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When he said ‘cut the crap’, Ji Hao’s fists burned with a silver colored fire.

When he said ‘name your price’, he had already dropped the shell, dashed past Tushan Inkstone, who was dumbfounded, and crashed the stone folding screen behind Tushan Inkstone. Like a crazy bull, Ji Hao smashed a thick wall behind the screen, and broke into a large hall.

Destructively and unstoppably, his pair of fists swished fiercely towards a scrawny priest sitting on a black lotus with crossed legs, a thousand miles away in the hall, leaving a tens of thousands of miles long stream of light in the air.

Yes, the great hall next to the reception room of this shop was about a hundred meters in diameter, but its real space was folded by a powerful being. In fact, a tiny world was hiding in this hall. Ji Hao was now in a broad space, ten-thousand-miles squared in area. Dim dark light streams had been releasing from the dark lotus that the priest sat on, keeping this tiny world steady and stable.

The dark light streams slight quaked as Ji Hao’s fists swished across the tiny world. Ji Hao’s punches were heavy enough to crack the space, but a few lotus petals slightly shook, and easily neutralized the sharp airstreams caused by Ji Hao.

Visibly, waves of space-ripple were stirred up in the tiny world, spreading out, following closely behind Ji Hao’s fists which were smashing at the scrawny priest in a long black robe.

Just now, when Ji Hao released a cold power to freeze Tushan Inkstone, he suddenly sensed a great threat from the priest. It was like walking on a dark street alone, late at night, and suddenly being approached by an invisible being with a sharp dagger, the tip of which was about to touch the back of one’s neck. His skin was immediately covered in goosebumps.

That was an extremely terrifying being. He made Ji Hao feel threatened, even as much as Priest Hua could.

The conversation between Ji Hao and Tushan Inkstone lasted for a while. The whole time, Ji Hao had his spirit power sneakily cover the entire area. But, he didn’t discover anything wrong about the hall next door, neither did he find out that such a powerful being had been hiding there.

If Ji Hao didn’t release the cold power to freeze Tushan Inkstone, and if that didn’t surprise the priest a little bit, he would have remained in a stable state, instead of releasing that trace of threatening power vibration to Ji Hao. Ji Hao wouldn’t have been aware of his existence at all then.

Ji Hao was curious, and was also shocked. In the meanwhile, he was confident enough about himself. He darted past Tushan Inkstone, crashed the screen and the wall, and broke into this tiny world. He then punched heavily towards this priest with thirty percent of his strength.

"The extremely negative power…Are you truly a spirit crayfish?" The priest looked at the bright silver fire on Ji Hao’s hands, stunned. The beautiful silver fire had a dim blue edge, making Ji Hao’s fist look even stronger, with an indescribably mysterious feeling delivered by it.

What surprised the priest even more was that although Ji Hao’s firsts came straight at his face, in his eyes, those fists were hazy and unclear, seeming to be changing motion curves all the time. He felt like all his weaknesses were exposed right before Ji Hao’s fists, and wherever they landed, it would be on the weakest spots of his body.

How many years had it been since he had such a feeling?

The Priest also felt that he could not let Ji Hao’s fists touch his body. Otherwise, something bad would certainly happen; something might embarrass him and make him suffer. Perhaps, his body would be destroyed by Ji Hao’s heavy punches.

"This, is this truly a crayfish? He punched with the power of the great Dao!"

Sighing in surprise, the priest raised his pair of straight and heavy, sword-like eyebrows. He watched Ji Hao dart over, looked at his glowing fists, then abruptly raised his right hand and straightened his forefinger and middle finger. With them, he released a ten-thousand-meters-long, sharp sword power stream, fiercely towards Ji Hao’s fists.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Followed by a series of ear-piercing noise, Ji Hao snorted in pain. He sensed a piercing pain from his hands, while blood splashed everywhere. The silver fire on his hands was cut into pieces by the sharp sword power, transforming into thin strands of silver light, flowing back into his body.

The priest slightly tilted his body backward. His sword power was crushed by Ji Hao’s punch, which was launched based on the combined move of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow, and everything-perish. The priest’s forefinger and middle finger remained straightened, pointing at Ji Hao. Suddenly, along with a popping noise, the fingernails of the priest’s forefinger and middle finger shattered, as two purple-golden drops of blood slowly flowed down from his fingertips.

"This…Are you really a crayfish? Who are you, my friend? Why did you transform into a crayfish to attack me?" The priest looked at the two drops of purple-golden blood, seeming to be stunned. With a serious face, he stood up. From both sides of his body, eighteen blood-red beams of sword light circled out, hovering slowly around his body.

Ji Hao lowered his head and looked at his own hands.

By easily raising his hand, the priest released a stream of sword light and left thirty-six bone-deep wounds on Ji Hao’s hands. Blood gushed out from those wounds, while the sharp pain continued attacking Ji Hao. Moreover, a soft yet strong sword power lingered in those wounds, seeming to never fade.

If Ji Hao were an ordinary Divine Magus, merely this sword power stream was great enough to destroy his pair of hands. However, Ji Hao had preliminarily attained the Pan Gu body already. He gasped deeply. His blood, which had splashed in the air, flew back into his body. Flushed by his strong spirit blood, dark strands of sword power lingering in his wounds were turned into dark mist, puffing out of his body.

The priest’s scrawny face twitched slightly. Gazing at Ji Hao, he’s look turned more and more serious.

He clearly understood that his ‘netherworld sword power’ was collected from the softest, darkest death power from the netherworld through the endless time. It was extremely fierce and lethal. In terms of sword power lethality, only one person in this world could surpass him.

‘Netherworld sword power’, the number-two-ranked sword power in Pan Gu world, was cast out of Ji Hao’s body so easily. This was driving the priest crazy. Whoever dared to say this old spirit crayfish standing in front of him was a real crayfish, he would pull out his or her three souls and seven spirits himself, throw them into the netherworld, and burn with the underworld fire for one hundred million years.

Glancing at his hands, which were healing speedily, Ji Hao then looked at the priest, also seriously.

At this stage, even ordinary holy weapons couldn’t possibly hurt his body. But, by a slight stream of sword power released from this priest, his hands were harmed pretty badly. Although his bones weren’t injured, those wounds on his hands were enough to prove the priest’s power.

Looking at the dark lotus the priest sat on, Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched again. This lotus had countless lotuses, seeming to be even more powerful than Priest Hua’s true body, the seven-colored lotus from the Chaos!

"Who are you?" Ji Hao straightened his body, then politely nodded towards the priest.

"You can call me…Netherworld Hierarch!" The priest narrowed his eyes, looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, then continued with a bland tone, "Perhaps, you’re not familiar with this name of mine, but you should have heard the name of my origin."

"Netherworld Priest, I am a clone of his!"

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