding mountains and earth, sounding like the growls of human beings.

According to the legend, the ancient saint Cangjie created the characters, which were currently used by the humankind, based on the divine characters, created by the world itself. Once Cangjie created the characters, the world quaked, as all ghosts and gods cried. Back then, all living beings understood that from that moment on, the humankind was freed from the confused, uncultured state, and had stepped into the civilized era.

Earning a chance to record and pass on the culture, human beings became the true owners of the natural fortune, the main characters of this world.

The characters Ji Hao was using now were created by nature when the first generation of divine gods was created. These divine characters were immemorial and complicated, and every single one of them contained infinite mystery. Ancient human beings could not understand these divine characters, neither could their souls withstand the pressure given off by them. Therefore, human beings weren't able to use these divine characters.

Every single divine character was corresponding with a natural law, connected with a star and an earth meridian. This divine set of characters was the most original, powerful, and magical writing system in Pan Gu world. Each character was a natural spell symbol, that could deliver an unpredictable, immeasurable power.

When Ji Hao's natural reward power condensed into a seal, this set of ancient divine characters was imprinted deep in his soul. This was a gift from the world, a benefit of being a divine emperor. If that didn't happen, Ji Hao wouldn't be able to read these divine characters, which were so immemorial that even the Magi Palace had the handwritten copies of no more than fifty of these characters in their collection, neither would he be able to write this contract on the scroll with these characters.

The eight ancient beings, who had been staring at each other with daggers drawn, now curiously walked to Ji Hao and carefully looked at the golden characters left on the scroll by him.

By taking one quick glimpse at the scroll, the eyes of the relatively weaker two dragon gods and two phoenix gods turned slightly bloodshot, while a tremor went through their bodies.

Ji Hao kept writing, leaving more and more characters on the scroll. The contents of the contract got longer and longer, more and more complicated, and the majestic natural power released from it grew more and more tremendous.

Among all the eight ancient beings, only the dragon god with five-colored scales and a beautiful phoenix lady, who looked about thirty years old, had still been staring at the scroll, as if they had no strange feeling at all. The other six of them all turned their heads around with difficulty, forcing themselves to swallow the mouthful of blood which had surged up to their throats.

They weren't divine gods acknowledged by the world. They were strong, both in their bodies and souls. But still, they couldn't take too much pressure from these divine characters.

The dragon god with five colored scales withstood the pressure because his physical body was way too strong. Even though his soul had been suffering all the time, his thriving spirit blood was constantly healing the soul and replenishing it. Therefore, he could take it.

The beautify phoenix lady endured the pressure because her soul was extraordinarily powerful. Her original soul was unimaginably strong, and her soul power was as vast as a sea. Therefore, even if the divine characters stirred her souls intensely, her unbound soul swallowed the wild strike with ease.

Through different ways, these two supremely powerful beings witnessed the whole writing process performed by Ji Hao.

When Ji Hao finished the last character, he sighed slightly, raised his head, and smiled to the dragon and the phoenix, "Have you seen it clearly? I didn't play any tricks, and this contract is fair and reasonable. As long as you agree, the dragon-kind and the phoenix will each ascend to one throne of divine emperor now."

"I am Ao Gu!" The dragon god with five-colored scales looked at Ji Hao seriously and gave his name.

"I am Feng Ling!" The beautiful phoenix lady also glanced at Ji Hao with a serious look and gave her name.

To these elderly beings, their pride was even more important than their lives. As they gave their names to Ji Hao, a young human being, they admitted that he was qualified to be on an equal footing with themselves, and negotiate with them.

Ji Hao's conditions had been written clearly on the large scroll.

A contract of the world, the fairest way to sign a contract since the era of the ancient heaven…

Signing a contract under the witness of the world was more than a thousand times more reliable than making a blood swear or any other type of contract or agreement. Anyone who violated a contract like this would be hunted by Pan Gu world with all of its power. Unless one could destroy the great Dao of Pan Gu world, one should never, ever violate a contract of the world.

Ji Hao's conditions were simple. He required the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind to each send out an elite force, composed of their pure-blooded members, to be under Ji Hao, a new divine emperor's command forever. As long as Ji Hao was satisfied by the number and quality of warriors of these two forces, he would make the decision. Based upon that, the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind would each have a throne in the heaven in the future.

As for the third throne, Ji Hao would give it to the most supportive one of them.

Dragons or phoenixes, whoever supported Ji Hao the most, provided him with the strongest army and the most resources, would have the third throne that Ji Hao promised.

Ji Hao swore that he would use the forces provided by the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind appropriately, to strive for the highest achievements on the battleground against invaders.

Once everything was settled, Ji Hao would communicate with the world with his privilege of a divine emperor and let the world descend the edicts, forging new seals and promoting new divine emperors.

But of course, Ji Hao made it very clear — The natural reward power for forging the divine seals had to be provided by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind themselves!

In other words, dragons and phoenixes must contribute as much as they needed to in the coming great wars, to earn enough natural rewards and to actually ascend to the thrones.

"Now, elders, I have just ascended to the throne, and I am in desperate need of helpers. How many people are you preparing to send out to support me?"

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