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The snow-white, tens of meters squared in area, and about thirty-meters-tall, seal-shaped fort flew swiftly in the air, smashing down.

Dark Water Yao Yao roared while hacking on the white fort with all his strength. Followed by a loud bang, Dark Water Yao Yao gave a muffled snort in pain. His long forked tongue swished out of his mouth as he took tens of steps backward in a row. The wave treading under his feet collapsed, nearly throwing him down from the air.

A three-inches-deep, very thin slash was clearly visible on the white fort. Fire sparkles dazzled out from the slash, while the fort was sent to hundreds of miles away by Dark Water Yao Yao with his blade. The fort flew rapidly backward, tearing the air and leaving clear white traces in the sky.

"You Chao Family?" Dark Water Yao Yao shouted. A strong spirit creature power rose from his body. Earlier, his body was covered in wounds left by Qiong Sang Shuang’s bowstring, but after he ate the latter, he quickly absorbed the spirit blood power. Now, his wounds were healing speedily.

However, before those wounds were healed completely, he bumped straight into this white fort. All his wounds were torn open again while blood splashed out like a rain, soon covering his body.

"I am You Chao Rock!" From the white fort, a clear, strong and proud voice could be heard, "This is the rock fort, my spirit treasure. I built it myself. How does the first strike feel like?"

Dark Water sneered, slightly raised his blade with his right hand, and said coldly, "Rock fort? Are you gonna fight me with this thing? You Chao Family, are you joking? Let me chop your turtle shell and cut your head off!"

This fort was not like Qiong Sang Shuang. Qing Sang Shuang had the white phoenix feather cloak, and was as fast as lightning, so Dark Water Yao Yao could barely see his moves. Dark Water Yao Yao failed to keep up with the speed, and therefore, he could only pretend to be weak and launch a surprise attack when Qiong Shang Shuang showed his weakness.

You Chao Rock was at the opposite extreme. In comparison, this rock fort was large in shape but not fast. Clearly, it was designed to fight with its great defensive power, and to crush the enemies with its weight. Therefore, this time, Dark Water Yao Yao took the initiative and rushed straight up. While moving swiftly, he released countless thin yet sharp beams of blade light.

Following an ear-piercing swishing noise, the blade lights landed on the fort like snowflakes.

The fort was shaking. The blade lights bumped into the fort, sending up bright fire sparkles.

The tinkling noise was rather pleasant to hear. All of a sudden, tens of dark-yellow colored, enormous spell symbols sparkled on the fort. A terrifyingly strong magnetic force bound Dark Water Yao Yao firmly. He was swiftly hovering around the fort, but once the magnetic force was released, he paused instantly.

Along with a strange roar, the fort dashed towards Dark Water Yao Yao and started a fierce gale.

Dark Water Yao Yao never thought that the fort could release magnetic force. He didn’t have the time to free himself from it. Instead, he could only watch the fort fly over and heavily smash on his body.


Dark Water Yao Yao vomited blood as he flew backward. His face was entirely flattened, and his dark, flat skin could even be used as mirror. His chest dented, and over ten broken ribs came out from his back, exposed in the air.

Blood surged out from his flattened face; judging by the flowing velocity of the blood, his internal organs were damaged severely too.

"You Chao Family, are they…" Si Wen Ming and Qiong Sang Sheng shouted out together.

From inside that mountain on that cyan-yellow cloud, You Chao Yu laughed proudly, "It has been so many years. More or less, our You Chao Family can create something new. You always say that we only build houses, but can’t fight and kill."

Laughing again, he continued blandly, "But who said that houses can’t kill people? They surely can, as long as we turn our houses into powerful magic treasures."

You Chao Rock controlled the fort and chased after Dark Water Yao Yao, causing a muffled swishing noise. The fort bumped on Dark Water Yao Yao’s body three times in a row, smashed all his bones and made blood splash all over the sky.

Vomiting blood, Dark Water Yao Yao weakly fell from the sky, into a whirlpool down below.

A regular-sized splash was stirred up. The whirlpool swirled, and Dark Water Yao Yao soon disappeared without a trace.

The rock fort slowly turned around and approached the Kui Gate. Then, You Chao Rock said, "You, any of you dares to fight me? If you do, come out and die…If you don’t, clear the way and let us break the Kui Gate. Let us do something for the great flood-control mission!"

Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao glanced at each other. You Chao Family…Were they here to steal the credit too?

Ji Hao felt speechless, but also careless. Qiong Sang Family had already popped out. Therefore, You Chao Family’s sudden advent didn’t shock him. Breaking the nine water fates required a tough battle. If anyone wanted the credit, that would depend on what they could do.

No matter how powerful these family were, or how solid their backgrounds were, Ji Hao would never just give his credit away!

Si Wen Ming frowned slightly. Looking at that mountain on the cloud, he sighed. Unlike Ji Hao, he was worrying about a different thing. Fighting against the flood, human beings were united, but when the flood faded…Si Wen Ming now worried that something might happen after that.

Even if Gong Gong was defeated and the flood was overcome, those non-humankind beings would still fix their greedy eyes on the humankind! The flood harmed the humankind, but protected by the divine towers, those non-humankind beings stayed perfectly unharmed. If any strife happened between human beings, another disaster might happen.

Before the Kui Gate, Dark Water Serpent coiled on the dark cloud, staying unmoved. None of those strong and bald dark water serpent men stepped out to accept the battle. All water-kind creatures around the Kui Gate quietly looked at the fort, without making even the slightest noise.

A silhouette flashed across the fort. Afterward, a young man with a square face stood on the fort, wearing a coarse long shirt. He pointed at Kui Water and shouted, "You, if you dare not to fight me, give us the Kui Gate!"

Before his voice faded, tens of large whirlpools suddenly blasted down below. A miles-wide water column roared into the sky, while a miles long dark water serpent coiled on it. It opened its giant jaws and hissed towards You Chao Rock.

The series of heavy strikes he launched didn’t kill Dark Water Yao Yao. Dark Water Yao Yao leaped out of the water and released a dense dark smoke. A thirty-meters-wide dark bead swished out of the smoke and violently bumped into the fort.

The fort slightly quaked. You Chao Rock failed to steady his body and ended up falling down from the fort. Before he could fly back up, Dark Water Yao Yao burst with a resonant roar while raising his long tail and slapping fiercely on You Chao Rock’s body.

Bone cracking noises sounded like thunder. You Chao Rock vomited blood, being smacked tens of miles away by Dark Water Yao Yao.

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