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They were all familiar with Tang Wulin's appetite. Tang Wulin had once stopped Yuanen Yuehui and sold her forging metals just to buy food.

However, Na'er's current actions were what truly shocked them.

This little lady had a slender appearance. Although she was not as fierce as Tang Wulin when she ate, she showed no signs of stopping at all!

At least a third of the food had already ended up in her stomach. That appetite of hers was really good.

Xie Xie gulped. He could not restrain himself and asked Tang Wulin, "Boss, does your family specializes in producing big eaters? Na'er, don't you ever follow in his footsteps. Don't bite off more than you can chew."

Na'er giggled but said nothing as she continued eating.

Tang Wulin shot him an apprehensive look. "To be able to eat is a blessing, don't you know that? Na'er, what else would you like to eat?"

Na'er shook her head. "There's no need brother, I've had enough. It's delicious! It's been a long time since I ate these."

Tang Wulin smiled gently. When he met Na'er this time, he was not the Tang Wulin of old, and Na'er was not the old Na'er as well. Four to five years had passed, and he grew a lot. However, Na'er had changed even more.

He could clearly feel that Na'er was avoiding something on purpose. Whenever her family was mentioned, she would intentionally change the topic. After two attempts, Tang Wulin did not press further, he did not want to put Na'er in a spot. Since she was unwilling to talk about it, he would not ask about it. As long as she was still his sister, it was enough for him.

The business of the barbeque restaurant was booming. There was a long line of customers queued up outside, and the tables inside the restaurant had also changed customers several times. However, Tang Wulin and the others were still here since they ordered so much.

"That lady is quite good looking!" Tang Wulin was eating when suddenly, amidst the noise, he caught an intentionally lowered but obviously menacing voice.

With the improvements in his cultivation base and his constant absorbtion of the Golden Dragon King's essence, the toughness of his body and senses were continuously strengthened. He could even feel that this malicious intent was directed toward them.

Yuanen Yehui was currently dressed as a male. Among the four of them, only Na'er had the appearance of a girl.

Tang Wulin subconsciously raised his head as he looked in the direction of the voice.

A few youths who looked to be in their twenties had just arrived at the barbecue restaurant. The few of them standing in front were bare-chested. They exposed their arms and the tattoos on their chests. They looked evil, and it was apparent that they were not good men.

The customers who were queuing up subconsciously made way for the youths upon seeing them. Even the expression of the barbeque shop's owner changed slightly. He lowered his head and continued barbecuing as if he did not see them.

The one who spoke earlier stood on the left among the trio who walked in front. His mouth stuck out, and his chin was shaped like an ape's. Although he bared his chest, he looked just like a bag of bones.

"Little Lei, are you talking about the purple-haired one?" This youth had a mohawk hairstyle. He was tall and had a strong build. In short, he looked like a bull. The tattoos on his arms were savage-looking evil ghosts which added to his ferocity.

"That's right! Brother Feng, it's that girl. She looks beautiful. If we wait for a few more years until she matures into a woman, who knows what kind of beauty she'll become."

"She's a little young, don't you think?" A burly youth frowned.

Little Lei snickered. There was a lecherous look on his face. "The young ones are better! Haven't you heard? There's a method to cultivate beautiful young ladies. After you cultivate them, they'll be very close to you."

"Hahahaha!" The other delinquent guffawed. Their ill-intentioned gazes fell on Na'er's body. They made no effort to suppress their voices, and the surrounding customers could hear them clearly. There were already quite a few customers who shot sympathetic looks at Tang Wulin's group.

Tang Wulin continued eating, and Na'er continued eating as well. It was as if they did not hear them.

The owner of the barbeque restaurant stopped his barbequing, and he suddenly turned and walked over. He placed five freshly barbecued sticks of squid on Tang Wulin's table.

"Boss, we already had our order of squids!" Tang Wulin said with surprise.

The owner shielded them with his own body, and he lowered his voice as he said, "It's on the house. Leave quickly. These men are not to be messed with."

Surprised, Tang Wulin said, "This area is still within the grounds of Shrek Academy. Are you telling me that there are people bold enough to make trouble in within the Academy's boundaries?"

The owner smiled bitterly. "Even if it's near the academy, it can't oversee everything. Shrek City's security is alright, but there are some seedy places as well. They must be former students expelled by Shrek Academy or those who didn't pass the entrance examinations. They're filled with spite and are unwilling to leave. After living here, they wandered off the wrong path."

Something stirred within Tang Wulin. "Then, they're also Soul Masters?"

"I reckon all of them are." The owner signaled them with his eyes, urging them to leave quickly.

Tang Wulin smiled faintly. "It's alright, don't you worry. We'll be leaving now."

As he said this, he picked up the five sticks of squid that the owner had just placed on their table. He chomped down on them and paid the bill.

Xie Xie said, "Captain, do you want me to..."

Tang Wulin shook his head. "It's alright. Let us go. Na'er, have you eaten your fill?"

Na'er nodded with a sated expression. Tang Wulin lovingly passed her a tissue for her to wipe her mouth. "Let's go then."

The four of them stood up and walked toward the exit.

They had barely gotten out of the restaurant when their way was obstructed.

"Little friends, are you full? I see that all of you have only been eating, why not have some wine? How can life be happy without a little booze? Why don't all of you join us for a drink?" The skinny youth nodded his head stiffly as he spoke. As he was talking, he placed an arm on Tang Wulin's shoulders.

Tang Wulin smiled gently. "There's no need for that, we're already full. We're underage so we can't drink."

"Young lad, then the few of you can go ahead. This young lady looks familiar, I've seen her somewhere before. She looks like my long lost little sister. Let us have a chat."

When he said this, the expression on Tang Wulin's and Na'er's faces changed. Even Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie only wore half a smile on their faces.

"Wait," the burly youth suddenly spoke up.

The skinny youth turned and looked at him. "Brother Feng, what are you saying?"

The burly youth looked at Tang Wulin and asked, "Are all of you from Shrek Academy?"

Tang Wulin's heart stirred. "How did you know?"

The burly youth frowned. "At your age, being able to stay calm in the face of uncertainties, you must have some confidence. Around here, those that have the most confidence are undoubtedly the students from Shrek Academy."

The expressions of the people around him turned shocked when they heard him say this. Their gazes toward Tang Wulin also changed.

Even in Shrek City, Shrek Academy was admired by all, maybe even more so than in other places. The inhabitants of Shrek City took pride in the fact that they were neighbors with Shrek Academy.

Everyone was kind to the students of Shrek Academy.

"Yes, we're students of Shrek Academy." Tang Wulin replied drily, "Can you let us pass now?"

The burly youth took two steps forward, walked up to Tang Wulin and replied, "I can let you pass. However, you've to be able to take a hit from me, and if you can bear it, I'll let the lot of you pass."

Tang Wulin narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, "And if I can't?"

The burly youth shifted his legs and stood with his feet apart. "My name is Feng Ling. If you can't bear it then you'll have to crawl through my legs while shouting 'Shrek Academy's students aren't as good as Feng Ling!' Only then will I let all of you pass."

It seemed that his grudge toward the Academy ran deep!

"You're just bullying us because you're older!" Tang Wulin said with a smile. Age-wise, this person in front of him was about seven or eight years older than him.

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