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Enemy At Liang Zhu City

The slave-hunting troop approached the ninth southwest gate.

From a long distance away, Feng Xing, who had the best eyesight, saw the tastefully built quaint black building, standing on a granite hill behind the magnificent ninth gate.

According to Feng Xing's estimation, the width of this black building was unknown, but it was over twenty miles long, and over three-hundred-meters tall. If this were the Great Library in Yu Dynasty, how many books could it contain? How much knowledge had been kept in it?

As an apprentice of the Magi Palace, Feng Xing clearly understood how valuable knowledge was. He stared at this black building, almost drooling.

Yu Mu had already grabbed a Yu Clan young man beside him, lowered his voice, and asked, "Is this your Great Library? So huge on the outside? What about the inside? Is there any space seal cast in it? How large is it on the inside?"

The Yu Clan young man showed scorn in his eyes. Looking at Yu Mu like a man from a large city looking at a country folk, he sneered with an obvious feeling of superiority and said, "How can there not be a space seal? The inner space of this library is twenty times larger than its actual volume. Many precious records and scriptures and texts are collected in there, such as…"

The Yu Clan young man suddenly stopped talking, while his face was slightly blushed.

"Such as what?" Yu Mu blinked his small beady eyes and stared at him as he asked.

The Yu Clan young man snorted and remained silent. Standing aside, Feng Xing sighed and said, "Such as you never went in there, did you?"

The Yu Clan young man laughed embarrassedly. Rubbing his nose, he murmured to continue, "We are nobles, so we have our own tutors. My family has our own library…The Great Library, hehe, except for those old dudes, who can no longer hang out with girls, and those Xiu Clan nerds, who would want to go there?"

Spreading his hands, this Yu Clan young man continued straightforwardly, "You'll know when you notice the Great Library's location, it's not in the central area of Liang Zhu City. That's because it's not so useful, but needs to occupy such a large piece of land! In the central area of Liang Zhu City, every inch of land means incalculable wealth. Such a large piece of land, how many shopping centers and clubs can we build on it?"

"Knowledge is wealth, is strength… That's what Uncle Wen Ming said!" Feng Xing and Yu Mu murmured together.

"Wrong! Knowledge is knowledge, wealth is wealth, strength is strength!" The Yu Clan young man curved down his lip corners and said, "Stupid barbarians…Ah, I didn't mean you. I meant only the ones at the ground-breaking stage of your civilization, only those among you would crazily be seeking new knowledge. Our civilization is already highly developed. So, knowledge is just knowledge to us."

Raising his head, this Yu Clan young man smiled and said, "If I have the spare time to read, I will use the time to know more ladies from high-grade noble families. If I enjoyed their favors, I could have their delicate, beautiful bodies. If I can marry them, my whole family would be benefited."

He sighed and continued to Yu Mu and Feng Xing, sounding like a person of rich experiences, "Do you know why I chose to join a slave-hunting troop, to travel laboriously in the wilderness and take the risk to attack your human clans?"

Yu Mu and Feng Xing looked at him.

"Because, those noble ladies like brave men with a spirit of adventure!" The Yu Clan young man sighed again and said, "As a slave hunter, I am qualified to join their private salon. If I attacked a human clan personally, I could sit right by their sides, hold their tender hands, and tell them about my adventures. If I can chop off a…Eh, no, I mean, if I am wounded by a human warrior…"

The Yu Clan young man pulled his collar and exposed an extremely faint scar on his chest, then said, "See? A brave man's scar is like a medal of honor, a pass to the rooms of rich young ladies, to their soft bodies! This scar can get me at least twenty noble, pretty young ladies!"

Yu Mu narrowed his eyes, looking at this weird scar.

"You did this to yourself, didn't you?" Yu Mu pointed out the strangeness of this scar straightforwardly, "Is this even a scar? It's just a skin trauma, isn't it? I think it didn't even bleed. In order to leave a scar, you soaked it with a corrosive liquid drug."

Feng Xing shook his head as he glanced at this Yu Clan young man, whose face had begun paling, and said, "You may fool those silly women with it, but if you encounter the smart ones, your reputation would be ruined!"

The color of the Yu Clan young man's face changed from blushing to pale. Remaining silent for a while, he flatteringly put is face near Feng Xing, and said, "Lord Feng Xing, you see, we're teammates this time. I am helping you sneak into Liang Zhu City, so we're teammates now. You…"

Feng Xing pondered briefly, then slapped heavily on the Yu Clan young man's shoulder and said, "Alright, I like your attitude. Leave it to me. When we settle down in the city, I will give you a hack myself. I promise you a bloody scary wound that will leave you no future problem."

"Trust me, if Yu Clan women are really as silly as you have described, a new, bleeding wound will at least get you a hundred little girls!" Looking at this Yu Clan young man from head to toe, he said, "If you like, I can also shoot two arrows into the fleshy parts of your body, making it even more realistic. You fought on the front line and attacked a human clan, so how can you not be wounded by arrows?"

"And me!" Yu Mu said excitedly, I can give you a few scars with a magic fire, maybe burn a few unimportant muscles to make the wounds even worse…Quoting from Ji Hao, it'll give it a stronger visual impact. Those wounds will certainly shock those girls!"

As this ridiculous conversation happened between them, the surrounding, human warriors had already tightened their muscles, vigilantly looked around.

They had already reached the ninth southwest gate. They were already in Liang Zhu City!

Since forever, non-humankind beings were the ones who started every war, assaulting human beings. No human force could approach Liang Zhu City! Except for human slaves, not a single human army ever managed to approach this city.

And this time, in the disguise of slave hunters and slaves, this elite force with three-hundred-thousand warriors under Ji Hao's command came to Liang Zhu City in broad daylight, reaching a gate of this city.

"No one ever likes the Great Library. This place is for the old dudes and nerds." murmured the Yu Clan young man, "To young people like us, this is a forbidden area. It's said that once you get close to this area, you will lose every gamble in the next three months!"

Perhaps, for the above reason, the ninth southwest gate was not heavily guarded. Bribing the guards with a tall price, the slave-hunting troop guided the large crowd of 'slaves' into Liang Zhu City.

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