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Chapter 11
Chapter 11 – Summoner System!   Once again, Lin Ling escaped from the gates of hell. The clothes he just putted on were once again soaked in cold sweat, leaving a big watermark visible on his back. Annie’s momentum was really terrifying.   It was the same type of coercion that a wild beast can exert over a little kitten, making you feel powerless to face it.   This feeling of powerless made Lin Ling feel that he really needs to become stronger in order to survive in this world.   After this episode, the originally delicious food became tasteless in Lin Ling’s mouth. His mind was filled with the picture of Annie about to shot a fireball at him.   If it wasn’t for this, Lin Ling will definitely would happily eat every single dish on the table. This world and earth are in two complete different levels. The air here is fresh, the water is clear, and the whole world gives a natural vibe.   Most of the food in the hotel is made from the meat of magical beasts, which is flexible, fragrant, and delicious, filling your stomach with warm after eating it. There’s a big gap between this magical meat and the meat of those farmed animals on earth.   “Big brother, you seem to be very unhappy…”

At the end of the meal, Annie let go of the knife and fork in her hands and wiped his mouth elegantly with a napkin. She looked at the absent-minded Lin Ling with a worried expression.   Lin Ling didn’t want to tell Annie the truth, so he just forced a laugh and said: “I’m okay Annie, Big brother is just a bit dizzy. I just feel strange to be living in society after so many days in the jungle and I want to rest a while.”   “Oh oh,” said Annie as she nodded. This naïve child didn’t think too much and directly believed in his words. She hopped off her chair and grabbed Lin Ling’s big hand. “If big brother is that tired then hurry and go sleep! This hotel has really nice accommodation features. Let’s go book a pair of rooms with the awkward uncle (Hotel manager) and have a res for the night!”   “Hmmmm…” Lin Ling nodded absentmindedly and his body followed mechanically behind Annie.   It wasn’t until his hand was put down by Annie that Lin Ling came to his senses. He looked around and noticed Annie was gone, but soon he learned by the mouth of the hotel employee that she already entered her room.   Looking down at the key

key in his hand, Lin Ling noted the number and whispered: “N° 505…wait, isn’t the one besides Annie’s room? I think her number was 504…” Lin Ling soon found his room, and opening the magic seal with the key (The doors use magic for security purposes), and as you can imagine, the inside of the room was comparable to a presidential suite on earth.   Although the room was impressive, Lin Ling completely ignored it and walked slowly towards the king sized bed in the middle. He fell on the bed like a corpse, and looked at the ceiling with his dim gloomy eyes. “How can I gain a foothold in this world? Annie said that I’m a summoner…but how is that possible? How did I use smite on that shadow wolf at that time? What’s wrong with me…”   After having calmed down, Lin Ling discovered there were too many mysterious things that happened to him which cannot be explained.   Like when I used smite on that shadow wolf, even if there was no magic in my body. Originally I thought nothing of it, but now that I’m safe I can’t help but think about it.   The more Lin Ling though about his experiences the more scared he became.   This is how usually humans are scared

are scared of the unknown. Being able to use smite is good and all, but what if it has an adverse effect on his body!? Lin Ling was not sure!   Lin Ling is the sort of person who won’t do any rash action if there’s the possibility of harming his body.   “Oh my god! If I’m going to suddenly become a summoner, at least give a summoners guide or something!”   “Ding! The conditions has been met!” An indifferent electronic voice sounded out, scaring the shit out of Lin Ling. The cold voice continued without any trace of emotion: “Initiating the Summoner System!”   “What the hell!” Lin Ling jumped out of the bedroom and took a fighting instance trying to look as devious as possible.   In fact, even with Lin Ling’s transformation from the body of an otaku to the body of a normal person, he still has zero fighting power. He is completely harmless, no matter what pose he makes, his expression doesn’t exert any deterrence.   “Loading rune page, summoner’s mastery tree, summoner’s skills, hero transformation system, and shop” The mechanical voice simply ignored Lin Ling’s actions and continued talking.   After a minute, Lin Ling finally calmed down from his stupor. Fortunately the soundproof capabilities of the hotel’s walls were good, otherwise with Lin Ling’s sudden scream everyone sudden scream everyone in the vicinity would have woken up.   Lin Ling stated to feel weak and powerless, collapsing on top of the bed. His eyelids turned increasingly heavy until he lost consciousness.   In his dream, Lin Ling saw a world covered in endless darkness, and in the middle of this darkness, there was a row of stone statues with flamboyant appearances.   For example, there was a statue over 4 meters tall of a giant tauren[1]with explosive muscles. Soft looking hair covered half of his body, and only a few pieces of rags covered his important body parts. On his waist there was a belt made of bones, and in one of his hands grabbed a giant stone axe with bloody colors. But the thing that drew the most attention was the giant totem behind him!   Isn’t this one of the heroes of World of Warcraft, Tauren Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof?   In addition to the heroes of Warcraft, Lin Ling even saw the heroes of Diablo!   “Aren’t all of these the heroes of those games in my laptop?!” Shocked, Lin Ling forced himself to calm down. He walked towards the statue of Cairne Bloodhoof, and admiring the lifelike carving, he couldn’t help wanting to touch it…      

[1]: One of the races of the game World of Warcraft.

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