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Netherworld Hierarch liked Ji Hao. He frankly told Ji Hao that he was one of the three clones of Netherworld Priest, and had eighteen hell clones scattered in the nine water gates area, each having a mission. In every water gate, two hell clones had been working together, one in public, and one undercover.

Mentioning the eighteen hell clones, Netherworld Hierarch took a sip of the tea and started explaining to Ji Hao about the eighteen hell cones in details, from the very beginning.

The netherworld hell was divided into eighteen parts, and each part could be considered as an independent world, with an independent great Dao. Eighteen great Dao of nature ruled the hell together. Blade mountains, flame oceans, blood pools, and many cruel things existed in hell, all mysterious and hard to describe.

Ever since Pan Gu world was created, Netherworld Priest lived in the netherworld. He had traveled across hell countless times, and gained a deep, thorough understanding about the great Dao of hell. During the past countless centuries, while travelling across the hell, Netherworld Priest gradually spread his spirit power and life-force, merging with the hell itself.

One day, Netherworld Priest suddenly had a realization during meditation. He had a pair of swords, which were two extremely powerful supreme treasures that he was born with. With the pair of swords, based on his own understanding about the great Dao of netherworld, he created Netherworld Hierarch.

When Netherworld Hierarch was created, the eighteen great Dao of hell quaked simultaneously. Netherworld Hierarch was enlightened, and he became eighteen priests. These eighteen priests were his eighteen hell clones, condensed from the essence power of the eighteen Dao of hell.

This Netherworld Hierarch, who was talking pleasantly with Ji Hao right now, was ‘blood pool hell clone’, one of the eighteen. He was connected with the boundless blood pool in the hell; as long as the blood pool was not drained, he would never die.

The blood pool was the final destination of all dirtiness and negative energies in Pan Gu world. As long as living beings in Pan Gu world still had evilness in their hearts, as long as wars, fights, and schemes still existed between living beings in this world, the blood pool would never be drained.

Therefore, Netherworld Hierarch was almost immortal. Just now, when he fought against Ji Hao, he released eighteen blood-red swords. Those were called ‘blood flying swords’, generated from the dirtiest, evilest essence blood power from the blood pool in the hell, in combination with the forty-nine darkest natural materials in the world. Not to mention other functions of these swords; except for unbreakable powerful beings like Yu Yu, the blood of any living creature would be polluted immediately through a tiny scratch left on the skin by these swords. Consequently, that living creature would become a puddle of rotten blood within a second. Its soul would be stained as well, and might even be destroyed.

The ‘blood flying swords’ were so dangerous, and could even be counted as the fiercest in the world.

Ji Hao was deeply attracted by Netherworld Hierarch’s stories. He and Netherworld Hierarch discussed about the great Dao and exchanged their experiences. From Netherworld Hierarch, Ji Hao learned many cruel tricks. Especially, when he earlier broke into the tiny worlds created by Netherworld Hierarch, he had a glimpse of the truth of the great Dao of netherworld. On the other hand, Netherworld Hierarch learned about the great Dao of extreme negative from Ji Hao, which largely improved his cultivation based on the great Dao of netherworld.

By the end, Netherworld Hierarch felt that he had gained too much more than Ji Hao. As an eldership, he couldn’t bear to take advantages of Ji Hao. Therefore, he laughed brightly, then pointed at Ji Hao’s forehead and taught Ji Hao everything about the ‘blood flying swords’. In addition to that, he also taught Ji Hao how to generate dark blood thunders with the power of the boundless blood pool in hell, and all other kinds of cruel and dangerous dark magics he created.

"My friend Yu Yu, his Dao is glorious, dignified, and upright. His Dao is the top-grade Dao in the world." Netherworld Hierarch smiled to Ji Hao and said, "My Dao… I am aware of the fact that my Dao is not decent. But, an indecent Dao has its own splendor, just like a crooked road has its own special sceneries."

Gently patting on Ji Hao’s shoulder, Netherworld Hierarch smiled and continued, "My Dao cannot become your true great Dao, but serving as a protection method of your great Dao, it will be more than enough!"

Ji Hao hurriedly stood up and bowed deeply, sincerely thanking Netherworld Hierarch for his generosity. Earlier, Netherworld Hierarch asked Ji Hao many questions regarding the great Dao of extreme negative. Through this, Ji Hao realized that the great Dao of extreme negative was highly useful to Netherworld Hierarch. Pondering briefly, Ji Hao took a deep breath and then released a silver light sphere from his chest.

Also generously, Ji Hao shared Netherworld Hierarch a half of the extremely negative power, that he grew with solid efforts in the past few years. He compressed the extremely negative power into a fist-sized silver bead, which was as heavy as ten giant mountains, then politely handed it to Netherworld Hierarch.

"Elder, I am so grateful for you guidance. You are not my Shifu, yet you guided me and solved my confusions. You treated me with the same kindness as my Shifu did. I do not have much to give in return. This small amount of negative power here was grown by me through years of severe cultivation, I am now presenting it to you as a small gift."

Ji Hao clearly knew that the star of extreme negative in Pan Gu world was occupied by a powerful being, who no one could afford to offend. Ever since that, the extreme negative power in Pan Gu world became awfully weak and thin, such that ordinary living beings could barely find enough of that to cultivate themselves.

But, Ji Hao had that mysterious five-colored cauldron. With the cauldron, he could melt anything in the world, and turn everything back into the Chaos power, for his embryos of Dao to absorb. His embryos of Dao could easily transform the Chaos power into extreme negative power and sun power, and other types of natural powers. Therefore, collecting this amount of extremely negative power might be ridiculously difficult to the others, but to Ji Hao, it would cost no more than a few years of absorption.

Looking at the bead in Ji Hao’s hands, Netherworld Hierarch’s mouth corner twitched slightly. Spreading his hands, he gave a bitter smile and said, "Kid, you are such a troublemaker. I’ve been doing something lately, and I was just lacking the extreme negative power…The one who has occupied the star of extreme negativeness is someone I can’t afford to offend… If I refuse this gift from you, I’d be faking it for sure."

Waving his broad sleeve, Netherworld Hierarch took over the bead from Ji Hao. Looking at Ji Hao, he smiled and continued, "As an elder, I can’t always take advantages of a kid…Hehe, when I made the eighteen flying swords, I collected some extra essence from the blood pool and made nine blood flying knives. I was going to give those flying knives to my future disciples, for them to protect themselves."

While talking and smiling, Netherworld Hierarch took out nine fist-sized, crescent-shaped, hilt-less, and extra sharp flying knives, glowing with a strong blood-red light. Before Ji Hao could refuse, he directly took nine drops of spirit blood from Ji Hao’s fingers, transformed the nine blood drops into nine blood spell symbols, and sent them into the knives. Immediately, a tight connection between Ji Hao and these nine flicking flying knives, which were just like living creatures, was built. Ji Hao could now control these nine flying knives as freely as his own arms.

"These knives are fierce and dark. The more they kill, the stronger they will become." Looking at Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch grinned and said, "Don’t worry. I believe you will not use these knives to take innocent lives away."

Ji Hao didn’t reject. He bowed slightly, and thanked Netherworld Hierarch.

A soft series of footstep sounds could be heard, then a gentle voice from a young girl came from the outside, "Sir, the monthly auction is going to start."

Ji Hao abruptly patted his own forehead. White Feather had given him an invitation to the monthly auction. He smilingly took out the invitation card and said to Netherworld Hierarch, "Elder, are you interest to take a look at the treasures in there?"

Netherworld Hierarch was in a good mood. Grinning and nodding, he responded, "Great, let’s go together, together!"

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