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Ji Hao approached Yemo Luoye step by step. Facing him, her beautiful face was awfully pasty. She looked at him in fear, sensing the suffocating pressure from him, which was nearly crushing her soul. Eventually, she lowered her proud head.

"Dear Lord Ji Hao, I am deeply sorry. I believe, under your leadership, these brave and strong heaven warriors will become our most loyal, most reliable friends." Yemo Xiu hurriedly stepped out and gave a large fake smile, trying to ease the tension.

Meanwhile, she threw an unpleasant glance at Yemo Luoye. How dare she offend Ji Hao under such a terrible situation?

Ji Hao laughed and stopped threatening Yemo Luoye. He ran a quick discussion with Emperor Shun and the other human leaders, after which, a series of orders were given.

Thirty-thousand half-dragon warriors served as the guards. Treading on a blood-red cloud, they rose straight to the sky. About ten-thousand golden-armored divine commanders led a million divine warriors and followed behind them, raising dense and warm clouds. The warm clouds neutralized a large part of the fierce vibe created by the blood-red cloud, at least keeping the ordinary human beings down below from being frightened by the scary blood-red clouds in the air, while the army flew over the Pan Gu Motherland.

Ji Hao led an enormous army, composed by elites from Yao Mountain territory, Eastern Wasteland archers under Yi Di's commands, Water-kind forces led by Yuan Li, shrimp and crab warriors led by Shermie, and brave warriors from the west.

As the main force, this army was guarded by seventy thousand half-dragon warriors distributed on both sides, and a million blood pool ghosts behind them. The formidable army raised dense clouds that extended for thousands of miles, while approaching the core area of Pan Gu Motherland speedily, towards the old location of Buzhou Mountain.

The front gate of the heaven was right above Buzhou Mountain. Ji Hao prepared to break into the heaven with his army through the front gate. The heaven belonged to Pan Gu world, and any uninvited evil guest should just disappear!

Ji Hao led the army and marched towards the heaven. The twelve Yu Dynasty emperors didn't say a word about this, as if nothing was happening at all.

At the moment, they only wished Ji Hao could raise an even stronger army, and the alliance of human clans could be more powerful.

The formidable army flew upon the clouds and traveled far away from Liang Zhu City and Pu Ban City. On this particular day, when the army flew across the sky above a large lake, giant waves were suddenly raised.

Miles thick water columns rose from the lake, straight into the sky, looking like crystal pillars. A large group of water-kind warriors in luxurious armors stood on each water column.

Compared to the water-kind creatures under Gong Gong's command, this great water-kind force was strong-looking and perfectly ordered. Clearly, this was a well-trained elite force. What was especially surprising was the sense of power released from these water-kind warriors, which was pure and strong, even delivering a faint trace of majesty that belonged to true dragons.

Gong Gong's water-kind army had aggressive spirit creature power, but this water-kind force, which blocked Ji Hao's way, seemed to be no weaker than the one million divine warriors under Ji Hao's command.

In Pan Gu world, only the dragon-kind could raise an army like this.

In Pan Gu world, only the dragon kind was wealthy enough to equip their warriors with such high-quality armors and weapons.

A whole hundred brightly glowing, pure alloy flying forts rose from the lake. Each flying fort was embossed with the ferocious-looking portraits of the nine legendary descendants of the dragon ancestor. All embossments were exquisitely carved, pure golden, and dazzling under the sunshine while seeming fairly lifelike.

A whole hundred flying forts produced by the non-humankind! Judging by the embossments, these forts were obviously customized!

The dragon-kind was indeed super rich, and Yu Clan nobles indeed dared to sell anything. Ji Hao scanned through these forts with his spirit power. Judging by the strong power vibrations detected from each fort, these forts were at least thirty-percent stronger than the standard ones used by the regular Yu Clan armies!

The weapons they sold to their enemies were actually thirty-percent stronger than the ones used by their own armies! Did those Yu Clan nobles feed their moral principles to wild dogs?

Four elderly dragons flew out from a flying fort. Their senses of powers were prehistorical, and their horns were covered in scars and speckles. One of them, whose scales had a colorful luster, laughed out loud and said, "Where is Emperor Ji Hao? I heard from the boys in our family that Emperor Ji Hao is retrieving the sacred heaven, which has been stained by the Gong Gong Family. As the strongest species in Pan Gu world, we will surely do all we can to help!"

The four elderly dragons, who seemed to be countless years old, and were certainly as powerful as Supreme Magi, flashed across the space. Their ridiculously strong muscles cracked the space, and brought them to before Ji Hao's face.

Such a violent way of moving. Among over a million elites marching before Ji Hao, no one managed to stop the four elderly dragons timely. They showed up before the nine dragons chariot grinningly, as if they had done nothing inappropriate.

The dragon with five-colored scales slapped his chest loudly and yelled, "Emperor Hao, don't you worry. With our dragon warriors as your spearhead, retrieving the heaven will be as easy as batting my eye. Emperor Hao, you don't even have to do it yourself, so your hands won't be stained!"

The old dragon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ji Hao and laughed, "But, we heard that in the sacred heaven, except for the divine water army, four water gods existed. Haha, reasonably, the one leading them should be a divine emperor who is familiar with the water power…Hehe!"

The four old dragons fixed their eyes on Ji Hao, without saying another word.

Ji Hao suddenly figured this out. During the never-ending wars between the humankind and the non-humankind, the dragon-kind had only sent out some of their younger generations to help. When human beings risked their lives and fought the disastrous flood, these dragons simply hid in their nests, without making a move. That time, when the non-humankind brought their entire military force to Chi Ban Mountain, the dragon-kind sent no one but Ao Hao, a nearly banished, muddlehead dragon king.

However, when Ji Hao received an edict from the world based on his natural reward power and became a divine emperor, preparing to retrieve the heaven with his army, these dragons showed up. Were they trying to create a divine dragon emperor?

Before Ji Hao figured out how to deal with these dragons, the sky in the east turned rosy. Upon dense fiery clouds, tens of thousands of enormous phenixes, Luan birds, swans, peacocks, rocs, and all the other strong bird, flew over in formidable arrays.

The four golden and shiny phoenixes leading this flying army began talking in chorus.

"Emperor Hao, please hold for a second. Hearing that Emperor Hao is guarding the natural laws and retrieving the heaven, we phoenix-kind came all the way here to help. This time, we will fight as your spearhead, and you shall have no worry!"

Ji Hao was angry, but he could only laugh due to his anger.

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