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Who were these people?

Ji Hao opened his erect eye. He fully activated his eye of Dao, but still failed to see through the mist coiling around the blur faces of those twelve men. The mist was extremely mysterious, seeming to contain a slight trace of the power of the great Dao of nature. Ji Hao wasn’t powerful enough, so he couldn’t understand the power contained in the mist. Therefore, he couldn’t see the faces of the twelve men.

He didn’t know who they were, but he did know that they were strong, very, very strong.

Gong Sun Sword, judging by his name, he should be a direct descendant of Emperor Xuanyuan, a truly powerful elder of the Gong Sun Family.

Suiren Flame, apparently, he was from the Suiren Family. Emperor Suiren was also a respected legendary ancient emperor. Among all human clans, Suiren Family was as important and influential as all the other super clans and families.

As powerful elders from large families like this, one could easily imagine how powerful they were.

Nevertheless, any of the twelve men behind Emperor Shun were way more powerful than Gong Sun Sword and Suiren Flame.

In shock, excitement, and curiosity, Ji Hao fixed his eyes on the twelve, without even blinking. Perhaps, they were those powerful beings that Si Wen Ming mentioned to Ji Hao days ago, the ones who truly managed to cultivate themselves into Supreme Magi; the ones as powerful as ancient star kings.

"You…" Gong Sun Sword barely straightened his waist. The great pressure released by the twelve mostly landed on him and Suiren Flame. The pressure was traceless, invisible, but real. Gong Sun Sword felt like he had a towering mountain on his head, squeezing a loud series of bone creaking noise out of his body, which everyone on the scene could hear.

Facing the great pressure, dazzling starlight burst from around Gong Sun Sword’s entire body. Sword-like beams of starlight hovered swiftly around his body, tearing the air and causing a shrill swishing noise.

Straightening his body inch by inch, Gong Sun Sword stared at the twelve, gnashed his teeth, and said, "You…You shouldn’t step in human affairs! You shouldn’t even show up, unless human beings are facing a destructive disaster!"

"Human beings are facing a destructive disaster!" One of the twelve slowly began talking. His voice was ice-cold, sounded old, yet indescribably imperatorial.

"But you younger people, you are still fighting over powers and benefits." This man slowly took a step forward. He was especially tall, around a meter taller than normal human beings. Added with the three-feet tall hat worn by him, he looked just like a mountain, making Gong Sun Sword feel hard to breathe.

"We will not step in human affairs. Today, we come to tell you something." said the man coldly and harshly, "Don’t intrigue against each other, don’t fight over those unimportant things. The flood has already drowned countless villages and killed incalculable human beings."

The man stomped his foot fiercely and vibrated the Town Hall, even the entire Pu Ban City. Next, he growled resonantly, "To you, those ordinary people may be no more than a number…But they are human beings, and they share the same bloodline with us."

"You have a quarter of an hour to scheme a detailed plan to deal with the flood." continued the man coldly, "If you are still talking nonsense in this place after a quarter of an hour, you shall die! What can you do if we let you live? Waste food?"

Gong Sun Sword, Suiren Flame and the other human leaders who had been arguing intensely against Emperor Shun these days were now soaked in cold sweat. They looked at the twelve hazy silhouettes with fear. An overwhelming aura of killing had been releasing from the twelve, sweeping across the entire Town Hall like a hurricane.

The twelve mysterious, powerful beings seriously wanted to kill these human leaders! The intent of killing was solid real!

If in a quarter of an hour, these human leaders on the scene failed to come up with a detailed, doable plan to control the flood, these twelve mysterious, powerful beings with unknown identities would truly kill them!

"It’ll be good if we can kill all these people. A bunch of useless things, they will solve nothing even if we let them live. From all clans, all families, countless people are eager to climb up to higher positions. Kill them all, and plenty of people will be willing to take over their duties." said another hazy silhouette, who had been releasing a strong cold power that was about to freeze the internal organs of everyone on the scene.

The hearts of many human leaders in the hall missed a beat. Meanwhile, cold sweat started flowing down from their foreheads in streams.

Wasn’t it right? Not to mention the other abilities of human beings, in mere terms of fertility, except for a few kinds of spirit creatures, no other species in Pan Gu world could ever compare with the humankind.

Each of these human leaders had brothers, sisters, and ambitious descendants, who had eyes fixed on their positions,. If they all died, nothing would be different at all. A new batch of people would take over their duties, keeping their clans and families in perfect orders. To any large human clan, no elder or leader was ever indispensable. The clans would remain developing even if some of their elders or leaders died.

Gong Sun Sword, Suiren Flame had been sweating harder than the others. They glanced at the twelve mysterious powerful beings in fright. Next, Suiren Flame gnashed his teeth and abruptly took a reluctant step forward. He politely bowed to Emperor Shun and said, "Emperor Shun, you shall make the decision regarding the matter of flood-control."

Suiren Flame gave up. However, he still left Emperor Shun a trap with his words.

He said ‘you shall make the decision’… What did that mean? If the flood were successfully controlled, the credit would go to everyone; if the mission failed, Emperor Shun and whoever he put in charge of this mission would be the ones taking the blame!

This was what Suiren Flame meant, so execrable.

Emperor Shun gave a complicated glance at Suiren Flame, then took two steps forward. Looking at the group of human leaders in the hall, he said seriously, "We’re running out of time. As leaders, as can still run a slow discussion in here, but our people can’t bear waiting. Many of our people are struggling and crying in the flood right now, many of our people are starving and freezing to death. Things should be settled"

Taking a long breath, Emperor Shun glanced at people on the scene and continued in a deep and strong voice, "Three days, I give you three days! Food, for Pu Ban City, and the entire humankind, whoever contributes the most food, or whoever can solve the food crisis to the maximum degree, will be in charge of the flood-control mission!"

Ji Hao popped out his eyes and subconsciously turned to Si Wen Ming.

This plan of Emperor Shun was perfect. Currently, the most urgent problem was the food. Without the food, people would start doubting; without the food, many human beings would starve to death; without the food, where could people get the strength to overcome the flood?

Emperor Shun was forcing those large clans, who had stored great amounts of food for themselves, to give it out!

Besides, even if all those large clans gave out all their food in their stores, they could never contribute more food than Si Wen Ming! One had to mention that Si Wen Ming married Tushan Princess, and Tushan Family was the richest human family, that could even be mention in the same breath with the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind!

As for divine weapons or pre-world magic treasures, the ones possessed by Tushan Family might not be as many as the ones possessed by the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind. But speaking of human world resources, such as armaments and money, Tushan Family was definitely much richer than the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind.

Once Emperor Shun said it out, the food crisis of the humankind would be solved in the short run.

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