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Ying Zun was powerful, especially when everyone was fighting in the soul form.

With the Taiji divine sword, the five-colored cauldron, the Pan Gu bell, and added with the immeasurably great natural reward power from Emperor Shun, Ji Hao and Emperor Shun fought Ying Zun for long with difficulty.

Sky devils were shapeless. They were mysterious beings that ordinary human beings could hardly understand. At the level of soul, they were incomparably strong. Even though Ji Hao and Emperor Shun had combined their powers, the fight was still exhausting and difficult.

Emperor Shun’s soul was injured severely, while cracks appeared on Ji Hao’s two embryos of Dao.

The Pan Gu bell had been trying its best to protect Emperor Shun’s spiritual space, preventing any destructive damage. As a consequence, the Pan Gu bell could only spare a small part of power to protect Ji Hao and Emperor Shun.

Ying Zun’s power was ground off bit by bit. Ji Hao and Emperor Shun had both suffered serious injuries, that their bodies had become hazy and blur. Ying Zun’s sky devil magics were way too brutal and evil, such that many times, Ji Hao and Emperor Shun almost suffered fatal strikes before they could figure out how Ying Zun attacked.

Fortunately, Ji Hao had many powerful treasures, while Emperor Shun was protected by the natural reward power. Otherwise, both of them would have been defeated by Ying Zun already.

Ying Zun’s heads and arms exploded one after another, continuously generating terrifying explosive forces, sweeping to Ji Hao and Emperor Shun. Ji Hao and Emperor Shun struggled to fend themselves against Ying Zun’s desperate, crazy attacks, while the five-colored cauldron was speedily devouring Ying Zun’s power.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed deeply, shielding Emperor Shun’s spiritual space firmly. Ying Zun released dark light beams, striking on the bell and stirring up large ripples on the Chaos power streams flowing out of the bell. Emperor Shun’s spiritual space was quaking, stars were shaking, and almost falling. Some of those stars seemed to even disintegrate.

Ji Hao didn’t know how long this fight lasted, but eventually, the five-colored cauldron drained Ying Zun’s power, leaving a dull dark spot floating before Ji Hao’s face with pure evilness. That was Ying Zun’s original soul.

"You lost!" Ji Hao’s two embryos of Dao slowly stepped forward, looking at Ying Zun’s original soul.

"I haven't!" A weak, faintly sensible soul power vibration came from the original soul. Ji Hao heard Ying Zun’s powerless roar and scream. Ying Zun had every reason to be unwilling to submit. If the five-colored cauldron didn’t restrain him so perfectly, Ji Hao and Emperor Shun would have been swallowed by him long ago.

Ji Hao had to admit that Ying Zun was the strongest, most terrifying enemy he had ever encountered. If the five-colored cauldron were not so powerful, and couldn’t operate automatically, Ji Hao would never be able to defeat Ying Zun.

"Admit it or not, I won. I’m not as powerful as you, neither do I have such a deep understanding of souls as you do, but I have treasures… many treasures." Ji Hao smilingly grabbed the dark ring floating beside Ying Zun’s true spirit. During the fight, this dark ring was cut into pieces by the Taiji divine sword, yet it doggedly fixed itself over and over again tens of times. Even Ji Hao was surprised by this treasure.

"You are dead!" Ying Zun’s original soul trembled slightly. The colorful swirl transformed from the five-colored cauldron released tens of wisps of mist that wrapped up Ying Zun’s original soul and slowly dragged it into the swirl.

"You are dead!" Ying Zun’s original soul struggled and screamed hysterically for the last time, "The powerful ones among us have already sensed your world! The supreme, powerful ones…They will descend on your world with our army, and you, your souls will all become our prey…"

The colorful swirl swallowed Ying Zun’s original soul up. After that, Ying Zun’s memories flew into Ji Hao’s mind, even greater and more complicated than the memories of Se Zun and Yuu Zun. Ji Hao hurriedly burned out all the useless memories, then began slowly absorbing the essence.

Soon, a text of sky devil magics, that could be translated into ‘Theories of Appearance and Nature of Great Zun’, was imprinted in Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Ji Hao carefully read this text. This text wasn’t created by Ying Zun himself. Instead, he inherited it from a supreme-level being among all sky devils. This text could be counted as one of the most important texts of sky devil magics, and the magics recorded in it were all top-grade ones.

These sky devil magics were weird, completely different from all that Ji Hao had learned before. According to the text, one needed to grow an ‘evil seed’ from all illusions, and this ‘evil seed’ was almost the same as Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Sky devils could create all kinds of illusions, worlds, living beings, and reincarnations; they put their ‘evil seeds’ in mortal worlds, and let themselves struggle to survive, go through all hardships, just like great waves sweeping away sands and leaving pure gold.

Once the pure gold was attained, a sky devil could step into the stage of ‘nature’. Ying Zun was at this level. Beyond illusions, he could create ‘real things’; with a single thought, he could generate both lives and death. Everything he created was real, with true fleshy bodies. Plants, animals, all kinds of living creatures could live or die under his thoughts. At this level, a sky devil had the power to create small yet true worlds, and be incredibly powerful.

This text was stunning and inclusive, recording a great number of strange dark sky devil magics, which were hard to understand. Ji Hao would never abandon his own cultivation to learn these weird sky devil magics, but some bizarre tricks recorded in this text could indeed help Ji Hao to reach to a higher level with his primordial spirit and embryos of Dao.

Ying Zun’s memories flew into Ji Hao’s head like an endless rapid river. Ji Hao put those less important memories aside and looked into Ying Zun’s experiences in Pan Gu world.

As Ying Zun’s memories flashed across Ji Hao’s mind, Ji Hao’s face turned darker and darker.

"You had been in Pan Gu world for three hundred years."

"Priest Hua and Priest Mu once traded the Theories of Appearance and Nature of Great Zun from you. No wonder Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast’s weird multi-headed embryos of Dao…looked so similar to that nine-headed thirty-six-armed body of yours. Priest Hua, Priest Hua, are they trying to absorb sky devil magics and create a new cultivation method?"

"‘Three-thousand worlds can be created with one thought’, no wonder this sounds so familiar."

"Hm, the mole in Pu Ban City…is…"

Ji Hao suddenly raised his head and looked at Emperor Shun’s soul in shock, "Shun, Rock Dragon old man, he is…"

Seeing Ying Zun disappear in the colorful swirl, Emperor Shun sighed in relief. Sitting in the spiritual space with crossed legs, he was now surrounded by warm sparkling lights, as he was healing his injured soul with the natural reward power.

Hearing Ji Hao, Emperor Shun showed an extremely bitter, sad look and said, "Rock Dragon old man, he…He is not the mole…is he?"

Emperor shun’s look turned complicated. He was nervous, shocked, sad and confused. He gazed at Ji Hao, then slowly shook his head and sighed, "He can’t be the mole, can he? Rock Dragon old man and his people…How can he ever betray the humankind?"

Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun and stayed silent. A golden beam flew out of his forehead and drilled into Emperor Shun’s eyes, as Ji Hao shared some of Ying Zun’s memories with Emperor Shun.

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