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Before the Kui Gate, the warriors roared thunderously.

The Ghost Chariot Clan, You Chao Family, and Qiong Sang Family had combined their strengths. Hundreds of strong young warriors released their powers and stormed at the Kui Gate.

Ghost Chariot Clan warriors raised bone-piercing frigid gusts of wind and sky-burning dark flames. From the dark clouds in the sky, strong dark-green fire streams descended towards the Kui Gate. Qiong Sang warriors flew all over the sky while releasing poison-fang-like sharp arrows from time to time. You Chao Family people fought even more straightforwardly. They hid in different sized flying forts and buildings, launching crazily attacks. Earth power, magnetic power, nine-sky aurora, all kinds of highly lethal attacks were launched like a storm.

Mountain-like waves were raised before the Kui Gate. Hundreds of dark water serpents had shown their original shapes, roaring thunderously and spurting out poisonous fires and gases, confronting warriors from the three families.

Thousands of different sized boas, serpents, and snakes followed behind those dark water serpents to help. They were not too powerful, but they did have gifts. They also raised ten-miles-tall waves easily, brought down thunderbolts from the sky.

The sky was covered in dark clouds. Dazzling thunderbolts descended every now and then. From time to time, those thunderbolts would land on You Chao Clan’s flying forts and building, make them sparkle brightly. Sometimes, those flying forts and buildings would even fall straight onto the water surface, splashing the water and then sway back into the sky.

The battle was intense, but Ji Hao and his friends were enjoying a leisurely time.

Three whole hundreds warriors from Ghost Chariot Clan, You Chao Family, and Qiong Sang Family stood in a distance away, glancing at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming from time to time, in case they suddenly rushed into the battlefield to steal the credit.

Ji Hao didn’t care. He let those warriors guard aside and watch him, while he relaxedly built a campsite with Man Man and Shaosi.

The nine dragons chariot floated in the sky, a hundred miles away from the ground. Mr. Crow stood on top of the chariot, releasing a dazzling golden light that poured down like the warm sunlight. It illuminated the entire area within a radius of thousands of miles.

On the mountainside, which was soaked by the flood, steam began rising from the sticky mud. The moist mountainside gradually became warm and dry. Human warriors resting on the mountainside laughed happily, stretched their bodies, and took off their clothes. They lied straight on the ground, enjoying the sunlight that they hadn’t seen in a few years.

It was too comfortable. Many human warriors who had their limbs corroded by the flood, or were suffering from deep carbuncles, even started singing folk songs loudly. The sunlight created by Mr. Crow and the nine dragons chariot warmed and dried their skins, and felt even better than magical ointments.

Some energetic Maguspreists took out all kinds of seeds from their bags and created strong winds, spreading them in the area showered in the sunlight. Maguspreists who mastered green magics stood on the mountaintop, excitedly wielding their magic wands made from all kinds of powerful spirit trees. They incanted spells loudly and started an ancient, sacred dance, which was created by their ancestors to worship the Spring God and the Green God.

A beautiful, dreamy greenery immediately covered the whole area. Tender grasses drilled out from the mud, soon turning waist-high. Wild flowers bloomed on the grassland, bursting with a thriving life-force, emitting a refreshing aroma that spread far.

Vividly colored mushrooms also popped out from the thick growth of grass; poisonous ones, innocuous ones, all kinds of mushrooms excitedly grew out. Some strange kinds of mushrooms exploded, causing popping noises as they sent spores into the winds, drifting far away.

All kinds of trees started growing in everywhere.

Under the promotion of magics, some fast-growing trees turned nearly a hundred meters tall within half an hour. Under the warm sunlight, the strong wind blew across the trees and rustled their leaves.

Human warriors on the mountainside, who had soaked in the flood for years, climbing on rocks and crawling in muds day after day while preparing to fight water-kind creatures at any moment, were all stunned. They stared at the grasses, the flowers, and the healthy, thriving trees all over the mountain…

All of a sudden, some warriors squatted on the ground and burst into a rage of tears. For an unknown reason, the crying spread speedily. Almost all warriors under Si Wen Ming’s command held each other and began crying loudly. A strong sadness suffused the air. The three hundred warriors from the Ghost Chariot Clan, Qiong Sang Family, and You Chao Family glanced at each other, not knowing what to do. Soon, they blushed. They buried their faces in their hands and left.

They still had the sense of ‘shame’. They clearly understood that in front of these warriors, who were almost soaked out of shape in the flood, they didn’t even have the right to cry!

When Si Wen Ming and his warriors struggled in the flood for living, when Ji Hao and his warriors flew all over the sky, killed like machines and made blood shed like rains, they were hiding in their homelands, protected by powerful magic formations. No hurricane or storm could ever hurt them. They were comfortable and safe, reserving their strengths.

But now, the ‘All Streams into the Final Land’ great formation was about to be completed, and only the final nine water gates were left to be broken through. So, they rushed out and attempted to attain the greatest credit of the entire flood-control mission…

Any of them who still had a slight sense of shame couldn’t bear to stay among these crying warriors.

Facing these exhausted human warriors, who were covered in both physical wounds and mental injuries, they didn’t even have the right to cry with them.

Ji Hao was busy building a tent with Man Man and Shaosi. The three powerful families forbade Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao from approaching the Kui Gate with their warriors, and Ji Hao would love to watch the show from this warm area. Since there was a show to watch, he decided to make himself as comfortable as possible. Therefore, Ji Hao was preparing to build a luxurious tent with hide, then make some nice tea, pour some wine, and grill some meat. Then, he would closely and carefully watch the three families break the Kui Gate.

Abruptly, he heard the painful, bitter cries all over the mountain. Ji Hao’s heart twitched slightly.

Looking around, Ji Hao glanced at the Kui Water. Over there, hundreds of miles away, warriors from the three families had been roaring thunderously. He laughed out loud and shouted, "Why are you crying? What are you crying for? Once the nine water gates are broken, the flood will be gone, and our best days will come! Why are you crying?"

"Laugh! Laugh with me!" Ji Hao laughed pretty despicably, "Brothers, we don’t need to fight with our lives anymore. Some people are willing to fight for us! They will get the nine water gates for us! We can happily taste the wine and enjoy the meat over here, and watch the show! What are you crying for? Laugh!"

No one noticed that Ji Hao had cast a sky devil magic.

A strong sense of happiness spread out, immediately covering the entire area. Those crying human warriors were suddenly cheered up. Their eyes shone brightly, as if they saw a broad golden road right before their eyes.

Wasn’t that right? The flood would be gone, and the good days were coming! People were going to rebuild their homelands! Even better, they didn’t need to risk their lives to break the nine water gates anymore. Someone had been eagerly fighting for them, for the credits!

Countless human warriors laughed out loud together, even bending their bodies while looking at the Kui Gate.

The faces of Ghost Chariot Green Grass, Qiong Sang Sheng, and You Chao Yu instantly dropped. Ji Hao, what a sneaky boy! Was he expecting a show from the three families?

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