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A feather armor ninety percent as powerful as the swan armor, could allow its owner to move twice as faster as the other same-level archers, and three times nimbler. Besides, it could also improve the overall battle efficiency of this archer by at least ten times!

A feather armor like this could shield its owner against fierce attacks launched by peak-level Divine Magi. If the one wearing this armor was a Divine Magus, added with his or her strong body, no Divine-Magus-level enemy could ever harm even a hair of his or her. Even if the one wearing this armor was only a Senior Magus, with the defense provided by this feather armor, this Senior Magus could survive full-power attacks launched by high-level Divine Magi for a couple of times. Magus-King-level and Senior-level enemies couldn’t possibly cause any threat to this Senior Magus.

If all warriors in an army were wearing feather armors like these, as long as the Divine-Magus-level commanders in this army could pin down all Divine-Magus-level enemies during a battle, this army would never be defeated. It would become a terrifying, invincible iron army.

"Great, truly great. But what kind of treasure are you?" Ji Hao was slightly shocked and confused. He wrapped up the five-colored cauldron with his spirit power and carefully observed those complicated patterns on it.

But soon, Ji Hao gave up on digging the background of the cauldron. Whatever it really was, and wherever it came from, it had only been benefiting Ji Hao for now. Therefore, Ji Hao should get the most out of it.

"Yi Di! Yi Di!"

Ji Hao shouted. Following his voice, Yi Di and the few trusted commanders rushed into he tent.

Conveniently throwing the swan armor back to Yi Di, Ji Hao showed the twelve remolded feathers armors. The twelve feather armors were wrapping in a faint glow that had been flowing and glistening like water, shaking slightly and stirring up waves of ripples.

"Eh?" Yi Di and those commanders instantly had their eyes fixed on the twelve armors. Suddenly, their pupils shrunk to the size of a needlepoint.

"This is my cloud roc armor!" A commander dragged over an armor and flicked in his hands. Swoosh! A strong gust of wind winded up, even whirling many small things in the tent up into the air.

On the cloud roc armor, feathers straightened up and released thin yet sharp air streams, hovering around the armor. Small and complicated patterns emerged on the feathers. These natural patterns formed countless air-stream-shaped spell symbols, under the effect of which, the armor vibrated intensively, and the commander could barely hold it.

"This is a Divine-level magic treasure handed down by my ancestors through thirteen generations. An ancestor of mine killed a cyan-eyed cloud roc, took its feather…He bribed a Xiu Clan master with a huge sum of money in Pu Ban City, who made this armor for him with incalculable precious materials." In surprise, this commander looked at the armor held in his hands and said, "But now, it’s at least ten times stronger! Ten times!"

Ji Hao took out a leather scroll and threw to Yi Di.

Written in the scroll was a list of hundreds of rare materials. All these rare materials were required for remolding regular feather armors with the five-colored cauldron. The remolding process would upgrade those regular feather armors to the level of the swan armor.

"Collect these materials as quickly as possible." said Ji Hao with a bland tone, "Then bring all feather armors of your trusted warriors…I will build an ‘unkillable’ absolute elite army for you!"

Yi Di shook in amazement. Glancing at Ji Hao in shock, Yi Di abruptly turned around and stared at the cloud roc armor, which was surrounded by fierce airstreams.

Without saying a word, he pulled out the two feet long short sword tied around his waist and launched a heavy hack towards the armor. Activated by the power of a peak-level Divine Magus, a three feet long beam of sword light dazzled out from the sword tip and hacked on the armor.

Following a sizzling noise, rapidly flowing air streams swirled up from the armor and transformed into countless small whirlwinds, shielding the armor behind. Yi Di used sixty percent of his strength to launch this hack, yet the sword light he sent out didn’t manage to even touch the cloud roc armor before it was dispelled.

"This feather armor is eighty to ninety percent as powerful as the swan armor!" Yi Di’s face blushed with excitement, as if the blood would soon ooze out from every pore of his.

"Brother Ji Hao…Are you saying that each of my two-hundred-thousand warriors can have a feather amor like this?" Yi Di and those trusted commanders clenched their fists tight, staring straight at Ji Hao, even showing madness on their faces.

They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. However, their minds told them that they had to believe what Ji Hao said.

They hesitated, they struggled, and they were in pain. They wanted so badly to believe in Ji Hao’s words, but they were also afraid. They were worried that Ji Hao was only messing around with them, and they would be so disappointed after they find out the truth.

In Eastern Wasteland, in Ten Sun Country, the swan armor was known as a top-grade magic treasure; it could even be the greatest treasure of any large human clan. Any armor eighty to ninety percent as powerful as the swan armor could be counted as a true supreme magic treasure, and could be seen as the greatest treasure of a regular large clan or family.

If each one of Yi Di’s two-hundred-thousand warriors could have an armor like that, as Ji Hao said, they would truly be unkillable on the battlefield. This army under Yi Di’s command would be strong enough to defeat millions, even tens of millions of enemies. Added with those spell symbol arrows Ji Hao provided, even powerful Divine Magi would fall under their storm-like attacks.

Perfect attack, perfect defense… Could such an army truly exist?

"Go, collect the materials!" Ji Hao flicked Yi Di’s forehead and said seriously, "Nothing but two-hundred-thousand feather armors…Just small stuff. When you meet our Shifu in person, you will know how powerful our sect truly is… And that is something you can not even dream about."

Yi Di and his trusted commanders were immediately filled with deep esteem. What Ji Hao tried to say was that these armors and all those arrows were actually made by Yu Yu, right?

Yu Yu gave one of the ten famous ancient divine bows to Yi Di as a gift so generously. Therefore, Yi Di and those commanders were fully convinced by Ji Hao.

In the next few days, Yi Di and his trusted commanders acted like greedy wild dogs. By hook or by crook, they made hundreds of vows and promises, and even gave out countless pretty girls from their families, set incalculable engagements, and finally got all materials Ji Hao required.

The five-colored cauldron was inexplicably magical. Those materials were sent to Ji Hao, and were swallowed by it. As the inexhaustible power of creation wrapped up those materials, there came the musical. Within a quarter of an hour, two-hundred-thousand feather armors were remolded, each ninety-percent as powerful as the swan armor.

Deep inside each remolded feather armor was an extra magic formation, which had completely merged with the armor.

A trace of essence sun fire hid in each of the extra magic formation. If Yi Di and his warriors betrayed Ji Hao, Ji Hao could trigger the essence sun fire with a single thought and burn all of them into ashes.

After those feather armors were remolded, Ji Hao called Yi Di and redistributed these armors to his warriors.

With these remolded feather armors, the powers of the two-hundred-thousand elite warriors under Yi Di’s command were instantly and largely improved.

Before all warriors changed to the new armor, a resonant voice suddenly echoed across the entire water city.

"Yi Di, you betrayer, show your face, and die!"

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