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A tridimensional stellar map was contained in Emperor Shun’s spiritual space.

Uncountable differently sized stars floated in the vast, light-pursed space, glowing with cold lights which were circling along mysterious orbits. The embryo even heard a faint deep buzzing noise from all directions.

"Shun!" The embryo boosted up all of its power and burst with a bright shout.

Strong waves of soul power vibration spread out towards all directions, generating dark ripples, touching those stars. Gradually, the embryo’s voice faded in the vast space. This tridimensional stellar map was secret and mystical, and had an extremely great sealing power that soon dispelled the growl given by the embryo with all of its power, before it could reach far.

"You? In here? How dare you even come in?" A deep and dry voice could be sensed from every direction, while a hazy silhouette emerged before the embryo. "This is an ocean of soul. In here, I am invulnerable. How dare you come in to die?"

"Ying Zun?" snorted the embryos coldly. "Where is Emperor Shun?"

"You can’t find him!" Ying Zun’s body had been twisting and changing forms constantly. Dragon, phoenix, flowers, bugs, plants, he could look like anything. The sense of power that came from his body was also unstable and varying all the time, disabling the embryo from grasping it.

"You can never find him. I have been trying to crush him completely, then eat his soul." Ying Zun laughed with a hoarse voice. "I am confident. I believe that the ultimate victory will be mine. So, you can either accept the terms, give me ten equally strong souls in exchange for his soul, or let me comfortably eat him."

The embryo snorted again coldly, then locked his hands together and gave a resonant roar. A great red sun rose from his head, releasing waves of strong power that seemed to devour the whole world.

The red sun transformed into a swiftly spinning black hole, inside which, countless shark-teeth-like dark thorns had been clashing, brushing against each other and causing high-pitched, teeth-softening noises.

A destructive force came to Ying Zun, and the embryo roared like a beast.

"Eat Emperor Shun? Let me eat you first!"

Ying Zun didn’t see this coming. He invaded Emperor Shun’s body and his mind, gaining a lot of memories regarding the humankind. However, from those memories, he found nothing about this weird, destructive, devouring power that Ji Hao’s embryo of the great Dao of destruction released just now.

Ying Zun could never know that Ji Hao’s embryo of the great Dao of destruction was from another great world, and was generated by one of the twelve most powerful types of great Dao of that world.

Following his scream, a small half of Ying Zun’s body was torn off, transforming into a dark shadow shred that flew to the black hole. The scream sounded even shriller when this dark shadow was devoured by the black hole. The great Dao of destruction started speedily grinding off Ying Zun’s spirit, and absorbing his original soul power, giving it to the embryo.

The misty and hazy embryo instantly turned much clearer. His eyes were bright, nose was high-bridged, and his body was strong and muscular. At the first glance, this embryo looked just like a real person.

"Nourishing!" The embryo evilly looked at Ying Zun and said, "Hehe, do you still want to eat Emperor Shun? Why don’t you fulfill my appetite before that?"

The Taiji divine sword transformed into a black beam and a white beam, darting out. It momentarily encircled Ying Zun, who didn’t manage to react timely. The two bright beams split up and dazzled to Ying Zun like a storm, landing on every part of his body.

No ordinary weapon could ever harm Ying Zun, who was shapeless. But the Taiji divine sword was a pre-world supreme treasure, created by Yu Yu, Priest Qing Wei and that unknown, mysterious being, and was unimaginably powerful. Ying Zun screamed in pain. He disappeared, transformed into a gust of wind, and attempted to run.

The sword lights didn’t stop. Ying Zun’s body was shredded; half of those shreds became dark light and were swallowed by the spinning black hole.

The embryo cheered pleasantly with an echoing voice. His body turned clearer and clearer, and was added with a crystalline luster. His eyes shone with a dark light, which was solid strong, reaching out from his eyes to tens of miles away.

"Ying Zun, you are nothing more than this!" The embryo roared resonantly, then locked his hands together and pressed down to the remaining half of Ying Zun’s body.

"Dark Sun, collapsing sound…Duo!"

‘Dark Sun, collapsing sound’, was a secret divine spell created by the children of Dark Sun. Not to mention its immense power, it was amazingly effective in harming souls. It was fairly wise for the embryo to attack Ying Zun with this spell and aim right at Ying Zun’s greatest weakness.

A dense blackness was scattered, turning into thin dark mist, drifting everywhere.

The dark hole above swallowed all of the dark mist. Meanwhile, the power vibration released by the embryo got stronger and stronger, eviler and eviler.

"Ying Zun, where do you think you can run? Get back here!"

The embryo locked his fingers together again and prepared to launch a greater attack, yet a furious voice came from a long distance away, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, don’t you think that I can’t do nothing to you! Ninety percent of my power is here suppressing this Emperor Shun’s soul, and you are only fighting ten percent of me. If you dare to devour more of my original power, I will destroy this Emperor Shun, even if I may lose half of my life!"

The surrounding stars started shaking and moving towards both sides. Among these stars, in the core area of this space, a strong sphere of golden-purple light emerged. Within the light sphere, Emperor Shun sat in the middle with a pallid look, legs crossed, eyes on the embryo with anxiety.

"Ji Hao, don’t listen to this evil being. I am under the protection of the great natural reward power, and he cannot hurt my soul within a short span of time. You do not need to worry about me."

"You have already taken ten percent of his power, so he now can do even less. Your mission is to find out the mole in Pu Ban City. This is my memory. Take it, and you’ll understand the whole thing."

A strand of purple mist swished to the embryo. All of a sudden, endless blackness began rising from around Emperor Shun’s light sphere. The blackness merged together and became a nine-headed dark creature with thirty-six heads, wearing sparkling gemstones, as it roared thunderously. Through the distance, the dark creature reached an arm out towards the purple mist.

This creature was tremendous. In the eyes of the embryo, Emperor Shun’s light sphere seemed to be a thousand miles in radius, yet this dark creature easily held it in one hand — This creature was at least a hundred thousand miles long!

Roaring shrilly, the embryo grasped the purple mist. The Taiji divine sword transformed again into two sharp light beams and shielded the embryo, as it stomped his foot and left Emperor Shun’s spiritual space.

In the Town Hall, a foot-long strand of purple mist appeared between Ji Hao’s fingers. He crumbled the mist, which released a torrent of memory into his own mind.

"Is there a mole in Pu Ban City?" Ji Hao looked at Emperor Shun.

"Even if you know it now, so what?" Emperor Shun’s face was covered in blackness, while the five-colored light rolled in his eyes like tidewater.

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