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"Double, I’ll double the food! I’ll give you double quantities of food!"

All the way, Ji Hao said the same thing over ten times. Those clan elders from poor Western Wasteland clans who came to stop Ji Hao all shamelessly switched side and followed Ji Hao with serious looks, to offer help.

None of these elders were weaker than Tao Sha. Two of them were even much older and strong than Tao Sha. Those two were in the human army led by Emperor Xuanyuan. They had even attended a frontal battle against Chi You Army, which was commanded by the real Chi You.

Facing the strong individual strengths of these elders, added with their powerful supreme magic treasures, if Ji Hao didn’t decisively promise them double quantity of food, he wouldn’t be able to avoid their interceptions easily, even if he had a few supreme magic treasures.

The golden bridge was fully activated, then transformed into a hundreds of meters long, clear golden light, flashing across the sky. With those elders and around two-hundred elite warriors under their commands, Ji Hao galloped to the food transport troop from Tushan Family at his highest speed.

From the distance, Ji Hao had already seen Tushan Zun and Hou Tu, who were fighting intensively in the air.

Tushan Zun had the shield in his left hand and the machete in his right. The amazing talent of battling that belonged specially to Jia Clan people was put to full use by him. The machete in his hand looked like a soul-taking devil; every time it flashed across the air, it would definitely leave a bone-deep wound on Hou Tu’s body.

Hou Tu was ‘hatched’ in the Divine Origin Pool not long ago. He was generated by the great Dao of Pan Gu world, and was incredibly powerful. Every single move made by him was supported by the tremendous natural power. However, as he was newborn and wasn’t conscious as he was supposed to be, his battling skill was indescribably poor.

Facing Tushan Zun’s especially effective attacks, Hou Tu looked like a drunk man who tried to smash a nimble flea with a giant rock. Hou Tu divine seal and the other few divine treasures with the nature of earth had been hovering in the sky in disorder, yet none of them could touch even a hair of Tushan Zun.

For quite a few times, Tushan Zun nearly beheaded Hou Tu right on the spot. Fortunately, Hou Tu had an incredibly strong defensive power. Supported by the natural law of Pan Gu world, his life-force was also amazingly strong, which allowed him to survive Tushan Zun’s lethal attacks.

From the sky, yellow-colored blood splashed down without an end. Hou Tu was wounded by Tushan Zun over and over again. His body was enormous, and his blood shed like fountains. His blood fell into the water and sank straight to the bottom, looking like golden beads.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures crazily rushed up, fighting each other over the divine blood shed from Hou Tu’s body. Occasionally, a water-kind spirit creature could find a drop of divine blood and swallow it immediately.

How could these weak spirit creature ever withstand the divine power of Hou Tu? Mountain-like earth power erupted and detonated the bodies of countless spirit creatures. Their blood dyed the water red again. Instantly, the water-kind army was thrown into Chaos.

Dark clouds rolled down from the sky. The divine God, who called himself Gong Gong, descended from the air. He glanced at Hou Tu blandly, who was being beaten violently by Tushan Zun, then took a half circle in the air and avoided them. He unhurriedly reached above the food transport troop.

"Don’t panic. Combine your powers and attack the transport troop!" From Gong Gong’s eyes, two streams of black mist puffed out, reaching thousands of meters away, wriggling in the air like a pair of black flood dragons. He growled resonantly in a harsh tone while pointing his right forefinger at Tushan old man.

"Their blood, their flesh, are all your food. Do it together… What are you waiting for?" Gong Gong roared out shrilly while waving his hands towards the water surface. A pair of thousands of meters long water dragons rose from the water, flew up into the sky along with an eye-piercing swishing noise, and soon reached to tens of thousands of meters high. Then, they smashed down overwhelmingly towards the defensive magic screen created by the divine towers.

The pair of water dragons were like two long and strong whips that lashed on the magic screen, created by hundreds of divine towers.

The thunderous booms disabled warriors under Tushan old man’s command from steadying their own bodies. Millions of whales roared out and created destructive sound waves that transformed into visible white air blasts, spreading out. Immediately, countless water-kind spirit creatures who had approached the transport troop exploded.

The pair of water dragons surged, shaking the defensive magic screen. Countless thin cracks appeared on the splendidly shining magic screen. Along with earth-shaking explosive sounds, ten of the smallest divine towers couldn’t bear the heavy load. They let out raging flames and exploded.

The explosions of the ten small divine towers affected the whole area with a radius of tens of miles.

Around ten floating cities were blown up. Warriors guarding in those floating cities were sent far away. They howled, screamed, as many of them were shattered in smoke and fire sparkles.

Sacks of food flew into the sky. Sacks were broken, as golden grains sprinkled like a heavy rain.

These grains were cooked immediately by the high air temperature. A thick aroma spread through the air, making people drool.

Hundreds of whales were also sent flying up by the series of explosion, screaming in the sky. Their enormous bodies were sent to hundreds of miles away, landing on floating cities and causing more chaos.

"Hou Tu….Gong Gong…" Tushan old man raised his head, looking at the two true Gods, shouted in confusion, "You are fallen, ancient Gods. You shouldn’t be alive!"

Gong Gong lowered his head. Two immeasurably deep swirls had been spinning in his pair of eyes as he said, "Mortal people…Kneel, give me all you have, just like your ancestors, who kneeled under our feet. You kneeled once, and you shall continue kneeling."

Gong Gong sounded a bit evil and vicious as he continued, "These standing mortal beings are so annoying. I truly want to strangle them all!"

A clear golden light split the space and flashed over. Ji Hao gave a resonant roar, left Tao Sha and the others on the golden bridge, and darted towards Gong Gong alone.

Gong Gong scornfully turned around and cast a cold glance at Ji Hao, then conveniently pointed his finger at him. Following his move, a dark ice spear swished out from the air, stabbing towards Ji Hao.

Followed by a loud bang, the ice spear bumped on the Pan Gu bell. The ice was hundreds of times harder than steel, yet, it shattered against the bell. Ji Hao slightly shook his body and continued darting to Gong Gong. Gong Gong turned around in surprise, looking at Ji Hao confusedly.

Ji Hao didn’t give Gong Gong any chance to launch the second move. He pointed his finger out and let the Pan Gu bell spin above his head, releasing a stream of Chaos power. It broke the space and reached to Gong Gong within a blink of an eye.

Chaos powers descended overwhelmingly and turned into a giant cage that enveloped Gong Gong.

Ji Hao looked at Gong Gong, who was stunned by now, sneered and said, "I suddenly remembered that this bell of mine can not only be used for defense, it can also trap the enemies. Indeed a top-grade piece. You’re Gong Gong, right? Come out and hit me if you can!"

Gong Gong paused, then burst with a furious roar. He pulled out a pair of long whips and lashed the bell from the inside, as hard as he could.

Muffled clangs were caused from inside the bell without an end. Gong Gong rang the bell thunderously, generating waves of gray mist, rumbling around himself. Wherever the gray mist reached, everything was destroyed.

The Pan Bu bell rang, and everything back to Chaos.

Gong Gong struck the bell with his greatest effort. By doing this, he had actually been attacking himself through the bell. After around ten bell rings, even his skin had disappeared, exploding his black muscles.

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