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The endless passion to slaughter, and the ceaseless desire for violence existed in the deepest area of his soul, providing him with the most original, instinctive will of fighting.

Chi Lei's fist broke Ji Hao's skin and muscles, but was stopped by a rib. His fist glowed with a dazzling red light, releasing violent waves of red sun power that surged into Ji Hao's body. It detonated a magical power that had been hiding inside Ji Hao's body, and was never noticed by him.

Slaughter, crazily slaughtering all living beings; violence, the most direct violence, to conquer everything.

The violence and the desire of slaughtering were like the evil fires created by sky devils, which set Ji Hao's instincts ablaze, buried deep in his soul. His body glowed suddenly. Red light and fire flakes erupted from every pore of his, looking the same as the red light emitting from Chi Lei's body.

Ji Hao's eyes turned red. His will of killing and violence started growing like wild grass, spreading rapidly in his heart and attempting to cover his mind, turning him into a beast with the sole purpose of slaughtering and damaging.

Once the Red Sun power occupied Ji Hao's mind, his soul, spirit blood, bones, and muscles would all be ignited. He would be assimilated by the Red Sun power, becoming a tiny 'Red Sun', a shadow of the Red Sun in Pan Yu world, projected in Pan Gu world!

He would become a part of Chi Lei's power, or be devoured and digested by him, or be controlled by him as a puppet of his. More likely, Chi Lei would let Ji Hao's body and soul be incinerated directly, letting him disappear, then happily take over all his legacy! Pan Gu Dragon Mark, Pan Gu bell, Taiji Creation cauldron, Taiji Universe mirror, Taiji cloak…Ji Hao had a lot of great treasures.

"Damned barbarian…" While vomiting blood, Chi Lei stared straight at Ji Hao, whose chest was halfway punctured by his fist. "Your fist is…so heavy! Ah, how can a freak like you exist in this world? Even the creator of this world had fallen. No such high-grade power should remain existing!"

Ji Hao's body was burning and changing strangely. However, Ji Hao moved way faster than Chi Lei, with a much greater strength. Before Chi Lei's fist sank into his chest, his fist had already penetrated the former's body.

Chi Lei's fist sank into Ji Hao's body halfway, while Ji Hao's fist penetrated Chi Lei's chest. The bloody fist of Ji Hao broke Chi Lei's spine and came out from his back.

A wisp of Chaos power rose from Ji Hao's arm. The edge of Chi Lei's wound was as smooth as a mirror. The body parts touched by Ji Hao's fist were all evaporated by the Chaos power, with nothing being left. Corroded by the Chaos power, the giant wound in Chi Lei's chest was still expanding.

"Damn you, barbaric…monster!" Both Chi Lei and Ji Hao bumbled backward. While complaining, Chi Lei vomited blood and drew back quickly. He was too arrogant. He believed that he could easily end Ji Hao's life, but he never thought that he would be a monster-like being. With one single punch, he was almost killed by Ji Hao.

"Wow!" The facial expressions of the other eleven Sun and Moon knights who had been watching the fight changed suddenly. They rushed up immediately and shielded Chi Lei. The carelessness and scorn in their eyes were gone. Looking at Ji Hao, they were now extra serious and vigilant.

Unlike the worlds they had conquered, Pan Gu world could not be underestimated. Clearly, quite a number of freaks existed among the barbarians in this world! Right in front of him, Ji Hao was one typical freak, as he had actually injured Chi Lei severely with one single punch, that too while Chi Lei was in the 'Red Sun' state!

Unbelievable! In the 'Red Sun' state, Chi Lei was no longer a creature with a fleshy body. Instead, half of his body had become pure, highly compressed Red Sun Power. In other words, half of Chi Lei's body was pure energy, and no ordinary weapon or magic was supposed to damage it.

Nevertheless, Ji Hao created a human-head-sized hole in Chi Lei's energy body with a punch.

What was even more confusing was that in the 'Red Sun state', Chi Lei's body should have a great self-healing ability. The human-head-sized wound should have healed itself once Ji Hao pulled out his fist. But on the contrary, the wound was actually expanding instead of healing!

"Monster!" Another knight's eyes suddenly turned dark, as waves of dark ripples spread out of his body. Within a second, he transformed into a twisted, dark shred of a shadow.

Slightly shaking, the shadow knight flashed across the air and instantly moved behind Ji Hao, weirdly stretching his arms. His pair of arms became feet long dark swords, lunging towards the back of Ji Hao's head and heart without making the slightest noise.

"I am Dim Cloud, a child of the Dim Sun!" While attacking, the shadow knight murmured, "You are a truly powerful being. You must be a hero among barbarians, right? So, you are qualified to know my name. You can die calling my name!"

Dong! The pair of dark shadow sword landed heavily on the Pan Gu bell. Dim Cloud lunged the swords with an extra great strength, and a tremor went through the Pan Gu bell, before a resounding bell ring was generated. White sound waves swept in all directions, turning everything it touched back into Chaos, disordering all natural powers.

Dim Cloud screamed as he was swirled into the sound waves. His shadow-like body struggled desperately in the disordered natural powers, even seeming to be assimilated by the natural powers.

"Such a supreme treasure! Damn it! Barbarian, you have too many treasures!" Dim Cloud shrieked while casting his greedy eyes on the bell. Chi Lei wanted Pan Gu Dragon Mark, then the Pan Gu bell should belong to Dim Cloud, right?

While struggling, Dim Cloud reached his hands towards the Pan Gu bell. He even forgot that his life was under threat.

A dark silhouette suddenly flashed out of Ji Hao's shadow. Creating a blood-red beam of sword light, Yemo Shayi pierced his sword towards Dim Cloud while saying, "Proud high-grade noble, let me, a lowly old slave, take away your life!"

Yemo Shayi laughed wildly when the dark-red sword reached to Dim Cloud's chest.

Dim Cloud moved slightly. In the next moment, Dim Cloud's shadow-like body suddenly appeared behind Yemo Shayi. Dim Sun's power included space and shadow. Dim Cloud controlled the shadow and space way better than Yemo Shayi could imagine!

After all, Yemo Shayi was a Sun and Moon being promoted in Pan Gu world. He knew way too less about the true Sun and Moon powerful beings from Pan Yu world.

Countless sharp shadows silently penetrated the space. Yemo Shayi trembled intensely as the shadows penetrated his body over and over again. Blood splashed like a rain. Within a blink of an eye, Yemo Shayo's body was penetrated by the shadows thousands of times, and was left covered in holes.

With his body glowing with a blood-red light, Ji Hao gave a resonant roar and bumped against the Pan Gu bell with his head. Afterward, he grabbed Yemo Shayi and activated the golden bridge. As the dim golden light flashed, both Yemo Shay and Ji Hao disappeared.

The Pan Gu bell rang even more sonorously this time. Rolling sound waves drowned Dim Cloud, as collapsing space wrapped up his dark shadow-like body. Dim Cloud screamed shrilly in fear.

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